Thursday, October 31, 2013

6 Colours Great for Online Stores

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Like design, colours are equally important for your online store's layout. It tells a lot about your business and what sort of image you want to portray. Each colour in the colour family symbolizes a meaning to your personality and possess certain qualities. It has its own effect on your audience, therefore it is important for you to know what sort of colours you want to have as your identity in order for you to:

1. Make your store recognizable by your customers
2. Make your customers feel comfortable so that they want to come back again

Here's the logic: If you are not a big colour pink fan, would you walk in the store that is bright pink with colour pink-related products? Of course not!

The idea of having a store that is drowned with splashes of pink gives you the impression that it's meant to attract really girly girls.

Me? I definitely am not quite a big fan of everything pink. I appreciate the colour pink just like how I appreciate other colours, but I am not quite a fan of it. And with that, says quite a lot about me. Colour preference really does tell a lot about a person.

Looking for a suitable colour for your online store? 

Here's a tip or two:

1. List out your top 2 most favourite colours:

There's a rule in the principles of art & design; i'm not a person who likes rules and authority, but when it comes to to principles and elements of art & design, I am one to follow and there's a solid reason why. It is called the Rule of 3 and it is applicable to colours and typography. Well, actually most designers would try to stick to 2, but in some cases the maximum is 3.

Now that you have selected 2, then choose an additional colour that can support your colours while making sure it is not a big difference. Example: Orange, Red and Green.

Try not to exceed 3 because then your layout will lose its theme and it will just look like another lost design where there's too much colours all over the place.

The 1st colour is your Main Colour, your 2nd colour is your Complementary Colour and your 3rd colour is (I like to call it) your Supporting Colour. It is usually for enhancing your Main Colour and your Complementary Colour.

2. Learn to understand colours and its meaning & effects:

If you appreciate all colours and you cannot decide what you want for your online store, you can start with listing out the nature of your business. Then look up and do a research on colours suitable for that field. Each colour has its own meaning and purpose. For example: Red is usually used for restaurants because it makes customers feel hungry after a long day of shopping.

To get you started, I have selected 6 Colours that are great for online stores.


Despite its plain and clean slate reputation, the colour White is quite a popular colour in the business world. It suggests a simplicity, clean and safe outlook; safe especially if you are unsure what colours you want, and if you are looking for a colour that is spacious and not messy, you are safe with White. If use it wisely, you can use White and still look pristine and sophisticated. You can give your customers the impression that your business is well-planned and organized. Another added advantage is that you can focus on playing around with different typefaces (3 maximum for typography rule) while using white as your Main Colour.

Ahh, purple... I like the colour Purple a lot. Whenever I visit an online store that sells fantasy paintings and products, I am glued to it especially if it is Purple. This is because, Purple has a mysterious, fantasy and creative effect on individuals like me. The colour Purple itself is rich and feminine, so if you are running an online fashion store, you might want to consider a nice gradient hue of purple colour; maybe in deep purple to violet and burgundy for its Supportive colour?


The colour Brown is another safe tone, just like White. However, instead of it being clean, Brown has a practical and earthly effect that suggests a comforting and down-to-earth feel. Not only it gives a wholesome and healthy exterior, but this colour is inviting and also sophisticated if used wisely. Too much of a dark brown colour might result to a "dirty" and "dull, depressive" effect. Other than that, if coupled properly with other Complementary tones, the colour Brown can result to a mature and elegant style. A plus point, use it minimally and the colour Brown might be able to give a person a homely feel.


If you are looking for the winning colour for business with communication effect yet calming and convincing, the colour Blue is your choice! Take a look at successful internet businesses today like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more- you will notice that their Main Colour is the colour Blue. Blue is a popular colour in the business world because it possess a strong and unifying image. It has an orderly and responsible exterior look for business, and when it comes to lifestyle interest, the colour Blue gives a calming, stylish yet peaceful and inspiring feel to your audience.


