Thursday, November 19, 2009

Erin Rizz and Ribbons, everything nice!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Erin took a handmade pledge! - This lil' thingie on her blog caught my attention.

Check out Erin Rizz at

When i first came across Erin's blog, i was like WOW! So psyched to check out all her trinkets. Her products have very sweet colours and funky designs. You could try adding some of her ribbons to your craftwork, very chic!

Erin’s love for DIY, craft and sewing paid off with her incredible blog selling assorted craft materials. She loves fabrics, ribbons, buttons, wrapping paper… I completely understand how she feels. I too get that “I want I want I want” thought when I come across irresistible craft materials. I can quickly imagine how I can put it to good use for it.

Check this out, I came across a cool embroidery book on her blog! And on the right, that’s her latest DIY project. I think the shirt looks good.

Simplicity makes complex~
Craft lovers can check out her other appealing products on the right side of her page labeled under, My Gallery. Her products ranges from craft materials, handmade pillows, handmade handbags, DIY projects and more.

Looking at her stuff certainly has inspired me, i now have couple of new craft projects in mind.

Lastly, i didn't notice this until today. Thank you Erin for giving me a special spot in your blog! Just for me. And thanks for the promo. As a thank you, i'm doing this review as a surprise! Cheers Erin!