Thursday, June 25, 2015

Featured in: The Edge Malaysia (Why I give thanks to the smallest exposure)

Thursday, June 25, 2015
(2nd image) T.A.C Shop: Lumos Nox Harry Potter-inspired potion necklace

Last week, I was informed by my stockist, Supermart Collective, that one of my consigned items was featured on The Edge Malaysia. (Thank you Supermart Collective for the opportunity and informing us)

I was very happy, of course, because it was picked by the reporter along with other local artists' work to be showcased in their article. It was also my first feature in an English print media.

Although it was a small feature, but I was very, very happy simply because I know that at least my work is recognized.

I am not sure about some of you out there, but to me, no matter how big or small the exposure is, I am truly grateful for the recognition. I say this because as a blogger, sometimes, I approach other talented individuals in the creative community for special features, but I don't get much of a respond; perhaps in their eyes, a blogger is just a blogger. Of course, unless I have more than 20K followers on Facebook, I am sure things would be different.

When I started out in 2008, it wasn't easy for me.

The internet world is exactly like a gigantic spider web, and it was a challenge to get my blog out there. (I still am working on it)

I remember, starting with a very small network- Facebook was very new to me, plus I didn't had much friends on my list at that time. So you can imagine, I had to work very hard to gain publicity, and that meant that I jumped at every opportunity I can get to help my blog gain exposure, even if it was just a small interview by another fellow blogger.

In that experience, I learned to be humble. The little crumbs that you have, will help build up what you need to get you to where you are today.

I said to myself once, no matter how far this blog goes, I owe it all to my readers and readers who became my friends, because these are the people who supported me all the way and made the blog happened. Every little recognition goes a long way.

Similarly, two nights ago, one of my oldest niece did an online interview with me for her college paper. I was very touched at the idea that she chose to write about me, as someone in the industry. I take interviews very seriously, even if a college student wants to write about me. Reason being is because, in a big picture, whoever that reads that article could easily be a potential supporter. After all, don't we all want our work to be recognized?


Anyways, that aside, thanks to the reporter from The Edge Malaysia who noticed my merchandise, and picked it up for a feature. Not only am I thankful for including T.A.C Shop in the write up, but I am also grateful for appreciating my craft work.

Lumos Nox, from The Artsy Craftsy Shop. Only available at Supermart Collective, Sunway Pyramid

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

s o f t s r v e : Minimalist Ice Cream Parlour in Klang Valley

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

After what seemed like a long, hectic weekend, we decided to take a break, go out in the noon to find ourselves a sweet treat. We have been searching hi and low for soft served quality ice-cream and finally discovered one when Soft Srve followed me on Instagram.

In a hot sunny afternoon, to be served by Soft Srve is the best thing I could ever asked for. Especially since, as a self-employed, all I do is just work all the time. We deserve a treat! And a break of course, to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

I normally don't write about food, but after visiting this place and noticing a few things, I told myself, "okay I have to share about this!".

We truly appreciated the warm welcome from the lady over the counter (thank you very much) as she patiently explained to me every single flavour in the menu. She recommended a unique treat, Soft Srve's Oolong Tea flavoured ice cream. I know, it isn't something out of the ordinary, but because I enjoy green tea ice cream, I figured I would enjoy this just as much too. I was right!

While I selected the Oolong Tea ice cream, he chose the deep chocolate with nuts. It was just as tasty as well. 

The two servings came with a cup stacked into another cup with dry ice underneath to keep it cool. It was lovely!

If you are wondering about the ice cream, the amount given was just nice; not too much, not too little. A good amount to give you the right experience so that you don't end up feeling overwhelmed. The texture of the ice cream was smooth and glossy. It was not too sweet at all, yet at the right level, which is the perfect treat for a hot day. 

I was mostly amazed by the atmosphere and interior; though it may seem simple, but as the saying goes, "simplicity makes complex!"

Minimalist design has been fitting in quite well in the art & design trend these days. When 'Less is More', this concept leads to beautiful results.

When I set foot into the cozy ice cream parlour, I immediately recognized their style & element, and was impressed by their design direction.

