Sunday, June 29, 2014

DIY Watercolour Kit (travel size)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I like journalling very much. Some days I do, some days I don't. I started journaling about  a year and a half ago...

Actually, if I want to really track back in time, I started journaling when I was a kid; writing diaries, scrapbooking things I like, etc. I didn't know I was already journaling at that time, making notes of how I feel, what I saw, what I love the most. Journaling has some powerful inspiring stuff. As corny or simple it sounds, journaling actually helps with getting your mind off things. One may not notice but, when you are in the midst of creating something creative with your hands and body (sewing, painting, writing, making, singing, dancing, etc.), you are releasing positive personal power, expressing your passion out into the world and absorbing back the love you have for your Self.

So, when I journal, I like to have a couple of materials with me. And what I love the most is having a water brush that I can carry along without worrying about washing the brush and having water around. I bring it with me along with other art markers when I am travelling, or have it at my bedside so that I can doodle before going to bed. Now, I realized that there's no way I can carry a box of watercolour tubes, palette and cup of water. That's when I decided to make my own 'travel size' watercolour palette.

Join me in making one.

- tubes (You can make your purchase at )
- Multipurpose container (Find nice small ones that can even fit into a pouch. Plan your colours and placement though)
- Fabric (Cut a small piece of fabric from an old washcloth)
- PVA Glue
- A stick for setting in the glue and paint

*Tip: For the PVA glue, you can try using Elmer's School Glue. Click on the image.

Here's how:

It has been so much fun ever since I made this for myself. Easy to journal right now. And when you travel or go on a road trip, you can pack it in a small pouch along with your journal.

Have fun! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You are looking at a Top 10 Finalist of DiGi WWWOW Awards 2014 Content Category

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I have been meaning to blog about this, except that I couldn't because I was told by the organizers to maintain discreet until the time is right for us to shout out about it. 4th June 2014 pitching session came and gone just like that; so did 20th June 2014, the night when they announced the grand winner.

 It feels like it was just yesterday when I was frantically preparing my presentation slideshow and cooking up what to say for my pitching session. I had to convince the judges why they should give me the 25k prize money (along with other knowledge goodies which I wanted so badly).

It wasn't long before that, before we moved to the studio, there I was sitting on my love's bed while I fill up the entry form online to this competition. I remember saying to him, "no harm done, right? After all, it'll be a blessing if I could win the big 25K to fund the blog." I can finally attend seminars, upgrade equipment for blogging and most importantly, I can finally bring this blog to the next level...

...You must be thinking that I won, well, I didn't unfortunately.

I have to admit that I was a little devastated, but I trust that the judges made a wise decision on selecting the winners. There could be many factors to why I didn't win the prize, perhaps I wasn't convincing enough, perhaps there are too many things on my blog (I recalled one of the judges commented that my blog has a lot going on; little bit of spirituality, motivational topics yet arts and crafts too). Perhaps to the eyes of the public, I may not be up to that standard yet in receiving huge number of Facebook LIKES or blog followers.

Perhaps yes... I have to admit, not winning has made me questioned many things; popularity, the system, society, creativity... it has made me wonder if I am tired of blogging...

...But in the morning of my post-phase, I realized that "No I am not tired. I am doing this for a reason." Because my blog of MANY THINGS only have ONE AIM- an aim to INSPIRE, especially those who questioned what I questioned, those who felt what I felt or those who sat through their roller coaster rides not realizing that it is OK for them to pursue their dreams.

A friend of mine said to me, kind words she gave, in the morning of the award ceremony day. She wished me best of luck, and told me that if I do win, it;ll be the best thing ever! and if I don't, it is okay because I have nothing to lose.

She was right. There was nothing for me to lose, because throughout the journey of this entire competition, I gain experience, recognition and honor. (Thank you, you know who you are)

I remember the day I received the email that I was shortlisted Top 10. I was shocked, speechless and even asked out loud "did they made a mistake? is it me?" I was of mixed emotions; but most of all surprised to see myself going that far. I've never gone that far before in a competition, I was certainly very proud of myself *pats back* (just so you know, this is not any self-praise, self-consoling blog post, haha!)

If I travel back there again, to that feeling when I first opened the email; I must say so myself that though I didn't win grand prize of content category, being top 10 has already put me on the map and as devastated I may feel, I cannot deny that recognition.

I got to meet interesting people. When you are always working a 9-5 job, and you don't get out much except you are most of the time behind your computer (ironic that I blog), you don't really get to meet people who are like yourself.

