Friday, April 25, 2014

I am thankful for my life's work and the abundance I am blessed with

Friday, April 25, 2014
Today is Friday, a blogging day. Unfortunately, today is also an exceptional day where I won't be doing any featured post because I forgot to bring my hard disk along with me, which doesn't happen very often. Haha!

I have my editorial plan in it, without it, I won't be able to share my blog post of the day with you.


Nothing new has been happening lately, except that I have gotten more invites to cover events for the blog.
I see this as abundance, even though there's monetary involve, but it makes me happy to know that I get to be involve in the community, to be part of the creative scene and share it on my blog.

There are days that I ask myself, "will I ever stop blogging?", sometimes I get tired because honestly, maintaining a blog isn't easy. But whenever I get feedback, and see how my readers are inspired or motivated by my blog posts, I tell myself that every day I wake up, I am grateful for the hands that I have and the ability to write and create.

Couple of years back, I probably wouldn't be saying this at all. Perhaps because I couldn't see real happiness in front of me, even if I had it all. And I have come a long way from that phase, plus the journey or the process has really made me realized how much Life has to offer.

Some days, my down days (HSP side of me), I get a little sad when I see how time passes by so quickly. I see my supermom and she is getting older by the day. It became known to me, to my mind that I realized, the moments that I spent with my mother now, at present day, seems so much clearer compared to the times when I was a kid. Whenever I look back, I can't seem to recall much at all, as if there was not much memory of it.

And I realized, that with every moment that I have with her, I am going to make it a memorable one; good or bad, it will be memories that I can remember.

Oh and I am also working on my big move with my love! Finally, after years together, we are now able to move in together, the first step to getting hitch! We are moving to a cozy studio apartment and I can't wait to get decorating!

We have been planning on this for almost a year already... we've been dreaming for a place of our own forever! Looking back, it seriously feels far away whenever we talk about living on our own, having our own space, spending time at home, cooking at home, playing video games, I work on my desk and he works on his desk...

Finally. The next step would be purchasing our own place, but that's besides the point.

I would like to see that me moving is an abundance. I feel very blessed that everything went smoothly when we were planning and negotiating for the place. It was also very difficult because there was a lot of emotional challenges in between when were deciding on it; it wasn't easy but no matter what happens, we were still very excited for May to arrive!

Besides decorating, I can finally have my own studio, where I can work, blog, craft, paint and write!

Happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Smile at Conventionality

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why do we need to check with the world what we can or cannot be, when we simply want to be ourselves?
Why do we need to check with the world how we do it, when we simply want to do it our way?

Are we not doing great things?

Why do we need to check with world outside of us, when we can be checking the world inside of us?


As a work in progress myself, sometimes I still do find it challenging to accept that the world has not yet see things in a bigger picture. Despite how much I have tried to be as soulful as possible in my work, yet I still find it challenging to accept what others cannot accept.

Perhaps this was what many great deep thinkers have to endure; to have their ideas and concepts repressed because the world was just not ready at all.

As much Light and Love I have for Life, sometimes I am sadden at how some still have shallow views of life.
However, despite how conventional society can get, even sometimes makes us feel like conforming to society's norm, yet the one thing we fail to see (even me) is to smile whenever we have been given a chance to experience the pressures of conventionality.

If we smile and not respond, we are unique, and we get to keep the buttons to ourselves.
If we protest, we are showing off all the buttons they can push, to trigger us, which eventually put ourselves more in the position of conformity.

Perhaps this blog post might be a little deep for some, perhaps not; but whatever it is, deep or not, get it or not, so many of us have gone through this or going through this already at least 5 times a day or more. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it is indirect and you might not realized but have already conformed to a certain expectation set by society.

So, my recent experience to conform to society based on their expectations of how a writer should write, has inspired me to write this blog post. As human I am, yet I have decided to see things in a different light instead of showing off all my buttons.

The next time you go through the same experience as me, when someone tells you , "a girl or guy should be like this or like that" or "drawing this way is wrong" or "you call yourself a writer? you call yourself an artist when you can't even do fine arts"; here's few tips you can follow (not defend):

1. Say "I am Unique"

2. Remember, everything is balance like the see-saw; if there's no up, there's no down; if there are no challenges, there are no room for improvement or chances to open up your horizon.

3. Remember, everyone's opinion is their own preference. For instance, some might like medium rare, or rare or fully cooked! We are all different in our own interest and taste etc! Hell, even twins have different preference! So, let them speak their mind and their preference, as long as what you do agrees with you and resonates with your heart, you are fine!