How did I know?

It was easy; I noticed the neat logo and design printed on their paper cup. Secondly, it was their interior with earthly tone of light brown bench and tables, long windows for natural light to come in, and white throw pillows on the bench.

Lastly (this is the one that I was impressed the most after staring at it for 10 minutes), it was the serif typeface on their shop's signage. The lower case letters, with just the right amount of space in between followed by the next letter.

Simple, elegant, artistic and neat. And I must say, I am impressed by the name of their shop; they "broke the rule" and went beyond creative boundaries by removing the letter 'e' in the word 'serve'. Dare to be different without worrying if fellow Malaysians would asked if it is was a spelling error.

All in all, though I was only there for a quick half hour treat, I enjoyed myself, both ice cream and atmosphere.

s o f t s r v e is located in Damansara Uptown at No.31, SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Meet Creative: Jean Lynn Chang of Hidden Rainbow

Sunday, June 21, 2015

One of my favourite part about my blogging experience is that I get to feature up and coming talented people from the creative scene. It isn't always easy to approach them about being featured in the blog, because not all of them are open to being interviewed or would respond to my request. So, when humble artists like Jean Lynn herself said yes to being featured, I am truly, truly honoured and grateful.

Being able to feature these talents is like being able to share "goodness" with the world. I started the interview section on the blog because I wanted to provide another form of inspiration for readers through the talents that I interview. I believe everyone is an inspiration; and you definitely don't have to be some kind of superstar or a guinness book of world records person to inspire others. Our lives and who we are, are some kind of inspiration too in our own way.

Jean Lynn is a remarkable young lady. I admire her humble spirit, and she is incredibly passionate when it comes to art. She creates beautiful paintings; one of my favourites, of course, was a Facebook photo cover for The Artsy Craftsy (below). Until today, I am forever grateful for her submission during my 2-week canvas project. Thank you, Jean Lynn.

The Artsy Craftsy Facebook photo cover by Jean Lynn Chang

Jean Lynn paints under the name Hidden Rainbow, and her paintings are magical. Her technique is unique, pastel like with a mixture of whimsical style. "The girl from Rainbowland!," described Jean Lynn about herself.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Links: Facebook | Instagram: @jlynnppg | Deviant Art


1. What is your day-to-day like as a creative person? How do you juggle your tasks, projects and personal life?

I work at a cafe as a barista/waitress during the day. Then, I sleep in the evenings, and i paint/draw at night. I will take a day off or two from the cafe whenever I have projects or commissions to focus on.

2. All creative people have their own toolbox. What’s in yours and what are your favourite tools?

In my painting bag, i have different kinds of paint brushes and different kinds of color materials. The flat paint brush is my favourite; it is my lucky paint brush, or a mini broom for eraser.

3. Fill in the blanks and complete this sentence: "Whenever I am creating ____, I am ____."

Whenever I am creating craft works, I am literally a rubbish collector."

4. Describe your creative work with just 3 words:

Cheerful, sometimes gloomy.

5. They say creative people are eccentric. Sometimes they are called “weird”; so, how weird can you get?

Sometimes, my logic is kinda off; sometimes, I make perfect sense to me, but to most people, I don't seem to make any sense at all. Often I get told to "go back to my Rainbowland"; that's how it became my description, 'the girl from Rainbowland'. haha!
6. Name your top 3 favourite books for ideas:

Art books (aimated movies/games), craft books and magazines.

7. Music mixes are awesome! What’s your music playlist when you are creating & making art?

Slow contemporary /soothing songs  usually calm me down and help me concentrate on my work. (I usually can't seem to sit still and think too much) 

8. How do you organize your creative ideas & inspirations for reference?

I snap photos and save in my phone or computer. But if it is interesting cutouts from newspaper/ magazine or anywhere; i will stick on the board.

9. What is your favourite place to go to for inspirations?

Tumblr; I like browsing poems, quotes and pretty photos

10. I SPY with my little eye:  Who’s your favourite creative person (artist/crafter/baker, etc.)?

Geninne! She is an artist living in New Mexico. I want to be like her someday. 