There is a myth among Asians that the colour Black brings "bad luck", but truth be told, it doesn't have that sort of effect. The only negative energy that comes from is from the person's mind. Of course, the colour Black has an authoritative and powerful effect. It is also a sultry, sexy and mature colour, which is why it is commonly used in the fashion industry. The colour Black also has a sophisticated and stylish look, it is seductive in its own way, which makes it even more interesting for an online store. But of course, you need to see what sort of products that you are selling and who are your target audience. The colour Black appeals the youth, because it portrays cool with an edge!


The sweetest colour of the lot, yes I am ending my 6th recommendation with the colour Pink despite what I have said earlier about Pink. Even though it has a ditsy impression if it is over-used, however the colour Pink does have its advantage. Light pink or pastel pink coupled with suitable Complementary and Supportive Colour, can appear elegant and appealing to your audience.

The colour Pink not only gives a feminine touch to it, but the colour is warm and has a calming effect. This might make your customers feel comfortable and at ease when shopping on your store, considering that shopping online requires long hours on the computer screen. Since staring at the computer strains your eyes, try using Pink in its softer shade for your audience. Recommended especially if you are targeting young girls, not older women of age 30 and above.

Finally, these are only my recommendations. I personally think that for online stores, especially if you are
running a business, you would want to try and have suitable colours that are pleasing to the eye. After all, you want your customers to feel comfortable when viewing your products on the screen.

So, what's your favourite colour? Hope you have decided on one already!

*Photos courtesy of Squarelet

Style Halloween: Happy 'Gloom Doom'

Sweater: SEED
Black Skater Dress: Forever21 Malaysia
Black Stockings: H&M Malaysia
Black Brogues: H&M Malaysia


I don’t usually celebrate Halloween.

What the hell, I don’t celebrate it at all. In Malaysia, people only celebrate it for fun and it is another occasion for friends to go out, drink and be merry together.

I have never been to a Halloween party at all. Even if I did, I think the only costume I’d put on is a witch, a gothic vampire, a sorcerer… and if it is anything fancy, it’ll be a fairy. Wee!

My colleagues and I decided to wear full black on this day. Something different and fun for a change, and the girls at work had lots of fun taking photos.

I decided to wear my 'WednesdayAddams style' paired with old fashioned brogues. Wearing black is my thing, so I was really excited when they agreed to do this.

Just for fun, we started taking funny photos. And because of my natural dark circles, I pulled off a psychotic look. I edited the photos of myself using Pixlr app.

Happy 2013 Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

14 Steps on How to Be Happy with the Little Things in Life

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It is very common for us to complain when things do not go well for us in life; and when things are okay, alright or smooth sailing...we hardly recognize it and give thanks to what we already have in the 'Present' moment.

It seems so much easier to complain and to ramble. It is not wrong to complain, but there are always consequences to an action; therefore too much complaining might lead a person to life of stuck in a rut.

I was in my early 20's when I first started out as a copywriter; I was going through a phase where I was still unsure about what I wanted to do in my life and pursuing my passion seem impossible and far away. I also felt that way because at that time, money was everything to me. This was before I unravel from the money boundaries, and I allowed myself to be govern by the 'idea of money' instead of understanding that money is just a tool. The only reason why money is powerful it is because we give power to it and believe that its power is to rule.

I had a false impression that when you have no money, you are not entitled to do anything in life. No holidays, no enjoying life to the fullest, no privileges, no this and that and all the complains you can think of.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon you see; growing up I was taught to be independent and if I want something I must learn how to earn it on my own with a lot of hard work.

Our principles are passed down from my late grandparents from China; my mother taught me "better to work hard and earn it than to borrow". I suppose that sort of teaching led me to question the social system and the power of matter/money, which has led me to finally understand what it means to be happy with the little things in life.

Anyways, one day I realized that I was tired of feeling unfulfilled. I also noticed that every time I rambled about not having enough money to do what I want, I felt worst. The more I believed that I had no money, the more I had NO money! I was attracting so much negativity that it was getting worst for me day by day, which made me screw up even more! Boo

I was sick of it. And I said to myself, surely there is a way out of this. The answer was simple, it was right in front of me all these while. The answer was basically to learn how to appreciate the little things in life and it starts with Me.