I thank God that there is someone at least whom have commented on what I wrote for the upcoming art exhibition; at least I know where I stand, and at least I know if the people in my country is ready or not.

I guess not, but it's okay cos I am ready.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Resin Artist: Chua Suzi

Thursday, April 17, 2014
How can I not be astounded by these art pieces? They are almost so life-like! I was first introduced to resin art many years ago when I was working with Craft Haven; my ex-boss taught me about resin art, but just didn't have the chance to try exploring with it. 

Not too long ago, my sister told me about an artist who would paint using resin art; she would paint flowers and fishes inside a silver bucket, pour resin in art, leave it to dry and then another layer again and again; basically, this art requires lots of patience and process. Then again, which art doesn't!

It's like painting on canvas but only that it isn't flat...

So I went around searching for resin art and it was such a coincidence that I came across Suzi's art; I can't remember how I came across it on Facebook, but all I can remember was initiating a chat with her, otherwise known as dear Aunty Suzi! She was such a lovely lady and we clicked instantly! I looked up to her; even though I have never met her, but even through the web, I could tell she was a wonderful person filled with light and love. And also, an amazingly talented artist!

lovely Aunty Suzi. via
She was also very helpful when she told me to help myself with her pictures from her Facebook page.  Head on over to see her other art pieces; she also does beautiful paintings on stones! For more of her art, visit her official website.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Popped at Markets @ POP by Jaya One, Easter Extravaganza

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I had a fruitful weekend! For these past few months, I spend my weekend mornings on the computer doing my work most of the time; it was always about completing a deadline. Finally, things have slowed down a little for me, and I felt I could finally breath the morning fresh air again, laze in bed or take my time to move about. I miss this a lot!

Luckily for me too, I had my weekends planned out! I jumped for joy when I planned my weekend with my love. We had our Saturday planned out perfectly, one of it includes going to a bazaar at POP by Jaya One called Easter Extravaganza! I wouldn't miss it since POP and DSYR invited me to drop by. It was really good to finally meet DSYR in person!

I was also looking forward to going back there again to browse and shop after my meeting with the POP by Jaya One team previously.

Easter is a little early this year at POP. I was really fascinated with the amount of people and vendors at the bazaar. To celebrate Easter in advance, there was even real bunnies running around in the spacious petting zoo with a gigantic Easter egg in the middle.

Easter! spot the furry buddy.
As usual, I walked around snapping photos but before that I made my first stop at DSYR's. It was so nice to see the products in person. My love and I had fun exploring and browsing around with the products. Lots of people stopped by to check out their stuff; who wouldn't, it was nice to see awesome lifestyle products. I like the fact that the products offered by DSYR is good to the environment and is artsy!

Here. Let me show you some of their products that I came across.

This can actually hook up to your phone, plus convert music and more! Here's a DSYR team showing it to customers.
Left: Eco-friendly Foodbag that allows you to pack your lunch.
Not a fan of tough love?
There's paper wallet too! Definitely environmentally friendly, plus canvas totebags called The Other Bag.
When I was taking photos, I saw this kid checking out the stuff. He was so fascinated with the gumball machine; probably reminded him of those "plastic egg" machines where you insert RM0.50 in it, turn it and an egg drops out! If you are lucky, you get something...well...cute. If not, then its just, well... luck! Haha! Nevertheless, I always did enjoyed it as a child! The kid noticed that I was holding a camera, and quickly put down and went his way.

I picked it up after that. It was so small and I wish I could have one and put candies in it! I pretended to be a child for a while, and pretend to turn the knob and imagine gumballs coming out. Haha!
I want a gumball machine!
Left: Harmini and her super huge dreamcatcher! Habitatt that makes designer tattoos, but I didn't have a chance to approach them.
After that, I went on my way and started taking more photos and came across lots more goodies. I also got to meet some vendors, including some familiar faces like Harmini from Deeper than Fashion.
Met Louise from CLAIRE; she makes beautiful healthy handmade soap,
a passion inspired by her beautiful daughter.
I also came across an extremely gorgeous, breath-taking art! It reminded me a lot of my favourite artist, Frida Kahlo. I was walking around and immediately stopped in front of this stall (below) and just couldn't take my eyes of it.

The artist, Elnaz (the one face painting a child) has a magical thing about her, just as profound as her artworks! I didn't have a chance to talk to her, so I took a name card and left mine in her name card box. =)
Elnaz's art from PAINTING ON STONES

As for the rest of the vendors, everything was just great with awesome bargains!

Too bad it was raining heavily though, and most of the vendors was getting ready to go off. But I was lucky to meet the remaining ones and browse around until I am fully satisfied!