I was quite lucky, because not only I got to meet food bloggers like Jacqueline of Dine with Jaq, app developer like Anthony of Trackbutter, artist Kendrick of Kendylife and of course, pioneer film producer in Malaysia's film industry James Lee of Doghouse 73 pictures.

Since I keep telling people this, I might as well mention it here; James Lee did a film many years ago called 'The Beautiful Washing Machine'. I was in college back then, and it was part of our assignment to study and watch the thought-provoking film. I didn't know it was THE James Lee when I was chatting with him during the pitching session the whole time until the next day. He is the grand prize winner of Content Category by the way, and I think James Lee deserves it. Oh and I got to chat with one of the judges, a pleasant person, Samuel Wee of General Manager of Says.
My name on the nominee announcement!
 Anyways, the award night was definitely a night to remember. It isn't everyday you get to feel that sort of anticipation where you wonder to yourself, "are they going to call my name? are they? ARE THEY?!" haha!

The night ended very quickly after the announcement of the winners including a surprise category called the Judges Choice. I left immediately after the show was over. The next day, I decided to embrace the idea that being selected top 10 out of 700 over participants is already an honour. For that I am grateful and I give thanks to the Universe.

Thank you DiGi, judges for letting me be part of the top 10 and YOU (readers), followers, supporters, voters, friends and family, for your love!

For those of you who would like to watch the full video of the event night, you can do it here:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Travelling with Road Trip Essentials for the Creative

Monday, June 23, 2014

I started enjoying travelling this year when my love decided to take me on a cruise for the first time. It was really a simple trip because it was only a day or two. Though there wasn't much to do on the boat, but it was the idea of travelling with a backpack and taking the bus all the way to the docks to the ferry to get to the cruise. As tiring as it is, the journey was much more important than the destination point itself...

My other short trips also include going to nearby places like Genting Highlands, or going back to my hometown which is just an hour or 2 away. I begin to like travelling because it allows me to get away from my day-to-day routine which mostly involves sitting in front of the computer and chasing deadlines and the hours that passes by quickly everyday. You do that often, you become less motivated about living life because all you ever do is just "chase and chase" after time... and by the time you realize it, you are tired, you miss out lots in life and you wish you didn't waste your days away.

As it is not too late, you still can start your journey on the road to get some quality time.

So, what do you bring with you when you go on a road trip? Though the examples I will be showing are for illustration purpose, just so you know, these are my recommended road trip essentials.

Travelling light is important, especially choosing the right attire to wear for the trip. Best thing to do is keep it simple and comfortable; here's what I recommend for a road trip #ootd:

Road Trip OOTD

For the trip, you can also pack some extra clothes or things for in case of emergency. You will never know when you get drenched in rain when you are making stops, or when it gets cold in the car. It is good to bring along some essentials for your travelling hobby. Here's some tips on what you can bring (remember some emergency kit would be good too):

Road Trip Essentials #1

When I go trips like that, I like to bring along some extra essentials to make my trip a memorable one. As a creative, a camera, a sketchbook or art journal and some art materials is important. I would bring along my film camera and some extra batteries and films in case I need it.

I like documenting my trips. I try my best to make notes on interesting things that I come across during my travels, or mark my film canisters on the locations and dates so that I can easily keep track and look back.

Road Trip Essentials #2

What are my top 4 picks for the road:

1. Drinks: Coffee and water
2. Food: Tidbits and sandwiches
3. Music: Norah Jones, Alanis Morisette, Black Label Society...
4.  Tissue: Lots of it in case of emergency

Besides spare clothes, emergency kits or thingamajigs to bring along, the most important essential to look into is transportation. How else would you go on a road trip if you don’t have one right? Especially for those who may not have a car. OR maybe your current vehicle may not be as reliable as some cars that are recommended for long journeys.

True story: My love and I was on our way up to Genting Highlands (It's Malaysia, for my international readers); of course, we drove up with the one and only car we have which is his beloved Toyota. We took it for granted, and strained the car on the way up on the winding road. Next thing we know, our car broke down…later I learned that not all cars are meant for long drives especially when you are travelling.

Driving is part of road trips. So if you don’t have a car or a suitable car, perhaps you can try checking out car rentals like RelayRides (especially if you are travelling around the States- I’m thinking Route 66!!). If you are worried about the rent fee, well, car rental services like RelayRides are a bit different from the regular, as it is peer-to-peer community that allows users with cars to offer their ride to those looking for one. The prices are often up to 40% more affordable than your average big name place as the owners generate the price of the rental.

