Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder Toy

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I can literally hear my friend, Kim, scoffing "cat slave!" haha!

Well, I think I have been ever since Fuzzy came into our lives; she fills us with positive vibe, we shower her with lots of toys! The little girl soul in Fuzz, no matter how naughty she gets (they call em' kitty crazies), brings out her antics that makes us laugh, especially when we play hide and seek with her. She loves it! She loves to play, and I've never seen such an expressive kitten ever!

Because I noticed that she loves to play, I've provided her with endless toys, mostly soft toys. socks and fish-shaped foam... she plays with anything.. and her favorite, which I just discovered, are boxes; especially if I make a hole on each end like a tunnel.

Typical feline!

I would love to get her one of those puzzle feeder from the pet shop, but I know how pet toys can get pretty expensive. So I thought, why not just make one instead.

If you are wondering, what a puzzle feeder is for and how does it benefit a cat... well apparently, it is for brain stimulation, controlling obesity, treat/reward, play focus or play control, especially when your kitten has the crazies...

There are so many types of cat puzzle feeders you can make, but I settled for the simplest one of all using a plastic container. I used a round one, but you can use a square one if you'd like. It's so simple that it took me only 5 - 10 minutes to make the entire thing. I was fast because I was eager to see her reaction, so it took less than 10 minutes.

There's also a little story behind this project: Before Fuzzy came along, I was searching for kittens to adopt on PetFinder, and came across a 2 month old kitten named 'Chancy'. After speaking to the rescuer, I was told that Chancy was adopted; I was about a day or two late. But that was how I met Fuzzy;  not long after that, she told me that a kitten, about Chancy's age, was rescued. We immediately welcome Fuzzy into our home. So, last weekend during my Body Art workshop, I finally met Chancy's new owner, Danielle, a sweet 8-year old girl with the most coolest parents ever! Chancy now goes by her new name 'Cat'; I think that's cute actually! As a promise and to our new friendship, this project is dedicated to Danielle and Cat. =)

Back to the post, if you would like to try, here are the materials that you will need:

*(TAKE NOTE: If you are a child, please make sure that you have an adult to help you in this because it involves cutting. Parents, if you are doing this with your kids, please make sure cutting and punching a hole is done by you.)


1. Plastic container - small or medium, round or square is fine. You can get this from restaurant take away or supermarkets.

2. Tools such as scissors, something sharp to make holes later on, and a strong blade

3. Sharpie marker

4. Sandpaper

5. Small bell - from the pet store or anywhere else you can get

6. String

7. Small plastic cup or anything for you to trace your shape

8. Treats / Kibbles - the most important one of all

Let's begin:

Have a pleasant weekend!

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