All in all, Justin and I had a good time! It's been awhile since I've been to a bazaar. Back then in college, flea markets was a big thing and I even participated in one too to sell my hand-painted t-shirts and shoes for some extra dime. Since it has been sometime, I pampered myself with some good bargains!

Got myself a good steal with a 2 black punk bracelets for RM10 and an alphabet handwriting stamp set for RM15! Got it all from Moon E Store; another nice vendor, had a good chat with the owner and will be visiting her shop very soon. Moon E Store is known for her vintage design goods.

From Moon E Store!

For those of you, who's reading this right now, went for the Easter Extravaganza; I truly hope you had an amazing time! But for those of you who missed your chance, don't worry, POP by Jaya One will be coming up with more events I am sure and you will be there!

Now... I am hoping that my weekends will be more like this!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Drawing on Black - Art on Mounting Board

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Besides the love of my life, and my mother, for those who know me well, would know that I love the colour black. I love black clothes, and I kid you not, I really have a pile of black clothes on top one another on a chair, and whenever I'm in a rush trying to look for something to wear, you can't find anything at all underneath the pile of everything "black" cos everything is the same.

So I recently discovered that I didn't only like wearing the colour 'black', but I also enjoy drawing on the colour black!

I have been exploring with drawing on black mounting boards. I realized that drawing on black is actually interesting because the colour black brings out the other types of pen and markers that I use specifically for dark backgrounds. Metallic and fluorescent colours can be tricky to use because of the overwhelming tone. But using it on a black background has changed that for me, in fact, it has taught me how to utilize the bright and zany colours while increasing my interest in doodling even more.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

6 Easy Ways to Get Latest Updates from your Favourite Facebook Page on Facebook

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Something different for a change today. Haha! How this started? At first I was going through my Facebook page, and was wondering to myself, how do my readers usually keep track of my latest blog updates. At the same time, I was doing research on how bloggers managed their personal Facebook profile account and Facebook page. Then I came across this tutorial, and didn't know that you can easily get latest updates from your favourite Facebook page.. Anyhoo! Here goes:

Step 1- Find your favourite Facebook page.

Step 2- Go to the settings, and click on 'Add to Interest Lists' 

Step 3- Select 'New List' 

Step 4- Select your favourite Facebook fan page.

Step 5- Create a list name for your Facebook fan page updates, ie. 'Favourite Page Updates'

Step 6- You can see your favourite list name at the side of your homepage.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home and Creative Organizing with the Infinity-tier storage container

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

As a crafter, I have tons and tons of craft materials from the big tools to the smallest bits like jump rings.
As an artist, I have tons of brushes, all kinds of fabric and acrylic paints, to different coloured markers and more.

There are times I don't know where else to put them; sometimes I find myself putting the small things in small containers.

But the small containers has to be kept in another compartment, and in the end, you still allocate a lot of space to keep these big to small compartments. And if you are anal like me, that have to have her arts & craft supplies categorized, then you might want to consider this infinity-tier container.

To be honest, I don't really have a name for it; I only found it super amazing and a space-saver so I called it the Infinity-tier storage container because you can stack it up as high as you want or stack it up according to category.

I made this awesome purchase from Tedzukuri Gifts (Thank you Shearly!)

The Review:

-The Infinity-tier storage container is a set that comes in 3 tiers and a lid. 

-The material is plastic, quite a sturdy plastic. In the inside of the container, you can make adjustments because it comes with plastic partitions; there are 10 sections to be exact, so that means you would have 30 sections in a set. You can make space however you want it to be, or if you have an item that will take up the entire space inside, then you can remove the whole main partition.

-To stack up, you will be able to remove the lid and stack it up by securing it tightly on top of each container and locking it at the sides. 

-The lid also comes with a handle in case you want to categorize your container and carry it around with you. But please do not try and stack up 3 sets and carry it by the handle altogether. It is very sturdy but just to be safe, you wouldn't want to break it.

I decided to make a video on how I put the container to good use in case you are wondering how it works.

A note: the materials used in the video are not as much as I mentioned because I only brought along with me some when I go to my boyfriend's place. But I am sure you can do all kinds of wonder with it once you have watched my video.

Want to get organize? Visit Tedzukuri Gifts on Facebook.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thinking out loud.

Monday, April 7, 2014
Today is not my blogging day; it is a Tuesday. So while there are non important blog feature today, I decided to think out loud on a post.

So as usual, it still has been pretty busy for me.

I have been working hard towards a new direction which is to move into a nice house, a place that I can finally call my home. I have been trying to get in as much freelance projects as possible so that I can save up for the deposit. 