With this self-discovery, I was overjoyed because I finally found my answer to happiness. I didn't even have to spend a dime at all, or look for it else where.

It is all with few simple and easy steps:

1. When someone offers you something (food, a treat, sweet, a ride home, etc.), say thank you and be grateful for it. Good things come in small sizes.

2. When someone compliments you or praises you for your looks, your work or talent, say thank you and be grateful that someone appreciates your existence in this life

3. Yes, bad times do happen, so do good times too; moments in life are never permanent. It is only permanent if you hold on to it. When bad times happen, acknowledge that good times will come by anytime.

4. When experiencing a bad day, treat yourself to something nice and simple like an ice-cream. And tell yourself, you are still standing strong with a healthy body, you are grateful for this.

5. When you are having a good day or something good happens to you, treat yourself too to something nice and simple. It doesn't have to be expensive.

6. Make full use of your phone camera / digital camera and take photos. You don't have to be an expert to do this. Taking photos allow you to appreciate the little things that surround you.

7. When your friends let you down, and you find yourself feeling lonely, don't worry. You have yourself and you are a human being too just like everyone else. Be your own friend and appreciate the quality time with yourself because you deserve it. Being alone doesn't mean loneliness.

8. Enjoy simple pleasures of life such as good food, good weather or good sleep; sometimes not doing anything and just relaxing is a simple pleasure too. Appreciate the moments when you can just lie down on the bed.

9. Enjoy the simplest form of entertainment such as painting, book reading, playing board games, a walk in the park, listening to music, to name a few.

10. Loving nature or your surroundings; take a walk in the park and be in the moment. You will be surprise at the little things in your surroundings that you didn't notice all these while. You will notice beautiful things in its smallest forms like, shape of a leave, details on a flower, ants cooperating with one another and things like that.

11. When spending time with friends, family or a loved one, appreciate the moment that you are in with them. Even if you are out with them alone, or just out for a simple cup of coffee, those moments are still precious.

12. When spending time with your other half, appreciate how simple your date or outing can be. Sometimes it isn't about how expensive the dinner is, or how fancy the night is; it is about being together. Plan simple but fun outings like a picnic at the park, or visit museums and go to town and take photos.

13. When you feel bored as if you have nothing to do, you would be surprise there's actually lots of things to do. You can either not do anything and just relax. OR you can clean house, sort your wardrobe, watch a DVD on your own, dance to your favourite song, draw, sing out loud, etc.

14. Finally, acknowledge every opportunities given to you; opportunities happen all the time. You may not be aware but once you open your eyes and your mind to see, you will realize how amazing life has to offer you.

We are constantly given opportunities in life in smallest ways, and these are the moments for you to decide and make the right choice. It doesn't have to be a new job with a new pay, it can be, for example: your office is next to an awesome craft shop, and you appreciate that. Your small office has the nicest people to work with, that is an opportunity too. Or like me, where I work comes with an awesome library filled with all kinds of art books, and I am thankful for that. If your boss sends you for a seminar, or gives you a chance to meet new people in the industry, appreciate that too!

These are the simple pleasures in life, and I hope that you can add your own too to this list. I'd love to hear what's yours.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Peek inside my Creative Lifestyle Shop

Monday, October 28, 2013

My creative biz/online store has many names. It goes back to my college days; I was 18 when I first started my Fabric Painting / Reconstructed Fashion biz because I realized I wanted to make money making clothes to buy new clothes to wear to college. At that time my biz was called Painted On Enterprise. I received orders from friends, lecturers and even placed my items to sell in a tattoo parlour and concept stores.

It was awesome!

After graduation, I furthered my biz a little. I did consignment work by painting on couture & wedding dresses, had two fashion shows, painted on masks and on people (body painting). It was known as L for Lynn at that time.

