Thursday, January 15, 2015

Writer's Block Inspiration: 100 blog topic ideas to Blog about

Thursday, January 15, 2015
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So, I have been mentioning a lot about dealing with writer's block lately, and definitely experiencing it too. I don't know if it is because of post-holiday-season-syndrome, but one thing I know for sure is that my heart, my hands and my body crave to do something creative, more than just writing.

Being a blogger is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It's been more than 5 years already, and everyday I give thanks that I have hands that allow me to express myself creatively.

Even though my day job requires to write, a lot! Nevertheless, I still love to write and most of all, I enjoy blogging.

I shared this image recently on social media (below). It received quite a response, not in terms of Likes, but in terms of receiving positive feedback that those who saw this post, was deeply inspired and motivated to start or continue blogging.

I have to admit, that there are challenging times as a blogger or maintaining a blog. If you ask me, which is tougher, thinking every week what topics to blog about OR maintaining a nice looking blog... well I'd say the first one: thinking what to blog topic to blog about.

I have spoken to a couple of people who have blogs but don't blog often, they expressed too that it isn't so much about the writing, but it's trying to figure out what to write to keep the blog active.

Although, I have a good friend that is quite unique in her own way. She has a blog, but doesn't blog much. She's in the field of design and photography, so that makes her a detail type of person. Since she's not much of writing person, she takes photos of her quirky collectibles and figurines to create rotating GIF photos. So, everytime she gets a new toy, she takes blog about it that way.

Very quirky.

Well, I've decided that, as much as I have experienced my own fair share of "blogger's block", I am going to list down here, ONE HUNDRED (100) blog topic ideas that anyone can blog about.

You can add on to this list too if you like, otherwise just use this as your go-to if all else fails. After all, it's free.

You can blog about:

1. What happened yesterday

2. Best thing happened to you every week

3. Daily gratitude or what you are grateful for

4. Your favourite book

5. The BEST book you have ever read (there's a difference)

6. Weirdest childhood experience

7. Most memorable childhood experience

8. Scariest experience ( I wanted to include childhood)

9. Life changing moments in your life

10. Little things strangers do or did

11. Kind people you have across that are called 'earth angels'

12. Top 20 favourite, most creative blogs and why it is appealing

13. If you are an artist, blog about your current painting

14. If you are a crafter, blog about your recent project

15. Give an advice (from your own learning experience)

16. Things around the house you can upcycle

17. Your Favourite Recipe

18. A list of easy recipes, so easy that even those who can't cook, can do it!

19. 5 most important must-haves when you travel

20. 5 most important art material must-haves to bring along when you are travelling (for the art journal-ers)

21. 10 favourite places to see or would love to see

22. Most favourite craft project to do

23. Most favourite kids craft projects (not just for mommies, for aunts, sisters, uncles, dads, grandparents...)

24. Most favourite Birthday experience

25. List of things you like to do on a rainy day


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