11. If you didn’t discover this creative interest, what would Life be for you?

I don't know. I think this is all i have now.

12. How your has your creative passion inspire you?

Be a person who stand up for herself and hold her dream a little more tighter.

13. What was the most difficult part of running a creative biz?

Amazing artists are everywhere now. So, standing out is something i’m still figuring out now. And i’m still not confident enough to sell my artworks.

14. What sort of lessons have you learned from this creative experience?

Even though it's nice to be paid to do what I like to do, but sometimes is not all rainbow n sunshine. Sometimes, clients would insist to do it their way. I’m still learning how to compromise with client's requests without clashing with my art style and what I believe in.

15. What is your Kung Fu style to fight creative blockages?

If i’m in hyper mood : I scrub toilet or organize my stuffs or go out.

If i’m in lazy mood : I just sleep, or watch YouTube videos, movies or drama series. (sometimes, I have the urge to create fan arts too)

16. Give the readers some love! Do you have any tips, advice or words of wisdom?

I would like to share my favourite quote:

“If you want something really bad enough, you just have to keep thinking how badly you want it, and work towards it. One step at a time. Slowly but surely."

17. Daydream mode ON! How do you visualize yourself 5 years from now?

A full-time painter or illustrator, painting on bigger walls, and living in a small town with her animal friends.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Go See: Object for (M) Market @ Awe Gallery

Thursday, June 18, 2015

In one of my previous posts, I blogged about my hoarding experience at a vintage sale called LELONG by Boktjuv at Awe Gallery, Taman Paramount.

I also shared some pictures of the items that I have bagged. One of my favourites was this (I insist, in case you cannot remember):

Stamps from previous pop up market, LELONG
Because the event was such a success, Boktjuv and Awe Gallery / Awesome Canteen are now back again with another round of pop-up market experience; except this time, it is called OBJECT FOR (M) Market, to cater to the men in the community in conjunction of Father's Day, and also Boktjuv's 4th year anniversary.

Of course, women are welcome too. You will never know, sometimes us ladies may find a thing or two that are appealing.

Jokes aside; what better way to have a pre-celebration, it is the weekend after all.  Pop by Object for (M) Market this weekend, and see what they have to offer.

Object for (M) Market
Date: 20th June 2015
Time: 12pm till late
Venue: Awe Gallery, Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya (Next to Awesome Canteen)

PS. Go early and try the food at Awesome Canteen or Prologue

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Creative Collaboration with

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
My first corporate collaboration

It is the 17th day of my journey into the road of entrepreneurship.

I have been learning on the job as well; more importantly, learning how to manage my schedule and job tasks.

It has been an interesting experience because people have been telling me that The Artsy Craftsy, is the first creative lifestyle blog that they have come across in Malaysia.

I am flattered because I have envisioned blog's direction 7 years ago, and who would've thought that I am finally here, doing it.


To celebrate this vision, I am glad to announce about my recent collaboration with , a local art online store that offers a wide range of art supply.

YellowBee and I have been working on this collaboration since our first meeting last year. I used to wish that if only I could kick off this collab earlier, but I guess everything happened for a reason. This is the best time for me to make this long term project with YellowBee into a reality.

For years I have been visiting the art supply stores in shopping malls, but I am a person who prefers convenience; most of the time, I had to "find time" to visit the store just to get my art materials, but usually just end up procrastinating cos it is either too far or the traffic is bad. I am sure most of you know what I am talking about. You can imagine how happy I was when I heard that has set up online to make art shopping easier.

Besides offering an affordable range of art materials (may I remind you, convenience too), you are also entitled to collect points while you shop. Also, if you follow my blog and/or my Facebook fan page closely, you might just earn yourself a discount code or two. Just saying.

In conjunction of our creative collaboration, I am also giving out FREE 500 POINTS EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE ARTSY CRAFTSY'S READERS ONLY!

How to get the 500 points? Very easy. I am giving it away on my Facebook fan page. All you need to do is leave a comment with your FULL NAME and EMAIL, and wait for an email to be sent to you.