A year or two after that, I wanted to expand my biz to other handmade and handpainted goods, but because I had to help out my just-retired mother at that time, I gave it up. I tried to juggle with work and taking in orders to paint on more couture dresses but I couldn't cope and so there ends L for Lynn.

Years later, I was motivated once more to start a biz, an online blogshop called Starfish Rocks. I wanted to join the preloved hype to rid off my good clothes that I could no longer wear. It was real fun and then I decided to expand further into making necklaces with upcyclable materials. It was called Craft & Closet.

As The Artsy Craftsy grew, I decided to merge it with the blog. Allow me to introduce my Creative Lifestyle online store, called The Artsy Craftsy SHOP.

People ask me, what is The Artsy Craftsy Shop all about- also known as T.A.C Shop in short, this little humble beginnings of mine was a side project at first to support handmade. Eventually, the concept grew and decided that it was time for T.A.C to have its own creative lifestyle product line.

The items offered at T.A.C Shop are creative lifestyle related items, ranging from handmade inspirational accessories, creative supplies or even colourful and artistic keepsakes, decor and apparels. Everything in store aim to keep the spirit of creativity alive.

Items that are handmade or prepared is made with a symbol of love and creativity. Each piece has an aesthetic value.

With this, I hope that your shopping experience is also an inspiring and magical one.

Have fun!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Top Favourite Craft Supplies (don't forget the tools too)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Every crafter has his or her own favourite tools or materials. I wonder what is yours.

One of my readers asked me what are my favourite craft materials and tools. It was hard to just name one or two, because I realized I have a lot on my list. Only because I enjoy exploring with various types of materials and then afterward, it becomes one of my most often-used material in my projects.

I love exploring with different types of materials. It makes me feel that I can open up my horizon while creating art.

You know how wardrobe has its own essentials, well art and craft supplies has its own too.

So, prompted with the question, I thought that it would be nice to share with you a list of my favourite art and craft materials. I will also include what I usually it for, and hopefully it will inspire you.

Beads are my favourite. And it has to be pearl-like beads. There are only two sizes that I prefer to use when it comes to these beads; the regular and the large. They are usually my base when it comes to jewellery or accessory-making. These beads are great to be used as spacers for you to place them in between your other beads or embellishments in necklace or bracelet making.


When it comes to jewellery making or other decorative crafts, I always keep my charms in mind. I try to collect them as much as I can, to have at least a couple more extra varieties just in case I need them for my projects. Charms are very useful; it is not only applicable to jewellery making. There's so much more you can do with charms, such as making bookmarks as gifts, budget wedding favours, trinkets, keychains, zips for bag making and more.

Portable Work Station

Okay, I know this isn't really part of the art and craft supply (and tools) list, but to me it is; this is one of the most important thing to have (or you should consider having) as an artist/crafter. Over the years of making art, I learned that you can't just stay put and lock yourself up in a room to make art and craft all the time. You need to get out and embrace your environment too for inspirations. And sometimes, it is fun to bring your work along with you; who knows you might have an interesting project in mind that involves nature or outdoor.

Therefore, having the appropriate portable work station with you is highly-recommended. A toolbox is great, you can carry some of your tools or materials in it, but a portable workstation provides a surface for you to work on so that you don't have lug a platform with you around when you need it on the go. Plus, if you are a craft teacher- all the more reason why you should need one. So yes, this is my favourite! I love being organize and well-prepared.

Craft Storage Container
Need I say more? It is definitely big-time important especially when you are dealing with beads, knacks and all kinds of tiny things! No harm to have a couple of these. It is good to stay organize with this craft storage container.

Jewellery Design Board Beading Tray

For a tool, this is useful for jewellery making; not just for the beginners but for anyone. It helps you keep your beads organize while you are stringing it and helps you with planning a good necklace design. Consider having this as part of your essential.

Embellishments are useful when it comes to craft projects. Its back flat surface allows you to glue it strong unto any surface; you can use it when doing paper crafts, wooden crafts or more. Some embellishments can be sewn unto fabric, either way, they are still equally useful and recommended to have them stored in your box.