Houses are really expensive these days. Everything is expensive these days. I remember those days as a kid, supermom used to give me RM30 for me to hang out with my friends; those days, 10 bucks was a lot to us! Today, you can't even survive with just a 50. It's like water...

I am also trying my best to juggle work with a balance lifestyle; I am never giving up on my passion that's for sure. So when I have the time, I try to draw something or make something.

Oh and also, I am participating in an experimental art exhibition. There's a bunch of us that will be involved in it. Unfortunately, I am not putting up any of my artworks; can't really find the time to create large scale artworks. Maybe next time though. =) Since we are definitely looking forward to the next.

Anyways, the art exhibition is going to be held in Penang. It is going to be a profound one and it is called Momentary Lost. Permanently Found. The title is a sentence extracted out of a book I wrote for one of the artists. They love it so much that they decided to make an art exhibition out of it. I am really happy to know that my work is appreciated! There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing your own masterpiece turn into something greater.

If you are in Penang or from Penang, do visit The Whiteaways Arcade on the 4th May, launching. I'll be there.

I was telling my project partner yesterday, it is funny how God works in a mysterious way. 5 years ago, when I started my career in Advertising as a writer, I asked myself, 'I wonder how it feels like being part of an experimental art community? So expressive and profound, I wonder if I will ever be able to write and create expressive artworks like those artists and writers out there?'

5 years later, here I am. Working on my first featured art exhibition. My part is only the writing part; but I am so happy that they gave me a chance to write expressively for their promotional materials. 

There was a sentence that I wrote in one of the event's poster. It goes "...have you ever felt moments in your life passed like a blur?"

I wrote this sentence based on a personal experience. Not too long ago, when I was living life monotonously, each day passed by just like that *snaps finger*. And I often wonder to myself, if only there was a way to slow-mo it down, and you get to watch every step, every move, every act, every word you say, every sound in that moment. I went on this way, not realizing that I was wasting each day. Whenever I said "tomorrow then.." then that tomorrow becomes another tomorrow, and another and then next thing you know 3 months have passed (even though it feels like it is just yesterday) and nothing gets done.

Eventually, I found an answer, which is to start doing what I enjoy doing. To start making plans in life and actually doing it! To focus on that the happiness than lots of "what ifs".

I look at my mother, and I see her aging...As much as I have put aside savings for her in case of emergency, I also realized that, if there's something she likes that makes her happy, then I'll be more than happy to see her have it because while each day still exist, I want it to be a happy one for her.

And same goes for me. I want it to be a fulfilling one. 

So, Justin and I just came back from a cruise. It wasn't that great though, but as dingy as the cruise can be, I told Justin that at least I get to tick it off my Things-to-do-in-this-life list.

It has just begun.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

POP by Jaya ONE offers retail space to creative entrepreneurs

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Years ago, when I just started my own creative business, it was not easy at all to juggle between a day job, finding a place where I can put up my clothes & handmade for sale, including being there to meet my customers. Back in college, I had little resources, and at that time there wasn't any platforms for small-time entrepreneurs like myself to start with. The only thing I could rely on was to approach relevant shops and have my products on consignment basis. It was very limited for starters like myself to grow with.

I am sure that I am not only speaking for myself, but for most of you too because I know that it is not easy to cope with pursuing your own passion and earning a stable income altogether.

What if I told you that it doesn't have to be that way anymore? 

As a matter of fact, you might be able to double up (or perhaps triple) your current side-business with an easy concept that is provided by POP by Jaya One

Not only will you be able to focus on your day job, spend weekends at bazaars to meet your customers, but you are also able to have your products showcased in an actual mall and have them taken care off! Don't forget, including having a balance lifestyle with loved ones.

Of course, you are also encouraged to drop by every once in a while to enhance your product arrangement, get to know your customers' feedbacks and meet the people who are assisting you in making your business popular!

When I had the chance to meet the people behind POP by Jaya One, I was amazed with how much thought they have put into to create the concept of POP because they are aware at how many independent creative entrepreneurs/ SME biz owners out there who just wants an opportunity to make it!

About POP:

Under The School and located in Petaling Jaya, POP by Jaya One is a concept store, except that it is HUGE like a mall with 3 levels but is fondly known as a modern day flea market a.k.a ‘retail hotel’! If you can't imagine this, then imagine store concepts like Parkson or Tangs with its 3 floors occupied with several brand names. 

Now you get the picture?

POP Features:

With a floor fully occupied by a big scale vendor, the current available floor is the Ground Floor and Level P1. The total area consists of 30, 000sf. Each level is 15,000sf and each unit sizes ranges from 80sf, 100sf, 125sf, 150 sf, 175sf and the biggest is 1,000sf.  

