Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Book Pouch Customized by Midnight Seamstress

Sunday, March 8, 2015

When I was a kid, one of my favorite past times was reading and doodling.

Everywhere I went, I used to carry a storybook or a sketchbook with me like a security blanket. Not that it makes me feel secure, haha, but as a kid, I had a strong imagination. Whenever I am out with the adults, storybooks are my bestest friends, and it would often take me away into another realm. Sketchbooks on the other hand allow me to express myself; another companion especially when I want to document what I've seen or observed. From the stories that I've read, I used to create my own stories in my sketchbooks. These two often go hand in hand.

I personally think that this is a healthy practice for kids; my mother, who is a big fan of creativity herself, encourage me to read and draw. Now that I am older, it has nurtured my love for the arts and literature. I pretty much do the same now; whether I am travelling or going to work, I always make sure that I bring along my two most important things (among the other essentials of course)...

Everyday, I carry two bags with me to work; a carry on, and my handbag. My carry-on is pretty much stuffed with all kinds of junk in it like my make up, organizer, sometimes food, and the other essentials. Whenever I include my storybook and sketchbook, I end up ruining the pages. And yes, not to forget my assorted markers and pens too. It is pretty frustrating, especially when you are a meticulous person like me.

So, recently I discovered Midnight Seamstress- a homegrown crafter that specializes in customizing bags and pouches, with fresh and clean designs. I admire its style; it is chic, modern and not at all "too much".

I had my dilemma solved when I requested for a customization by Midnight Seamstress. I worked closely with Yee Sien, the genius behind it, and finally came up with the cutest Book Pouch, an excellent creation by Midnight Seamstress.

The Book Pouch has its own uniqueness. Here's what I think:

Travelling or being on-the-go has become so easy for me to bring along my storybook and sketchbook, and yes, including my precious markers and pens.

I can fit in two books, plus, the pouch comes with individual pen slots that allows me to organize my art markers and separate it from my stationary for general use.

I am thinking, I can even bring along my travel-size watercolour kit and my waterbrush whenever I travel!

The book pouch is made with perfection and intricate finishing.

It comes with a back pocket just in case to keep extra things like paper clips, scissors, glue and such. It is just nice for me to do my travel art journalling.

And guess what, I even found another use for the book pouch! Not just for books and stationary at all:

Because of its size, I managed to fit in my huge mobile phone, a purse and a mini A5 size organizer! It was very convenient for me to carry, especially during my lunch break at work.

I don't usually like carrying my handbag with me, so this is just perfect! Who would've thought that a book pouch can be used for many things as well!

Each of Midnight Seamstress's creation is made with perfection. Prices range from RM60 - RM400 depending what you are looking for. Creations available at Midnight Seamstress varies from pouches, to bags or handbags. 

There are other creations too such as colourful zip pouches to protect hard disks, medium totes for travelling or outings (I am thinking picnic), passport holders (very chic by the way), even tab sleeve for iPad users which is very stylish, and so much more for lifestyle convenience.

Here's my personal review: I am crazy about bags, and I think that I can never get enough of bags no matter what the sizes are. Bags are wardrobe essentials and it is not only because it's fashion, but an organizer. I personally love Midnight Seamstress's service because I can plan, design and request how I want my "organizer" to be.

For those of you who are looking for customization, head on over to Midnight Seamstress.

Midnight Seamstress is on Facebook and was previously featured on The Artsy Craftsy.