Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deepakalayam Doodle 2014 @ Publika, KL

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last two weekends, the Deepakalayam Doodle activity held at Publika, Kuala Lumpur was one of the most heart-warming, awe-inspiring art-related events I have ever been to.

Held in conjunction of Diwali celebration, Publika organized the Deepakalayam Bazaar featuring assorted exotic, Indian-themed vendors such as Henna Art, Sarees, Contemporary Indian Jewelleries, Photography, Kolam Making, Craft & Home Decor and many more. There was even music and classical Indian dance performances too; I was told by Ruby, one of the members & organizing team of Doodle Malaysia, that the band was singing some of the old, traditional songs. It was enchanting; plus Publika is such an artistic place, I can feel creative magic in the air!

I was immediately drawn to the magical, vibrant colours of the sarees, and the beautiful decorations for sale. However, apart from vendors selling products, the Deepakalayam Doodle booth by Doodle Malaysia was one of the most unique booths offering, art works for sale, as well as doodling / doodle jam activity where ANYONE (especially the public) can join in for a doodle session.
Artworks for sale

Being there at Doodle Malaysia's booth, I can sense their burst of creative energy as I watched some of the talented local artists doodling on the spot, on wooden elephants sponsored by Publika. The other members of Doodle Malaysia arrived later on to join the doodle session.

Of course, I can't turn down an opportunity to draw on things, so I requested for an elephant to draw and brought it back there the next day. I kept mine as simple as I can due to the lack of time to complete it. The Fuzz was my QC manager of course.

To keep up with the spirit of Diwali, Doodle Malaysia also showcased 17 Diwali-themed artworks, submitted by some of the members of Doodle Malaysia. It was amazing, and I am pretty sure the artists were enthusiastic about it to have their artworks displayed at Publika for the public to admire.

Passersby stopped in their tracks to admire the artists at work; some even took the time to join in the doodle jam session, drawing on the wooden elephants using the materials provided.


5 | Photos Via
The elephants displayed were remarkable; each of it is unique on its own...

 Doodle Malaysia is a Facebook group, to date, with more than 2000 members. The group gathers all doodle artists or doodle art lovers, with an aim to inspire all members to embrace their doodle passion. However moving from online to offline, this year, Doodle Malaysia has decided to take it up a notch by organizing more and more doodle jam sessions or any other doodle-related activities at events such as Art for Grabs or Fuyoh Art Bazaar (also at Publika) to keep members' creative juices flowing. Doodle Malaysia has even inspired several self-taught artists to step up and appreciate their own talents by encouraging them to share & post their doodle artworks on the group page.
Some of the doods and doodets of  Doodle Malaysia

This is why I love the Art of Doodle.

Doodle Art is an expressive form of art that allows you to draw freely, be colourful and not be governed by worldly standards. Doodle Art allows you to create art without being self-conscious about your skill because everyone is entitled to their own style. When it comes to Doodle Art, it is not about how professional you are, or how experienced you are in Art; it is about being in touch with your creative-self and be inspired by the world around you.

I was certainly impressed by how much energy and love Doodle Malaysia have; being part of the group, I am awed by how Doodle Art has brought a community of inner-artists together.
Top left with favourite artist & friend: Ruby of Ruby Room. Top right and bottom, with Ruby and June, also friend & artist of Little Fren Crafts
As a blogger for more than 5 years, all I ever wanted to do was to be able to support & promote Malaysia's creative scene through The Artsy Craftsy blog. From this event, I must say that, I am truly, truly impressed by two things; 1. a strong group like Doodle Malaysia to move the art community forward, and 2. Publika, the most artsiest, most creative shopping mall I have ever seen to support the creative community by encouraging arts & crafts related bazaars, exhibitions, projects and more.

 Thumbs up Doodle Malaysia. =)

*Photos 1-4 courtesy of Doodle Malaysia Facebook

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