Thursday, July 31, 2014

7 Life Lessons You Get to Learn in Earth School- Live, Laugh, Love

Thursday, July 31, 2014

My day to day has been interesting lately.

Not only have I been actively socially-involved, but I also been observing my life, my friends and loved ones before me. And as I spend my day-to-day journey called Life, I find myself once again in another level of experience; a moment that I have been waiting for for sometime, like a young girl waiting to go up a grade in her piano lessons (that young girl was me by the way).

During these interesting Life situations, I have stories, told to me, turned to me, shared with me. I become like a book, a journal, where Life stories are sketched inside me, and I keep them... sometimes it overwhelms me, sometimes it is a mirror- stories where we reflect upon ourselves like how we read story books about heroes, royals, gods & goddesses and myths & legends... we relate to these stories like how we relate to others before us, which is why 'we are all teachers & students of another' regardless of social status, age, race, experiences, etc. etc.

I try my best to see Life and stories from the best angle as possible; from a 3rd person point of view, an advantage since I was a child. Sometimes, I treat it as humanely as possible, other times, I think I might not be able to be too attached to it too much. When I do, sometimes I struggle to detach as well- however all in all, all is well, all is good, that's the beauty of living Life in this place called Earth School.

With the many lessons I have observed, listened, embraced and gathered, here's what I've got to raise my hand up in Earth School- most of it with a pinch observation, philosophy and analysis. 

1. What we see in others, is what see in ourselves. 

What we point out in others, is what we are trying to compensate in ourselves. Therefore, sometimes we need not to correct our point out the flaws and errors in others. It is not about the dualism of right/wrong or good/bad, but it is about letting the forces of nature do its thing.

2. Holding back the unnecessary comments, suggestions or advice, especially when not asked. 

Have you ever had someone look at you with a hint of a cringe on his/her face when you give advice or suggestions without realizing that it might not be necessary? Or have someone claim that you are constantly them all the time? I once wondered, what was wrong in that until I learned to realize that it all comes down to our intentions. In that moment, where everything usually happens very fast because of habits, we speak quicker than we think. I still do that sometimes, but whenever I catch myself doing it, as regretful as I can be, I tell myself it's okay perhaps the next chance I have I will do better. Which leads to number 3...

3. Self-forgiveness is not just about saying it out loud "Okay, I forgive myself!". 

Self-forgiveness is an act of accepting what you have done and try looking at it from the angle of that person too, that both you and your fellow friend or loved one are the same. I tried explaining this to a loved one recently, and I must admit it was quite a challenge because we are used to seeing it from a surface point of view, like how we differentiate ourselves with an object. ie. I am a Person, and that is a Cup. Just a cup." 

I learned to see that we are all made out of energy, and like the other person, though we may either hurt or be hurt, this person may also have his or her own share of suffering. Whether it is pain or gain. Self-forgiveness is not quite an easy homework, but I find that, with a little self-reflection and empathy, we learn to see as what I have learned "the god in us, the god in others". There's nothing blasphemous about this, mind you; God, the Universe, Higher Master, Big Energy, the Big Guy Up There, Ascended Master, anything that you named, is filled with a great love, kindness and compassion... and if God created us in his own liking, then sure we must be like Him- with a lot of light and love within us and the rest of the world, good or bad.

4. Self-Love is about being kind to yourself, and stop thinking that your problem is the only problem is this world and that the world will come to an end just because you have a problem. 

I personally think, most people don't see the difference between Self-Love and Self-Analysis. A person can be thinking out loud about what he/she thinks of him/herself, and yet is being put down for that; but perhaps that person needs to do some self-analysis and is dispersing negative energy on their own to recharge with positive energy. I call this, another form of Self-Healing. As I have once said to a loved one, Humans are naturally born with survival skills.

5. Either learn how to say NO (it's okay to say No) or learn to let it go. 

And by letting go, I do not mean completely stop caring but instead understanding that there's only so much help you can offer or do for others, and sometimes it is recommended to just provide moral support instead. Learning to let go is also learning to see how yourself and others are learning in good light & love...

And by saying No, I do not mean completely decline everything there is to offer to you or stop recognizing good things happening to you in your life. I mean that, if you feel something someone is doing to you or say to you that doesn't resonate with you, it is okay to speak up and say No. You don't have to say No harshly or feel guilty for saying no, all it takes is a just simple No like "I'm sorry, I might not be able to do this for you, or allow you to use this," etc. That person will come around to understand it on their own, which brings us to No.6...

