Sunday, August 1, 2010

Handmade Clay Craft: Valerie Creations by Valerie Yan

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So, there I was, decided to participate in a craft activity with my fellow colleagues. It's been awhile since I have actually dabbled into a craft project, but I thought that since I am trying to get my life together again with a balanced lifestyle, why not. I joined the C+C Bazaar at Times Square, Kuala Lumpur with my colleagues where we set a stall to sell our handmade. Since I just started on blogging about arts & crafts, I also took the opportunity on my participation to embrace the exposure being at a craft bazaar. Here I got the chance to meet several talented people, one of them happened to be Valerie Yan of Valerie Creations.

Valerie, a final year Illustration student from The One Academy is a talented girl who makes incredibly chic clay accessories. I came across her stuff online. I thought, wow, this girl is good. Her mirror with handmade clay flowers on top is one of my favourite.

So, when I actually got to meet Valerie in person, I also got the chance to finally see her creations for real. I approached her and I was really glad that she remembered me. She's a very friendly and humble girl.

If you have the chance, visit her blogsite and take a look at her accessories and her other handmade trinkets. I'd like you check out her clay flowers and see how detail it is. And if you notice, just like the ones in this pictures, they are classy, with very nice colour combination. I like the one on the headbands.

Anyways, now you can accessorize with clay! And i think she's got much more trinkets so i suggest you hurry on over to her blog and check it out for more. Cheers!