GREAT NEWS! is The Artsy Craftsy's preferred art supply online store. Shop online, collect points & get...
Posted by The Artsy Craftsy Blog on Tuesday, 16 June 2015

After that, you are free to shop all you want and redeem your points.

Before I sign off, let me tell you what are my two favourite art materials from YellowBee:

1. Watercolour
[click on image]

2. Calligraphy Pen
[click on image]

Have a happy artsy shopping!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Creative Weekend at Harmony Pastel Art Workshop

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I owe you guys an apology for not being blogging often for the past few months. Blogging isn't as easy as just posting up photos and writing. As a blogger, in order for me to maintain a certain quality and standard, I look into content and photos as well. Which is why it isn't easy maintaining a blog. So much happened to me lately, and for the past few months, although I was very active sharing on my Facebook page, I really have missed out so much in blogging. So, let me catch up with you by sharing what has been happening with me lately.

I haven't been to a workshop for a long time; lucky me, I had a chance to attend a pastel art workshop last 2 months at a local new age centre called Angels House Malaysia.

Angels House Malaysia in SS15, Subang Jaya

There's a little story behind this workshop actually. About 3 - 4 years ago, I took up a certificate course in colour therapy with a local creative life coach. I am a follower of my coach's blog as well and one day, I saw one of her posts on pastel art workshop conducted by a teacher from Japan. It is a rare opportunity to be able to learn this particular pastel art technique in Malaysia, of course I have already missed my chance.

Fast forward to March 2015- this opportunity finally came along my way! Immediately registered myself just for the experience.

The class was conducted by pastel art teacher, artist and guardian angel clairvoyant & healer, Sarana Khoo. In fact, she was one of the students and classmate of my coach who attended the course years ago. What a small world indeed!

So, I learned that the name 'Harmony Pastel Art' isn't just a pretty a name. It is derived from the Japanese word 'Nagomi', which translates 'Harmony'.

Harmony Pastel Art is a very popular technique in Japan. It was founded to beat the high stress level in Japan. This particular pastel art technique uses fingers mostly for blending purposes. I also learned that, when using your hands to create art, there is a much more stronger connection between you and the colours, including your inner self and the art that you are expressing yourself in.

In my own experience, I have used pastel before to paint but I knew very little about it. Attending this session was an eye opening experience and very therapeutic indeed.

I learned the difference a long pastel and a short pastel. I also learned how to create foundation using light colours, followed by techniques like scraping and blending.

Before we start on our first artwork, we did a little meditation and creative visualization. The meditation helped us to be centered before we start painting. The first artwork that we did was a heart chakra visualization. It was a beautiful experience, because I was painting my heart. I am familiar with this method actually, because I have learned it in colour therapy. But I felt good being able to do it again.

Painted my heart- it is called 'Transition'
Few things that I learned:

1. Remember to breathe and be in touch with my heart
2. Drawing a circle symbolizes harmony and unity. I am creating harmony within me.
3. Painting helps me realize my own 'heart' messages.
4. Through art, it helps me externalized my heart messages.
5. Be aware and notice the emotions, feelings and thoughts that arises.

Here's a collage picture of teacher Sarana demonstrating the second artwork. We learned how to paint a scenery: Trees on a hill.

My trees on a hill. I called it 'Silence'
Teacher Sarana is also a talented artist. Most of her work are magical and spiritual. She has clients from countries like Taiwan who personally requested her to paint them their guardian angels.

Although it was only ONE session, that weekend changed my life completely. It was like a personal reminder from the universe, to remind me never stop making art no matter how busy I am.

"Art is the way of life, creativity is the soul." Namaste~

Monday, June 8, 2015

Meet Creative: Shirleen Jeweliciouss

Monday, June 8, 2015

It is already the month of June in year 2015; I am amazed by how time flies and finally, it is a new chapter for The Artsy Craftsy because I have decided to go pro with my blog.

To begin this new journey, I would like to start the month by introducing you to Shirleen Thoo- a Jewellery Designer of Shirleen Jeweliciouss, all the way from the pearl of the orient.