6. Knowing our own space and place. 

I may be going on here, but really these are just the few simple Life lessons that I've learned on my own. And I'm not talking about this from a sad-case point of view, but just simply understanding it in a manner where we can be at peace with ourselves.

I used to perceive this 'knowing your own space and place' in a wrongest, most distorted point of view. I didn't realize that my unnecessary contribution to a person's personal life lesson/journey or their space can actually make matters worst. It doesn't even have to be a situation for that matter, it can be simplest scenario, such as, space invasion, assuming/claiming that this is what the other person wants, overdoing something for someone, saying thing that aren't necessary to be said... asking too many questions... correcting someone even though it may seem like you are giving "suggestions"...or making remarks out loud to the person without seeing the situation that could be embarrassing to that person... all of these, comes down to our own reflections and intentions. Perhaps something is missing? something that we are not aware about?...

In a bigger picture, we might be contributing and interfering with a Learning-Cycle that is in progress. We might not realize it because we are often used to seeing tangible things, but what we cannot see doesn't mean it doesn't exist. In fact, everything in Life is a profound Learning-Cycle; from the smallest thing like washing plates right up to making the biggest decisions as an adult, it all matters.

To know your space and place, sometimes it is all about just being present in the moment, silence is definitely golden, and laugh, smile and communicate is all it takes to live in the moment.

7. Communicate pleasantly and listening with understanding. 

As a child, we learn to communicate with words and hear not listen. The idea of education was to make sure that we can blend in with society and adapt into our environment, first at home with the few humans we know (parents, siblings and grandparents/family), and next in school, college, university and work. But what we don't realize is, along the way, we forgot the importance of communicating pleasantly and listening with understanding.

I recently learned that communicating pleasantly and listening understanding is part of empathy and being compassionate. We might not know this but, how we communicate with others (sometimes, it may seem like we don't mean it, yet we still communicate roughly) not only affects the other person's energy but also bounces back to us, affecting us as well. In a bigger picture, that is how the vicious cycle works, affecting our relationship with that person.

... and finally, something we all don't get to learn in our education system, is that everything starts with us.

Be positive, be light, be love.


Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Magikal Runes with Magik Bag

Monday, July 28, 2014

When I was making this video, I can't help but think that this blog post would actually be great for the month of October- Halloween. Nonetheless, it is all good, because I have been wanting to make myself a bag of magik runes for some time. I know this may seem weird for some people, but I was always fascinated with the research of Wicca, Spirituality, Mysticism, Metaphysics, Healing and other stuff like Crystals, Oracle Cards, etc. I personally think that there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you know where the line should be drawn. Besides the unconventional topic, I am also attracted to the magical and whimsical arts and crafts theme.

Thanks to No Designer Here, an awesome vendor for your plain totes and bags supply and needs, not only I did I get to create my own set of runes, but I get to design my own as well. No Designer Here offers plain canvas bags, from totes, to pencil cases, pouches, and more, all ready for you to recreate or personalize and turn them into beautiful works of art. Prices are incredibly affordable with thumbs up quality.

To make your own Magikal Bag of Runes, here are the few materials you would need:

 1. Fabric Paints - Colours your choice; but I usually like two tone colours therefore I have selected a shimmering colour and the other a plain red. I personally like to use the brand Pebeo for fabric painting.

2. Brushes for painting

3. Fabric Markers.

4. A board-  to slip it when painting so that it won't seep through.

5. Plain Pouch - You can purchase it from No Designer Here.

6. Permanent Markers - For this I selected Sharpie metallic and Uni Paint Marker

7. Pebbles - For Rune making, you need 12 pebbles. When selecting, make sure you get those that are not too big or not too small. Make sure they are round but with nice surface for drawing. Runes are usually round. However if you do not want your Runes to be pebbles, you can opt for wood chips or seashells, as long they are nature-based.

8. Sealer - I use a clear nail polish for this, but to be honest, this part is optional. You don't have to use a sealer to secure your drawing, it is really up to you.

DIY Magik Bag - Let's start with preparing the bag first.

While you have prepared the bag, you can leave it to dry and move along with preparing the pebbles. To make the 12-Runes, here is a template you can follow for your divination reference. I got this reference from a Wicca Book that I had since I was a teenager. Fell in love with this book ever since I saw it in a secondhand bookstore. 