POP also accommodates to warehouse sale, depending on availability on space. POP by Jaya One also mentioned that their sizes are quite flexible as vendors are encouraged to discuss with the management on how much size do they require so that they are able to come out with a unit according to vendor’s space requirements.

Each floor space does not come with shelves or decorations because the idea is to allow sellers to have their freedom to decorate or display their items as creative they can be.

POP is also popular with fashion business; you don't have to worry about your customers unable to preview themselves in your collection because there is already a couple of well-lit and spacious dressing rooms for them to try on.

I must say, this is a good idea for indie fashion designers!

Now, because of its wide space, the experience your customers would have wouldn't be the same as a bazaar, but like in an actual mall. Except that instead of expensive brands, your business will be showcased alongside with some of the artsy craftsy and creative sustainable products!
Products range from top quality children's toys, to furniture designs and accessories too.

Some of the vendors ranging from creative-stationary to vintage fashion.
Even bloggers like Kinky Blue Fairy has set up as a vendor.
Payment methods are very convenient at POP. There is a main counter where you will be able to make your purchase via cash and credit card. And in case you are wondering about the staff that is handling your products, fret not because they are trained to make sure that they are able to assist your customers; plus as a seller, you are also encouraged to provide them as much information as possible regarding your products in case you have a special sale or your product has a special feature.

Crowd wise; the building itself consist of several restaurants, offices, after-school activities and other on-goings. Therefore, rest assured that your products will be attracting quite a variety of crowd. 
Customers viewing various available vendors.

Plus, POP by Jaya One is always looking forward to organize more and more happenings such as bazaars & activities that will surely be a crowd-puller. Not only you will just be selling your products, but you will be part of the action too!

If you are concern about security, rest assured that POP by Jaya One has already made sure that there are security guards watching over the place.

I hope you are as impressed as me by this platform. It is definitely a game-changer to the SME world, especially to us creative entrepreneurs. There’s one thing we all have to admit, is that we all want to make that extra dime. 

Making money is important, but it makes our journey worthwhile if we are able to make that extra cash from our passion when we turn it into a reality. And when there’s an opportunity to kick start that dream, why not start at POP by Jaya One.

Enquire right away! It’s always good to start finding out and start planning.

For more information please visit:

Or email:

Address: 100.P1-045 The School
No. 72A Jalan Universiti, Jaya One
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Visit to Mori Zakka, Local Handmade Shop

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The end of 2013 and the start of 2014 has been such a busy time for me. I had to reschedule a lot of my blog posts and even have to escape on a getaway just to finish up all posts that I have lined up. I am extremely behind on this particular coverage, therefore much apologies for those waiting for this story.

I had a chance to get in depth with Mori Zakka during my visit late last year at their outlet in Sunway Pyramid. It was Christmas at that time, and perhaps it was a better time to visit them since decorations are all up!

Those who are regulars in Malaysia's creative community might be familiar with the name Mori Zakka. For those who don't, and those who are not from Malaysia, well, Mori Zakka is a local cute & wholesome store that sells finished arts & crafts products and also a special section that features home-grown crafters.

It is really nice to finally see more and more platforms for local creatives to showcase and sell their arts and craft pieces.

Some of the popular crafter names in Malaysia have their works put up in collections; however according to the nice people at Mori Zakka, the craft works has to be reviewed first before it is selected for showcase. Nonetheless, some of the popular crafters are I'll Studio, TinyPinc, Jiju Foret and more.

Now, crafters aside, let's focus on the in-house handmade and style:

The creative people behind Mori Zakka are also actively involved in making handmade. Lots of its handmade and hand painted products are created by their in-house artists and crafters. Their in-house collection ranges from painted tote bags, clay miniatures, personalized perfume & fragrance from France & England, hand drawn notebooks and more.

Besides selling their own handmade, Mori Zakka also sells creative lifestyle readymade things that are mostly imported from Korea or Taiwan. Mori Zakka's product style gives a wholesome feel, with pastel hues and floral motives.

Some more of the creative lifestyle products are:

- Stationaries priced at RM10 below and above. Notebook or journal-fans might get excited at this when you see its wide range of notebooks and journals.

- Vintage/bohemian clothes, mostly dresses, blouses and skirts, from Korea, Japan and Taiwan priced at RM100 and above.

- Also featuring handmade with collaborated artists that are local and international priced RM20 - 100 and above.

So if you have a chance to go over or you are here visiting Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, don't forget to drop by Mori Zakka and get to know Malaysia's very own craft community.

For more details, visit Mori Zakka here