Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Popular in The Artsy Craftsy Shop: Inspirational Accessories

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I first launched The Artsy Craftsy Shop late last year, and made a public appearance with it at the Ohhsome Fest 2014 by Hotlink Malaysia, followed by selling online on Facebook. It was all very exciting because I finally had the chance to turn my favourite styles and themes into a creative lifestyle product line for The Artsy Craftsy.

While we have big plans for The Artsy Craftsy's product line, some of the merchandise that we have released are inspirational themed accessories that became a popular range among customers.

Here are some of the celestial themed necklaces selected from the Inspirational Accessories collection:

We will be releasing more inspirational themed designs from time to time, so we urge you to continue to check this space to find out what is our latest collections!

Good news by the way! Next month will be a new beginning for The Artsy Craftsy. I have already achieved the blogging scene and releasing my own product line; as of June, I will be taking the The Artsy Craftsy to become a full time registered company. 

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