Here's how to prepare your magikal runes:

**A quick note: Always remember to cleanse your pebbles with rock salt before you turn them into your runes. When cleansing, perhaps say a positive word of blessing or two. For instance; "Bless these (your materials; stones, seashells, etc) as I share my positive energy with mother nature, with light and love" something like that... it is really up to you. haha!
And you are done!
Now you can use it for your own divination practice; fun for sisterhood or friends gathering sessions. Use the reference that I have above to assist you in your reading. Have fun!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Updates from the Studio #3: Decorating with Instagram Photos

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's been 3 months since we've moved in to the Studio. While there's still lots to do, we try our best to do little by little to make this place our cozy home. I've been filling up our space with artsy stuff like my paintings and unique trinkets, bowls of crystals, coloured candles and thingamajigs; and not too long ago, I've decided to add photographs into my home decor project.

I'm a big fan of Instagram and photography. When I am not taking photos with my film camera (or digital camera), I rely on my phone to do the magic including my two favourite apps Pixlr and Instagram. I realized that taking photos with my phone, especially with Instagram makes my photo timeless.

With that in mind, I have decided to use my Instagram photos to decorate the Studio, to create memories with it through the amazing service of Monstagram.

Monstagram has made it easier for me to have my Instagram photos printed out for keepsakes, in 3 different designs:

The Krinkle Cut
An ideal design for scrapbooking or motivational board (if you have one). I really like this design because it reminds me of our parents' or grandparents' day when all photographs usually have that crinkle shape cut at the sides. It is very vintage.

The Magnet
I think the kitchen is an interesting place for families or friends to gather. Unlike the living room, you can't really decorate much with photographs, so the best place to put up memories, reminders or kitchen decors is the fridge. When I was crazily drawing on Pringles & glass jar lids, I was telling myself "if only I can put up pictures of my artworks or memorable photographs without securing it with magnets over it." Can you imagine when I discovered Monstagram? It was as though they read my mind because I can finally have my artworks printed on a piece of photo-magnet!

The Coloroid
This another unique piece, the good ol' Polaroid style photo print. It is called Coloroid instead because Monstagram offers colour options. That's right, you can have your Polaroid photo prints printed in colours. I settled for the original white frame instead. This design is awesome for assorted decor ideas, whether it is scrapbooking, picture frame, DIY photo hanger (see below) and more...

So, me being me, I went for all 3; I love my photos and I love how they turned out. Along the way I also realized that it would be a fantastic idea to give them away as presents too, especially the magnets.

Plus, thanks to Monstagram for my photo prints, it inspired me to whip up a tutorial on How to DIY a Super Easy Photo Hanger for Instagram Photos... quick and simple!


...and of course, as usual, I also started doodling on things- a photo frame for my bedside table. 

 As for the other photos, I am planning to decorate the 'Golden Room of Physical Honor' (the bathroom) 

and my beautiful photo magnets is showcased on the fridge of course. I love it!

If you have created a much more awesome version of the photo hanger, or if you have more ideas for your Monstagram photo prints, share it with me! I look forward to it as i'm sure it would be awesome!

Friday, July 18, 2014

#MH17 in our Hearts

Friday, July 18, 2014

The tragedy of the recent plane crash of #MH17 was shocking to me.

It happened on the night that I had to stay late to work. While we were rushing for deadlines here, to meet expectations and requirements, this tragedy took place.

When I heard about this news the next morning, I cannot help but picture the scenario; what if I was there, in that seat, waiting to reach home, and then *BOOM*...

And then I pictured, not myself in the scenario anymore, but seeing the passengers from a 3rd person's angle... apparently there were even pets/animals on the plane, and children; babies, teenagers travelling without their parents...  I cannot help but wonder to myself, what was going through their minds the second right before it happened?

It is very sad to know that so many things has been going on lately to the people of my country.

When I turned on Facebook in the morning, I see posts about this sad news. One of it caught my attention, because it was a relative of an ex-college mate of mine. Though we were only acquaintances before, I felt her sorrow of losing someone close to her. Which led me to wonder, how does it feel if I was in her shoes?

These sort of tragedy makes you realized that if life is too short, then embrace life to the fullest. We hear "Live Life to the Fullest!" all the time... what we don't realized is that living life to the fullest isn't about partying to the break of dawn, drink and be merry til' your liver retires or go sky diving and pee in your pants half way through just cos you think adrenaline rush is the way to go! #YOLO

... well if it is for you, then good for you. But it isn't to me. I used to think that way too, until one day, I decoded it and realized that living life to the fullest means, embracing your inner-self, recognize your abilities or true self instead of letting the world judge you... or live a negative mind-free that has been your constant blockage of pursuing your dreams or ambitions.. and not just live life monotonously; (not necessary in this order) wake up, go to work, come home from work, repeat and no interest or hobbies.

