Sunday, January 18, 2015

Supermart Collective Launches Store to Support Malaysian Artists & Crafters

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Warning: This is a photo-heavy content. The good stuff featured here will drive you nuts, so grab your wallet & keys and get your butt there! haha!

Last weekend, I was invited to attend the official store launch of Supermart Collective. It was my first time meeting with one of the brainchild of the creative store, Aaron Lam and his graceful wife Chrystin Choo, who was hospitable and accommodating, making sure that I get to meet the local designers and creators behind each brand.

With Supermart Collective team.

Located in the hottest spot of Klang Valley, you will be able to find Supermart Collective in Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. Among the row of shops, I guarantee you won't miss the famous tagline: Fresh . Local . Original on the front of the store.

Supermart Collective is a collective store that carries a variety of brands by local artists, designers, crafters and even bath & body artisan.

What the store offers is refreshing! Besides visiting bazaars that are usually a mix of handpicked items and a couple of craft vendors, today we finally have a store that not only gathers popular homegrown brands, but a store that focuses on supporting the local creative community. The objective is to make it accessible for the public instead of waiting for bazaars to check out the merchandise or only view them on online stores. As a shopper, sometimes I want to be able to see the product in person too; it's just part of a shopping experience.

Brands that were featured are non other than, Arttee Apparels, TinyPinc, I Will Studio, Tikii-Fun in the Sun, Never Wake Clothing, Power of Word and Mae Day; other brands include DidiMalao, Little Fren Crafts, Oh and Ah, Notbook-Notbuk, Earth Care Soaps and much, much more.

Let's not forget, 'Individium' too, a stunning homegrown apparel brand inspired by the periodic table of chemical elements; each element has its own characteristics similarly to humans. Individium celebrates a universe of ga-zillions individuals who are unique and different!

... And just like the rest of the indie creative brands, you get to experience authenticity!... well, hence the tagline "ORIGINAL"!

L to R: Chrystin Choo and Aaron Lam 

L to R: Vicky Lai and Liew Wei Jane of Power of Word

L to R: Bahijah Wahid and Ilsa Roslan of Arttee Apparels

Jiet Wong of Didimalao

L to R: Kathy Ho and Will Sii of  I Will Studio

L to R: Ian Chan and Adrian Leong of Never Wake Clothing

Boone Lee of Tikii- Fun in the Sun

The store was filled with guests that were invited to the launch, and the featured designers were celebrated by the presence of the media- a good opportunity for the local artists and crafters, including our Malaysia creative scene. The launch attracted passersby, and soon after that, the store was packed.

While the crowd was busy admiring the assorted merchandise available such as handmade clay accessories, or natural homemade bath and body products and indie designed apparels, I quickly catch up with Aaron Lam, to learn more about his views on supporting the local creative community.

"... With a store like that, that allow Malaysians to shop for local creatively designed and handmade brands in one spot, Supermart Collective also looks out for other upcoming local artists and crafters too especially young & talented design college students," said Aaron.

It's true. Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is surrounded by several colleges. Whether the kids are majoring in art & design or not, this opportunity gives them a chance to expand their horizon.

'We need more young creative entrepreneurs, who loves & believes in what they do best'

After 10 years of being part of the creative community, I am personally glad to know that today, we have a store like Supermart Collective; more importantly, we share the same viewpoints of heightening Malaysia's creative community. Supermart Collective provides a platform for young independent creative entrepreneurs to showcase their creations.

Based on personal experience, it can get pretty challenging for local artists and crafters to start, particularly on making sure that the business gets good exposure and maintain consistency in terms of sales. However, as time goes by, we are changing and slowly, this country is beginning to recognize the qualities of the creative arts and handmade.

10 years ago, I was in college too when I first started my creative business as a Fabric Painting Artist. It was a learning experience; while I had a couple of clients such as La Senza for children, Dragonfly Tattoo and couture boutiques, but it wasn't enough and those days, it was not easy to maintain on your own and gain recognition altogether.

Well, thanks to Supermart Collective, now local artists and crafters finally have a shot at making a name and gaining exposure.

So, Malaysian creatives, if you are looking for a platform to grow your creative artsy craftsy business, you know where to go now and who to talk to. And for creative enthusiasts, finally a place to go where you can support local creative brands in one spot.

It's like a supermarket of goods, except that you can find assorted homegrown fashion apparels, stationary, handmade accessories, artisans soaps and more. At Supermart Collective, you get the freshest and the most original designs produced by local Malaysian creative brands and designers.

I'm already nuts about the place!

Here are some of the featured products:
Earth Care Soaps

Little Fren Crafts

Oh & Ah

Little Syam

Notbook - Notbuk

Mae Day (I Love Mae Day by the way)


Supermart Collective
Lot F1. AV. 139, Asian Avenue,
First Floor, Sunway Pyramid
Facebook: SupermartCollective

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