Sound interesting? Here's some more information about how it works.


Going on road trips is another way for me to get inspirations. It feels good to get out there, be on the road and be free! It feels as if you are one with the natural beauty around you that life has to offer.

For that moment itself, you are not govern by time, deadlines or society expectations; in that moment, you can be you. I get to be me...

What are your essentials? Feel free to share about your travelling hobby.

updated: 27.06.14

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moving forward in a creative biz

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
So I recently decided to up my blog's creative lifestyle store exposure. I like having an online store, a platform where you can see my products together with a suitable online store background design. Though it is a good idea, but I realized that we always need change and ways to improve ourselves. It has been more than 6 months that I have set up an online store and today I have decided to bring it closer to my readers and the community.

Yesterday, I decided to make that change by setting up a photo album on my Facebook page for my products. I hope that with this, my readers and the community will know what else I have to offer.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Throughout the years of dabbling in this on my own and learning on the way since I was in college, I realized that each time I find myself plate-full and think of giving it up, I end up feeling a little sad as if my life isn't full. I have given up running a biz a couple of times, and I kid you not that The Artsy Craftsy Shop has gone through various names already; there's L for Lynn, there's Starfish Rocks, and then there's Craft & Closet... and finally after so many rounds of fickleness, I decided to just make it simple and stay at The Artsy Craftsy + Shop since so many of you already know me by this.

And instead of giving up again, no matter how tiring it is to come home from work, and balance my night with my creative biz, I learned to improve things rather than running away from it.

Running a biz is not just about making money, it is about self-reflection just like blogging. It is self-improvement so I've learned. It is just like Life, I guess, though I am no master at it, but I realized that like Life, you don't run away from making that change; you change and adapt to make yourself happy. I guess that is what you called Freedom.

Here's to change, and to promoting art & creativity and things made with lots of love.

If you are free, do head on over to my Facebook page, where you can check out some more of the items for sale that I will be uploading.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Designer Temporary Tattoos . Made in Malaysia

Thursday, June 12, 2014

When I was a kid, school holidays would always be a blast. It wasn't because we got to stay up or sleep in (Asian parenting would never allow us to do so); school holidays meant it was time for us to get out of our goody two shoes skin and be an expressive teenager with bleached or dyed hair. Girls would keep their nails and paint them all sorts of funky colours, and me, besides doing all that, I would run (well, not literally) to the local stationary store and buy myself temporary tattoos.

Those days, there weren't much choices with the temporary tattoos, it was all very corny-looking ones. You pay like RM3 if I am not mistaken, for a big piece with assorted designs, and it will come with weird dragon designs or skull tattoos. Roses, butterflies or tribal-looking ones were strangely popular, so sometimes you would get those in colour and it would look obvious that it is fake. I think those dragon or skull tatts probably made some of the kids look like they were in some bad Chinese gangster or Yakuza movie, or maybe a biker-wannabe haha!

As for me, I would usually go for the arm-band design. My favourite was the "Celtic arm band tattoo", like the one on Mel C from Spice Girls. Why? Because that was the only most decent looking temporary tattoo design that wasn't corny.
Mel C of Spice Girls : Photo via
Back then, I always wondered who were the people designing the tattoos. And if it's possible, I wish they could come up with better designs!

Years later, after being part of the creative community, I finally got to know the awesome temporary tattoo designers called Habitatt Supply Co. 

Habitatt Supply Co. is a homegrown design store that is known for making the finest, beautifully-designed quality temporary tattoos.

I was hooked on the name the moment I saw it and can't help feeling how catchy it sounds: Habitat with a 'tatt' from tattoo. One of their taglines was "Made to feel good on skin".

Habitatt feature creative designers to produce intricately designed tattoos. Habitatt temporary tattoo designs are not only adorable, like the rainbow ones (the colours are cute), but there are also trendy-looking ones that come in hand-drawn style as though drew with black ink pen. That's the beauty of it, rather than typical outline ones that looked fake.

While you might think that it will look awesome at music festivals, well you said it right because Habitatt Supply Co. was featured at the raving Future Music Festival Asia 2014, which was like the Malaysian version of Woodstock 99; it was awesome to see people lining up at Habitatt stall to get their temporary tattoos up on their skin for the occasion.