I love lace! Especially french lace. I include lace in my top favourite because it is a material that I love to incorporate into my sewing projects. Every time I do a reconstructed fashion project, I would enhance the recon top or bottom with lace. Besides using it for sewing, you can use lace for other projects too. How about dyeing a white lace? You can make an ombre shade or a gradient colour and then sew it on your clothes!


Clay is another top favourite material. Even though I don't use it often, but clay comes in handy especially when you want to make a pendant using stamps or your own little charms! You can also make magnets with it too. Clay and clay-making is the most versatile craft material that is super fun to work with!


Ribbons! Another important essential and my favourite! Like lace, ribbons are versatile- you can use it for all sorts of craft projects in paper crafting, decorative crafts, sewing, mixed media, etc. It is very useful and it is good to stand by with a couple of ribbons in your tool box. Not just for gift wrapping, no sir!

When I was a kid, I decorated almost everything and anything with stickers. I used to think it was childish when I grew up, but now I no longer think so. Even though I don't use it much, but I do keep a couple of stickers standby in my collection to use it for decorative purpose. You can also use adhesive diamantes from your local craft shop, and super glue it to your clay pendant or charms. It is that useful!

Strings and Cords

Yes, another one of my favourite. I have about 10 of these in different colours and materials. Super useful for jewellery making definitely, but not just for that of course. You can even use strings and cords for anthropology crafts; or imagine a leather craft for zakka craft projects.

 I like using appliques in sewing projects. There are so many types of appliques these days, ranging from crochet, bows, flower appliques and more. Appliques will look good in needlework projects, sewing clothing for children. Appliques can also be used for decorating your things, not just your crafts. Enhance that look on your pair of ballerina flats, and voila~ something new! Less is more!


Well, there you go- from my list of top favourite craft supplies. Actually, there's more to this list, but you get to know my important ones!

Want to know how to get these? Click on the title of each item, and get awesome supplies at the best price!

Have fun!

*Photo courtesy of Crafty Cabin

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Indie Designer: Art & Illustrations by I'll Studio

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'll Studio's collaboration with Bisou Cupcakes
One of my fellow colleagues (well actually two of them, they are an amazing tag team) shared with me about their art & illustration creative biz. Will Sii and Kathy Ho are the genius and talented people behind I'll Studio; famous in Malaysia among the local creative community. I am pretty sure that some of you might have heard about them. I admire their work a lot, most of all, their effort in staying true to creativity in their hearts. I am excited to share with you their amazing artworks, and how they bring joy to their fans in their humble, sketchy style artworks.

They also recently completed an art piece on a tee for famous Hong Kong Actor & Martial Artist Donnie Yen in conjunction of the latest film 'Special ID'.

About: I'll studio is where you will be inspired and be amazed with the unique collectible items such as art pieces, notebooks, accessories, stationary items, tote bags, tees and more. See more of their work here.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inspiration: Ash Carnage, Plush Crafter

Sunday, October 20, 2013

To all Deadpool fans, Ash made a Deadpool Spirit Hood


It is always nice to see a woman embrace creativity within her even though she has become a mother. Having a crafty hobby is not just for passion purpose, but it helps with dealing with all kinds of emotional experiences. I recently made friends with Ash- nickname Ash Carnage, and crafty young momma from sunny California. She shared with me her awesome sewing projects and I thought that it will be interesting to share it here. You can also view more of Ash's work here. Check out these homemade pictures of Ash's work.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Burn out is normal, stress is okay, remember yourself

Friday, October 18, 2013

Have you ever tried juggling many jobs or tasks in one time, even though you know you enjoy what you do? But at the same time you are drained out, tired as hell and dying for just a couple of days break.

I never thought that I'd say this, but ever since I started doing focusing on my work, freelance writing and blogging (also the painting and crafting), I have been working a lot.

It is that time of the month again and lately, I have been swamped with deadlines after deadlines; not to mention, blog post schedules and what not. Here's a rough idea on what my day to day is like-

I get up, go to work, juggle meetings, writings, discussions and follow ups.

