Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things are Looking Up

Thursday, September 11, 2014
In Memory of Sticky 
RIP 6th Sept 2014

Sometimes when times are down, we have difficulties looking up.

I am writing this post because lately, I have been experiencing swings, it goes up and down, up and down... just like a seesaw. Okay, so I said swing, but I literally imagined myself up and down on a seesaw.


About a couple of days ago, my 1-month old kitten died. His name was Sticky. My friend rescued the little fellow from underneath her car and gave it to me to foster him. Sticky was already sick, but I was determined to nurse it back to its wholesome self again. We even had plans to make sure he was healthy and be ready for adoption.

We had him dewormed, groomed to remove some sticky tar from him (that's how he got his name), and made sure he was well fed. But all Sticky did was poo-ing and sleeping a lot. However, this little fighter was strong enough to miaow for me every morning, as though to tell me he was woken up and would like some attention. After some breakfast and water, he goes back to sleep to let me get ready and rush off to work. Then at night, I would come home after work and feed him again, clean his ears, brush him, etc. and the same routine the next day.

5 days later after spending day after day, night after night, feeding and cleaning (even singing) to Sticky, his situation got worst because we made a mistake feeding Sticky raw chicken liver because another cat owner advised us to do so. At first, he ate, but a tiny little bit, and what shocked us the most was after that, when Sticky started vomitting and losing strength to even stand.

It was approximately 2am in the morning, and we rushed him to the 24-hr animal hospital. Justin was exceptionally upset because over the 5 days when he and I took turns to look after Sticky, Justin grew attached to the little fellow and started to connect with him. That very night Sticky passed on, was the same day Justin decided to keep him and be Sticky's forever family.

Unfortunately, even at the hospital, Sticky got worst; it wasn't just the liver, it was a whole lot of other sickness and virus Sticky had. The little guy was already brain dead and lifeless... not dead, but practically a vegetable. He was not responding at all; the kind doctor said that as much as he hates seeing animals suffer, his advice was to put Sticky out of his misery. And so I did... I had no choice as much as it broke mine and Justin's heart.

I went home that night, looking at his things, the house I made him, his food, his little bear... I was sad... the next day, the house was so much quieter and empty.

It is strange how a pet can affect our lives, and how its absence can bring so much emptiness to my heart. And so to relive the presence of Sticky, we decided to get a pet, one we can raise together.

.... I said to Justin, "We're going to turn into those couples, who don't have real human kids, but call our pets our children, right?" haha!

So, after several searching... I finally came across one that reminded me a lot of Sticky. It's the soul in its eyes that caught my attention. Unfortunately, the rescuer told me that the kitten was already adopted by its own fosterer, that's probably how much love there is. I thought at first, well, if it's not meant to be, then it isn't. But then the rescuer contacted me and said her friend just found another 1 month old kitten, and asked me if I wanted it.

Justin and I was overjoyed; feels as if were were waiting for an adopted child! haha!

Today, a friend asked me, why the sudden want for a feline friend at home?

It didn't occur to me 'why' I want a feline family at home, but I told her "I guess, the studio seem less quieter; like as though having a kid in the household."

I miss Sticky very much. I told the rescuer the whole story, and she said the nicest thing to me, "maybe it's because of your love, that's why Sticky is sending kitties to you."

That's really nice.

As I await for the next kitty to join us... I have DIY plans! Kitty projects!

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