Thursday, February 26, 2015

2-Week Canvas: A Project by The Artsy Craftsy for Malaysian Artists, Illustrators and Graphic Designers

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Artwork by Jean Lynn Chang . The first artwork featured on 2-Week Canvas

After running around for a week completing errands, work and commissioned wearable art, and healing from the flu bug that was going on around; in between I managed to squeeze in some time to launch my all new project- the 2-Week Canvas to feature and promote Malaysian independent artists, illustrators and graphic designers.

*Pats on back for still being able to come up with a project* Sometimes I wonder where I get the energy to do all these, especially when people ask me. Haha!

I am very excited about this new project of mine. I realized I was focusing alot on my Facebook audience engagement, and as a blogger, to be honest, it isn't easy to juggle with content creation + expanding to a blogger's online store. I've been getting a lot of questions before this, whether I make or sell any handmade merchandise since I blog solely about creativity. It got me thinking back to a couple years before I started this blog that I was already into the game, then I quit. Perhaps it was some kind of a sign from the universe that I am finally ready now to go out there again. I have been doing great, business is growing, and I hope to have more fun with it the further it gets.

That's the most important thing: Fun. To have fun in what you do best.

Which is why I also wanted to make sure that I have not strayed away from my blogging objectives, I have decided to come up with the 2-Week Canvas: A Project by The Artsy Craftsy.

This initiative is going to be an on-going project. It doesn't have a deadline of how long it will go on for, but of course, to continue this effort definitely rely on the number of active participation.

I'm very happy to share that we have already featured our first artist and her stunning artwork! (See above), and currently we are already on our second feature.

It is almost 10 years already being part of the creative community. As I watched it from then and now, the one thing that our local Malaysia creative community still need (not lack though) is more exposure, and more support.

When the word 'Art' is mentioned, we no longer limit ourselves to only think about Fine Arts artists. Today, creativity has become more than just an interest or a hobby. Art is:
share it!
To further support this idea, I would like to call out all Malaysian indie artists to be part of the 2-Week Canvas. Participation is really simple, plus all artists only need to prepare his or her part.

Why the name 2-Week Canvas? It is named after the duration each artist gets to promote their artwork on The Artsy Craftsy Facebook Cover Photo space. That's right! Since the only space on my Facebook that could really grab some attention (first impression is everything) is the cover photo space, I have decided to allow each artist to strut their stuff for 2 weeks.

If you are already interest, you want this chance, even if it is just for fun (no harm giving it a shot), refer to the image below for submission guidelines or go HERE

Looking forward to your participation! Join the bandwagon!

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