I get off work, go for dinner, if I am lucky I might be able to catch a movie or watch some TV series online. Then I'll be working on my freelance or my blog.

Some days, I like to spend sometime alone after work; I'd go home, have dinner, watch FRIENDS or listen to music while I paint, make something, journal or do some housework.

But most of the time, I am basically working hard. This goes on and on and sometimes it gets overwhelming. And I cannot help it but to question my intentions, why am I doing it? Who am I doing it for? What am I doing it for? I check with my intentions because I like to see if I am on the right track. I don't see it as I am doubting myself, unless my gut feeling tells me so.


As much as I enjoy my work-life balance, I still experience the occasional burn out.

Someone once asked me before, how do I do it? Honestly, I don't really know. There's no how-to really. I just got into it, and do it, and realize I am in this already and then I decide to improve my ways hereafter.

To say I don't have a choice would not sound appropriate because no matter what we do in life, we always have a choice. Every moment and action is a cross road, and we make our decisions then on. Like an old school fantasy game quiz in story books- "you see come across a wooden door, but no one is around. Do you...

A. Open the door
B. Pass. Better not to know.

You choose A. Open the door. You are now in a room of secret wonder and you see a large treasure chest..." you get what I mean.


My point is, with so many things on hand, yes I do burn out. Whenever I burn out, I get sad, stress out, sometimes I get agitated and probably throw a little tantrum or too ( I am still human after all). But then I'd give myself a little Me-time too and then I'd mellow down a bit and get back to where I am again.

Maybe you might think this is silly of me, maybe not. But my point here is, try to acknowledge those moments and emotions when you are experience burn out/drain out moments. Don't kiss them good bye. Say Hi to them! Welcome them! It is your body's way of telling you to stop and re-energize.

Trust your body. Trust yourself.

I have some of my friends asking me why don't I ever meet them, or go out? Or why am I always spending time with my love or working- almost as if I don't have time. It is like this; it's not that I don't go out with friends or have a social life- it is just that I have reached a certain point in my life that I understand the cycle of how people come and go, so are friends.

I also understand that this is a natural part of life- death, break up, friendship fall out, drift apart, etc. When these things happen, it doesn't mean that you are missing out on something in your life, because what matters most is Me, My Self and I.

Far from being self-centered by the way.

When you grasp this idea that it is normal for people to come and go, believe it or not, they stay closer to you in your heart. You will never lose them, neither will you miss out on them.

Trust your heart. Trust yourself.


Every time I experience burn out, I tell myself "today I am going to eat a good meal, pamper myself to an ice cream, watch a good movie, and drop everything to rest." I do not feel bad for it at all and I do not need to apologize for it.

I drop everything even when I have crazy deadlines to meet and work to attend to; my logic is that if I am not in a right frame of mind, I won't be able to focus. And when I can't focus, I screw up and make mistakes.

That's why I stop everything, focus on my well being and get back to work when my body and heart tells me I am ready to work.


I trust my body, it is part of me ever since I was born. I was given this vehicle, it comes with my skill, intelligence and talent. The more I bond with myself, the more trust I build, the more focus I am.

Burn out is normal. Everyone goes through it, and it's just your body's way of communicating with you.
It is also okay to feel stress, it comes and go and it is never permanent. That's the logic and truth behind it.

Most importantly, remember yourself.

*I owe you my readers, my regular Friday posts. I am now experiencing burn out too.

Friday, October 11, 2013

[Closed] Oct'13 Giveaway: Altered Idea Journal

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hola creatives! October 2013 Giveaway is here!

Featuring, an Altered Idea Journal and cover hand drawn & altered by The Artsy Craftsy.

The Idea Journal comes with blank pages ready for you to start recording your creative soulful ideas and thoughts.

Only one (1) copy up for grab!

