Thursday, December 18, 2014

Style: 6 Basic Ways to Wear a Graphic T-Shirt (X'mas 2014 Facebook Giveaway-closed)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

When I was 15 years old, I went through this crazy phase where I was suddenly obsessed with everything "artsy", and suddenly was listening to a lot of homegrown indie bands like Butterfingers, Juliet Orange, Nice Stupid Playground (I have no idea why the names are like that, but I swear those are real band names, and they sound kinda' nice during those days). Because of my artsy phase, I started shopping at thrift boutiques or bundle shops, and got myself a couple of graphic tees at dirt cheap prices. Despite the phase, I was pretty selective with the designs that came with the t-shirts; so if my mom showed me a pink t-shirt with fluffy animals on it, I will say "NO!"

Over the years, I never really got over the graphic tee phase. I just became more interested in plain black t-shirts, but whenever I come across prints that are... as how my friend, Kimberly would put it... "it is so Shia Lynn"...then I would hoard keep it like a collection. These days I really like band t-shirts, mostly just rare ones...however I am pretty psyched about having 3 new t-shirts just in time for Christmas. 

I was very excited when Arttee Apparels agreed to work with me on this special post + Christmas giveaway. I am excited because, not only do I get to show you how I would style my graphic t-shirts, but we get to select 3 lucky winners to receive graphic t-shirts from Arttee Apparels, designed by talented artists.

For some of you who just got to know Arttee Apparels, Arttee Apparels is a community-based website for independent artists. Arttee Apparels collects awesome artworks and transforms the artworks into stylish & artsy t-shirts!

Plain t-shirts that come with 1 colour are usually the easiest to style with; however you will be surprise at how easy it to style with graphic t-shirts too. If you are selective with your designs like me, then I highly recommend that you get yours from a collection designed by talented artists from Arttee Apparels. Plus it comes with good fabric.

Here are 6 basic ways to style your graphic t-shirt:
(*Note: I am not a professional model, and I am definitely NOT a UK size 4...I also don't have much equipment for photography; but it is all about the idea and intention behind this post that I only wish to convey, so I hope you find this post useful.)

1. Style with a Long Gypsy Skirt

I love this print very much! One thing for sure, Owl designs seem to be quite a thing now these days. I don't usually ride the same boat as everyone else, but I seem to like this particular Owl design, entitled 'Hoot' by artist Queen Bee. Plus, long skirts tend to create an illusion whether you are tall or short, plus size or not; it looks good with a simple t-shirt design. 

2. Style with a Short Skirt (rock style perhaps?)
Back again with 'Hoot by artist Queen Bee', this time try styling an artsy t-shirt with a short skirt. Perhaps try a rugged look, pair with a high-cut converse or black flats will do. Can't go wrong for sure.

3. Style with Denim Jacket

This style is a classic style. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket for casual days, and it never ever goes out of style. Over here, I think the denim jacket enhances this sweet t-shirt with design 'Berlayar by artist Nengiren' even more; even though it is a jacket, it doesn't seem to cover up or block the design on the t-shirt at all. Plus the nice soft colours on the t-shirt design complements the jacket too.

4. Style with Black

Ask any fashion expert, the little black dress is known as a popular wardrobe essential. Well, I personally think it is because of the colour Black as well, which is my favourite colour, and also because Black goes well with almost everything and anything! You can never go wrong with Black, just like pairing it with t-shirt design Berlayar by artist Nengiren; and it automatically enhances anything you wear just like the picture above. 

5. Styling Print with Prints
I once read somewhere that when it comes to wearing prints, it is best that one pairs it together with a plain bottom or top to balance your outfit out, so that you don't look like a walking wrapping paper. BUT! I beg to differ because over here, I have paired the t-shirt 'Good Day by Mira Kyns' with a design so intricate with a skirt that comes with a complicated design print too! I think the idea here is to balance it with similar colour and perhaps by not wearing any other accessories too, because then it would just be too much.

6. Style with Boyfriend's Shirt (literally boyfriend's shirt!)
Finally! If all else fails, and you really have nothing else to style with your favourite graphic t-shirt, then try a boyfriend's shirt. Well, here in my case, it is literally my boyfriend's shirt! (he doesn't know that this is what I do to his clothes, but what the heck!) As you can see, I'm driving back the attention to this awesome Good Day by Mira Kyns design with a simple shirt, and plain bottom. Keep it simple, clean and classy!

Are you an aspiring artist/graphic designer? Or perhaps you would like to have your own apparels collection. Arttee Apparels welcomes talented artists and designers to submit their designs. Find out more here.


Now that you have clicked on the links and probably curious about t-shirts OR maybe interested in owning one... well, you are in luck because Arttee Apparels is giving away 3 t-shirts to only 3 lucky winners each! 

Want to win one? Just click on the link below and find out how you can participate in the Facebook Giveaway!

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- this giveaway is closed-

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