I love Penang because it is another quick getaway besides travelling to other holiday hotspots. Penang is just as therapeutic and magical as any other islands, and Georgetown itself is famous for its creative exposure- which is why there are so many emerging creative people, just like Shirleen herself. Fantastic!

Besides being a jewellery making enthusiast, Shirleen is also an active blogger for a blog called 'Crisp of Life', whom she shares with her other half, mainly blogging about food and travel. Shirleen also enjoys photography, mostly animal & street photography. Read on to find out how this engineer, blogger and crafter maintain a balanced creative lifetsyle. Enjoy!

Name: Shirleen Thoo
Location: Penang, Malaysia


1. What is your day-to-day like as a creative person? How do you juggle your tasks, projects and personal life?

I spend most of my time during weekday working as an Engineer. After I get home, I will work on my jewellery site, updating my social media and remaking jewellery for orders. I enjoy weekends the most as I have the full day to focus on designing more jewelleries to share with you all.

2. All creative people have their own toolbox. What’s in yours and what are your favourite tools?

My toolbox is filled with pliers, chains, cords, charms, and beads. My favourite tools would be gemstones, crystals and pearls.

3. Fill in the blanks and complete this sentence: "Whenever I am _________, I am _________."

“Whenever I am creating jewelry I am a happy girl”

4. Describe your creative work with just 3 words:
Glamour, romance, definitive

5. They say creative people are eccentric. Sometimes are called “weird”; so, how weird can you get?

I guess my weirdness would be I love to play mix and match, jewellery stacking with my handmade jewellery and my outfit. Then, I force my boyfriend to help me capture AOTD (accessories-of-the-day). Of course, it is then shared on Shirleen Jeweliciouss’s Facebook page and instagram.

6. Name your top 3 favourite books for ideas:

I don’t have favourite books but I usually grab ideas from Magazines, Pinterest and Etsy site.

7. Music mixes are awesome! What’s your music playlist when you are creating & making art?

I usually have some pop music played, mostly sentimental and soft music which makes me feel calm but emotionally in a good way.

8. How do you organize your creative ideas & inspirations for reference?

I don’t have specific ways in organizing my ideas, I let it flow freely. I always keep it in mind when something interesting caught my attention. That something could be anything from my surrounding or what happens in my life.

9. What is your favourite place to go to for inspirations?

Fashion, accessories, bazaar and decorative stall. I need to be surrounded by pretty stuff to inspire me to create more beautiful trinkets.

10. I SPY with my little eye:  Who’s your favourite creative person (artist/crafter/baker, etc.)?

Chen Ji Dong, the photographer behind Sexy Trend.

11. If you didn’t discover this creative interest, what would Life be for you?

I would be living without the courage to explore what is beyond.

12. How has your creative passion inspired you?

My creative passion inspired me to explore more possibilities and have faith in what I love to do.

13. What was the most difficult part of running a creative biz?

The difficulties is that I am a one-man-show in the business. I have to stay creative in designing, work on jewelry remaking, pick up photography, photo editing skills, handle marketing & customer service and engaging in social medias.

14. What sort of lessons have you learned from this creative experience?

It is not easy to start design and get people to accept my designs. It takes time to build up your confidence which then convince the customer that my jewellery is worth the investment to enhance their outfit. Just be clear on my goals, don’t give up easily and work on achieving my goal although it may take years.

15. What is your Kung Fu style to fight creative blockages?

I usually let myself take a break. For instance, enjoying a cup of hot coffee, read some non-jewellery related books and play with my dogs. Just pull myself out and do something else to free my mind.

“Trust your taste, accessorize your style”

16. Give the readers some love! Do you have any tips, advice or words of wisdom?

Be positive, be patient and trust your instinct. Always believe in yourself that you can make a difference. Just like my Shirleen Jeweliciouss tagline “Trust your taste, accessorize your style”

17. Daydream mode ON! How do you visualize yourself 5 years from now?

I would be a very successful and inspiring jewellery crafter, running events providing jewellery customizing services and opening classes. Most importantly, being the top pick of choice when people are looking for jewellery to match their daily or evening outfit.