Monday, December 15, 2014

Bad Day? How to Heal Yourself with Be Good's Edelwise Handmade Scrub (A Self-Love Advice)

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's never easy to deal with a bad day. And I personally have my own fair share of bad-days, and I can tell you that after a bad day, all you want to do is:

1. Plonk on the sofa in front of the TV
2. Stress-Eating/ Eat comfort food: Ice-cream or anything that would be able to 'comfort' you
3. Do nothing

My bad days are usually weekdays, and I would come home after work feeling terribly exhausted with low energy. I don't force myself to do anything that I don't feel good doing. I would tell myself that, after having to deal with so many things during the day, I deserve to... as what Justin would always say... "just chill and relax!" This man knows me well.

Personally, I think that if you are already in a foul mood and unable to think straight, don't force yourself to do any sort of work or chores... unless of course you are the kind of person that likes to paint, draw or craft after work because it helps you to de-stress- then by all means go ahead.

As for me, I have my ups and downs. Sometimes, kicking back with a craft project helps, but most of the time it doesn't. Because after a long, hard day, I just want to be able to find a way to heal myself.

I used to do the 3 things mentioned above to make myself feel better only because I have forgotten how much I enjoyed my self-pampering rituals that I used to do for myself ever since I was in high school. So, I was doing these 3 for sometime, and it finally dawned on me that no.2 was definitely not good for me at all because gluten would just make me feel bloated and make me feel depress even more. Then a month ago, I was introduced to Be Good's Edelwise Handmade Scrub, and it helped me with my self-healing rituals.

In my previous posts, I have mentioned several times how much I enjoy natural homemade bath and body products. Before I came to appreciate homemade body scrubs that consist of healing properties, I used to use rock salt to help with rejuvenation. (fyi, salt is commonly used for traditional ritual cleansing, besides lime or flower baths). However, Be Good's Edelwise Handmade Scrub also comes with healing content such as essential oil and herbs like thyme (stimulates immune system and blood circulation), geranium (release nervous tension or stress) and sage (an anti-depressant). Besides salt, sage is also used for body and space cleansing otherwise known as smudging to remove any form of negative energies.

Ever since then, Be Good's Edelwise Handmade Body Scrub has been reserved as my remedy for bad days or whenever I feel the need to cleanse my own energy. I use Edelwise combined with my own ritual method just as how I use it with salt-cleansing.

Here's how to heal yourself with Edelwise Handmade Scrub:

Step 1- Light a blue or purple candle, or essential oil like Ylang Ylang.

Step 2- Turn on a calm music, one that can transport you to another world. I recommend Medicine Woman by Medwyn Goodall. Perhaps transfer it into your phone or whatever that works for you...

Step 3- Turn on the shower, rinse and wash yourself with your own soap.

Step 4- The cleansing begins. Take a scoop of Edelwise and apply it on your body; scrub yourself with it and breathe in the fragrance.

Step 5- As you are scrubbing yourself, imagine you are literally removing any form of negativity from your body. It takes a little imagination in this, but it works for the mind.

Step 6- Now that you are done. Stand (or sit on your bathroom floor, if you are comfortable with it) underneath the shower, eyes close and allow the water to wash your body from head to toe.

As you allow the water to clean you, imagine all forms of stress, sadness, anger or negativity be washed away to the ground and flow away with the water. Channel your worries that way...

You may even say to yourself:

"All forms of negativity, 
may it leave me be,
and return to mother earth."

Step 7- When you are done, embrace the goodness by allowing yourself to feel fresh. Pat yourself dry, groom yourself and cozy up with a good movie and maybe with a nice refreshing drink (I said, refreshing ya, not some kind of a comfort drink)

Go ahead! Get yourself an Edelwise Handmade Scrub by Be Good and try this self-healing ritual. Share with me your thoughts if you have any. 


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