More about Habitatt Tattoos:

~ Habitatt tattoos cost RM8 per design.
~ Custom tattoos are available especially if you have events or special occasions.
~ There are assorted designs ranging from Colourful, Black & White, Hand-drawn, Artsy, Typographic, and more.
~ Tattoo application is easy; instructions are here
~ Habitatt Supply Co. is also on Facebook. Shop for tatts on their FB store.
~ You can also check out their awesome Instagram pictures of happy habitatt-up people!

Here's something about Habitatt Supply Co. that I've extracted:

Let's bust some myths. Here's the real deal: 
> Habitatt is safe and printed with non-toxic soy-based ink. It is safe for everyone to use...even your pets! (T.A.C says: In your face, old school tatts!)
> Habitatt is water proof and long lasting. Lasting more than 3 days depending on use.
> Compliant to the highest safety standards.
> Made to feel good on your skin. It affords a #swaglikenoother (T.A.C says: I agree! It looks real!)

Well, now that you know my story about temporary tatts from the good old days (i'm sure most of you 90's babies know what I am talking about), then I think you won't mind heading over to Habitatt Supply Co. website to check it out!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Style: Choosing a Fashionable Ladies Watch

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There are plenty of watches to choose from these days. Like clothes, shoes or hair colour, most people select their watches based on their personality and interest. However, following the trend is also part of a person’s check box. Take myself for example, when it comes to selecting my ideal watch, I would narrow down my selections to the face, dial, design and strap colour to match my preference.
But of course, there is one thing we all have in common which is selecting a watch based on our budget!

What’s your preference?

How do you select your watches? Do you select it based on a budget or do you invest in the most glamorous and glimmering accessory to pamper yourself?

Someone once told me, “Good watches with awesome designs are usually out of our league! They usually cost a bomb!” I beg to differ, because my new Esprit watch has showed me that it doesn't have to be expensive to own a good watch.

I am a person who believes that you don’t have to pay your entire life’s salary to be fashionably satisfied. You can still look awesome while learning how to shop for a watch at your range; here’s how:

  1. Getting to know you, getting to know your type of watch…

With the various types of watches in the market, it is important to identify your preferred style. For instance, as a creative copywriter in the art & design industry, my day-to-day includes lots of artsy happenings, colours and brainstorming sessions with the creative team. While most people’s work attire is corporate, I get to have various trendy #OOTD which is why my new watch will go with it. I also prefer analog watches because it gives a mature style even to your casual outfit; plus you can wear it to almost any (non-formal) occasions.

  1. Let’s talk design, let’s talk what it’s worth

Even though watches are known to be pricey these days, but I’ve come to realized that ESPRIT watches has one of the most affordable rangewhere value meets quality. In most cases, the overall material used to produce the watch determines the price. Did you know that there are 3 different types of materials used for the face of the watch? The materials are mineral, plastic and sapphire. While mineral is the commonly used material, the sapphire is the most expensive material that is durable and scratch resistant.

  1. Getting Familiar with Warranty Period & Battery Life

A heads up on looking into the watch’s warranty period & battery life when it comes to watch-shopping! With brands like ESPRIT, warranty period and battery life is a priority, making them a thumbs-up quality. If you are wondering, an ESPRIT watch has a 2-year warranty and 5-year battery life span.

With the pointers that I have shared above, I hope you are now ready to start shopping for your watch!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Some Artsy Weekend Inspirations for You

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hola! It's been (another) busy week; I can't help but say this each time I post; I always start off with the word 'Busy', and I think it is because each time I am back on hiatus, it feels funny if I don't start off my post by explaining to my readers where I've been. Well, ever since I settled down in the Studio (more updates on home decor inspiration coming soon), it's all about juggling with work, creating art and blogging.

I have been doodling a lot lately too, not just on paper, but on things. This morning, while I was doodling on a disk protector, I find myself recognizing that familiar feeling that I once felt every time I wake up in the morning and go straight to my desk to work on my art. I would literally start my day working on whatever project that is left on my table. That sensation is from that little peek of joy I get from creating art, surrounded by nothing else but silence. No music, no noise, no company, just me and the world that I am deep within...with my thoughts. It was a good feeling and I feel productive!

Today is that day again, and I am glad that feeling came back.

Here's some artsy weekend inspirations for you to start your day:

Doodle on scissors
Doodle on mdf board
Doodle on photo frame
Doodle CD protector
Doodle on Pringles Lid
Explore with colour pencils