Giveaway starts 11thOctober 2013. Ends 19th October 2013

How to Participate:

1. LIKE The Artsy Craftsy Facebook Page OR Follow blog

2. Comment WHY & WHAT you love about The Artsy Craftsy blog.
Please include your email address too. 

3. The most creative comment will be selected as winner of the giveaway

4. Only 1 winner will be selected

5. Winner will be contacted for delivery details

Have fun participating!


21 Oct 2013: Congratulations Charmaine Teo Wern Lyn, winner of T.A.C Oct'13 Giveaway Challenge

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Style: Fashion Trends that You can Rock Today

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Whenever I spot fashionable outfits on Coco Fashion, once again I am reminded about how creative the fashion industry can be. Coco Fashion has elevated the idea of fashion of today's pop culture, offering different array of outfits, tops and bottoms to suit each and everyone's individual style.

Fashion is a cycle. What was yesteryear's trend is today's trendiest fashion style. Fashion has always been an anticipation, especially among us women.

The idea of fashion is not about wearing clothes to define us; it doesn't define us. We wear clothes based on our selection, our choice of material according to our preference that makes us who we are or how special we are. In my opinion, being creative is part of fashion too. Creative-fashion unleashes your identity; it allows you to embrace your uniqueness and what you love about you. You wear who-you-are, not what-you-are.

There are numbers of outfits and styles in the fashion industry; even though 2 outfits are the same colour and style, no 2 people are the same. We may wear the same clothing, but we wear it different. Whether it is based on colours, prints, style, cutting, etc. we wear because it makes us who we are. It makes you- You.

A big part of Coco Fashion includes its assorted trends, styles and colours; it offers a large collection where you can flaunt your style in Asian-inspired fashion/Street Asian fashion.

Today, fashion trends expanded with various trends and styles that are no longer limited to certain age groups. Here are a list of fashion trends that Coco Fashion has to offer, that you cannot go wrong. And I am certain, you can rock it with:

The Aztec
Aztec prints are currently in trend. Unlike other prints such as geometric, floral, stripes, abstract, to name a few, Aztec prints is a style with an edge. The designs available at Coco Fashion certainly gives an entire wardrobe revamp!

The Asymmetric
Literally cutting-edge design, Asymmetric skirts and dresses by Coco Fashion makes day-2-night outfits possible. Slanted at the hem of your outfit isn't just for looks; asymmetric style turns it up a notch for your plain dresses or skirts without overdoing it.

The Peplum
Another day-2-night outfit, Peplum is a short, gathered at the waist and flared at the hips, the peplum by Coco Fashion has become my favourite ever since I learned how to style it with a pair of jeggings and mid-heels. I've learned that Peplum dress, skirt or blouse can be included as a must-have wardrobe essential. It can be matched with a blazer for a formal function or a scarf and sunglasses. Did I mention that the Peplum is good for looking awesome in any figure? Yes it is a must-have!

The Skater
Also a classic must-have wardrobe essential, I started realizing the good and wonderful use of skater dress when I purchased my first black sleeveless one online. I styled it up and down simple for every occasion with black vest, cropped cardigan, denim bolero, clincher and more! And matched it with every pair of shoes I have, from calf-length brown boots, high heels, flats, loafers, flip flops, to name a few. Skater dresses were once from good old days of late 50's to early 60's fashion.

The Shorts
Coco Fashion has an interesting array of Shorts. We now have high-waisted ones, another trend courtesy of fashion from the past. Shorts no longer have the reputation as casual and worn on lazy days anymore; now they come in different styles, cuttings and fabrics so that we can wear it sophisticated to casual.

The Denim
If fashion has to go another round of 360 degrees,  we all know that Denim is one trend/style that will never be removed from the cycle. Check out Coco Fashion's Denim range!

The Blazer
Like the Peplum, Blazers have become another must have in the closet. It is a piece of clothing that can styled up and down for almost every and any occasion. Coco Fashion carries a wide range of Blazers, comes in assorted colours, designs and styles to suit your every need. Roll up your sleeves to tackle a busy day or a social event, roll down your sleeves for a formal event; it is flexible!

Head on over to Coco Fashion, and make their style yours.