Makes you wonder isn't it... it made me wonder.

Dear passengers of #MH17, you have now gone 'home'.

That last moment of your thoughts; images, list of things to do, loved ones, memories... it has all turned into priceless jewels that will remain here on Earth forever.

Let go, live forever in our hearts and be free always...

We love you.

Dear families & friends of #MH17,

Mourn but smile at beautiful memories of them...
Your tears will become priceless jewels too...
For as long as you have them in your hearts and your minds,
they live forever.

with light and love, namaste.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Body Loving with Natural Handmade Soap & Body Scrub

Friday, July 11, 2014

Firstly, you need to pardon my attempt on blogging about bath & body products because I don't get this chance very often to do this. However, since handmade stuff is my cuppa tea, I am truly grateful that this time, I get to blog about natural handmade soaps by yours truly Earth Care Soaps.

Whenever I go toiletries shopping, it's very important for me to select the right body wash with right fragrance and benefits. I am a sucker for 3 things:

1. The name of the product, it has to be sensual, mystical or magical sounding.
2. The packaging; the more magical the better.
3. The flavour or fragrance. It has to be something where I look at it, and I know I can feel it on my skin already and how relaxed I will be.

And by relax, I mean, the kind where you can imagine yourself, coming out of the shower feeling fresh, and then you cozy up in bed. You feel all squeaky clean too.

The Wake Me Up Body Scrub
I recently got to try Earth Care Soaps's Wake Me Up Body Scrub that contains exquisite natural ingredients such as Himalayan Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Grape seed oil, and more that is definitely recommended for the skin. I tried it, and I realized that the refreshing feeling comes from the Himalayan Sea Salt and Essential Oils... now not many natural body products that I've used has this special ingredient. And of course, the other specialty is, that it is made with Love. I am sure Soap Artisan, Samantha Tan, has put in great effort, with the thought in mind that her customers will reap from the goodies she has crafted altogether.

The Bubblegum Berry Soap
The other is Bubblegum Berry Soap an organic handmade Body Soap that looks like a cake! I swear I was really tempted to take a bite to taste it because it says Bubblegum Berry, it smells sweet and bubblegummy! haha! This scented moisturizing soap has its own qualities too, because it has extra virgin olive oil, castor oil (which by the way, is very very good for skin, especially for eczema or dry skin), Essential oils of course, organic Australian Red Clay, to name a few. It is not harmful to skin because as I have mentioned it is natural. Earth Care Soaps also make sure that the ingredients used will provide extra nourishing and moisturizing effect while reducing itchiness and/or dry-flaky skin.

I won't say that commercial bath and body products out there aren't good. We have brands out there that try to achieve similar uniqueness to offer to their customers because currently in trend, natural is the new thing. But that's that, a brand is still a brand, and it isn't the same with homemade or handmade products where the csoap artisan puts a lot of heart & soul into crafting it with the right ingredient. I also like the fact that more and more artisans like Earth Care Soaps are taking the initiative to change the world by encouraging their customers to use natural products with ingredients given to us by Mother Nature.

Here's a little info about Earth Care Soaps:
- Committed to create affordable natural products for your skin's well being, using quality pure ingredients and beneficial that will nourish and moisturize the skin.
- Products are suitable for normal to sensitive skin even skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, which is one of the reasons why there are beneficial ingredients like shea butter, herbs, etc.
- Products are freshly made and organic skincare products are 90% to 100% vegan using quality ingredients.
- No use of lard or tallow in its products.

Earth Care Soaps specializes in:
Natural & Organic handmade skincare products: Cold processed Soaps, glycerin soaps, body scrubs, lip balms & scrubs, body balms & treatment oils and bath salts.
Special & Personalized services: Door gifts, corporate gifts, wedding favors, party packs, bridal or baby showers, birthday gifts, full moon gifts, gift baskets, customizable gift sets and more...

And to let you peek into the product, here's a video on how I used it:

Have a great day~

Visit Earth Care Soaps

Saturday, July 5, 2014

(Closed) July '14 Studio Giveaway: Creative Notebook Kit

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ever since I moved into a Studio, I've been wanting to give my readers a treat! I have a couple of things lined up this time and for starters, I'd like to give away 3 limited edition Creative Notebook Kit for each reader.



Challenge is from: 6th July - 16th July 2014

Have fun participating!

[Giveaway Closed]

Congratulations to Tantiyana Sutan Shahril, Donna Laura and Primila Ganash