Friday, March 27, 2015

Mixed Media: Artful Gathering Workshop with Altered Alchemy

Friday, March 27, 2015

Today is a special day. It is a special day because I am inspired by the word: Inspiration. 

Inspiration is important. It is what influences your work, and that is how and where you find your edge as an artist and what makes your work special.

I was inspired by a video made by Luthien Thye, an independent Mixed Media Artist of Altered Alchemy.

I was tickled by the intro of the eccentric video, and I cannot help but laugh at Luthien's quirkiness when she shared what inspires her, and what influenced her art style.

I am a big fan of Luthien’s work. I had a chance to feature Luthien in an interview blog post before this; it was such an honor because I was already admiring her work since I got to know about her few years back. So, you can imagine my joy to have Luthien allow me to share her video on the blog.

This video is a promo video made by Luthien for the Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat 2015: FLYAWAY WITH ME Workshop. Even though it is a self-made video, but I got to give it two thumbs up because Luthien and her family did a wonderful job filming it. Not to forget, Luthien’s acting, she’s a naturale!

The FLYAWAY WITH ME Workshop is now open for registration at . It will be an exciting session, because if you click HERE to read about Luthien and view her fine craft work, I guarantee you that you will be eager to sign up. 

P/S: By the way, Luthien, I spotted a huge piece of amethyst on your table. =) Brought back childhood memories.

Visit Altered Alchemy at Facebook and Blog

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Homegrown Pioneer Graffiti Crew Produces Klang Valley's Biggest Indoor Wall Art

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

(Firstly I have to apologize for this long overdue post event announcement. When you only have 1 body, 1 brain, 2 hands and you need to work on 2 projects; blog and shop, well, you gotta do, what you gotta do. But all in all, I am glad that I am able to finally share this awesome news!)

(L to R) : Brunsfield General Manager, Felix Ng, CEO of Brunsfield, Amir Salleh, Emy of Medium Touch and Christine Ngh of Bumblebee Consultancy 
I had the chance to witness the unveiling of the Klang Valley's biggest indoor mural wall art few weekends back at the Sime Darby Oasis Gallery, located at Ara Damansara. It was an astounding work of art, plus this is my first time being up close to such a huge wall art.

Well, technically my first was in Penang where heritage buildings are covered with artworks done by the famous Ernest Zacharevic. Although, I also personally think that the wall arts in Penang and the one in Oasis Gallery is different, or rather I'd prefer to think that it is different because the biggest indoor wall art in Klang Valley was actually done by a team of homegrown pioneer graffiti artists called Medium Touch. And I MIGHTY proud of our local artists that's for sure! We need more creative talents in this day of age!

In Malaysia, we have or own share of graffiti art around town; truth be told, most graffiti wall artworks are usually spotted at the most unsophisticated places like alley ways, or back of the shop lots... if you are lucky you might come across really impressive ones. At one time, the creative community in Malaysia wasn't quite a hit because the wave was all about business, accountancy, IT or medicine. However, as I watched the scene grow in the hearts of the nation, I am glad that we are finally catching up. Which brings us back to Ara Damansara Oasis Gallery's indoor wall art.

While Emy a.k.a Medea Projekt, one of the artists of Medium Touch officiates with a sign off on the wall painting (representing his team by the way), my eyes scanned through the painting that covered not just one, but TWO walls. I was awed by it! The painting has a story, consist of different elements and images, of what seemed like a time travel concept.

I was also told that Medium Touch has their own unique art style; as you can see, it does look like a painting, compared to the graffiti style that we are mostly familiar with. Mind you, it is done with graffiti technique, but it looks like it was painted with acrylic or water colour. The art is sophisticated!

For photo taking, you can play pretend with the rope.
Of course, there was a story behind it; the idea was to portray the established company Sime Darby's changes and transformation throughout the years, from past to present and future. At the same time, culture elements were included as well as a representation of Malaysia's multi-cultural image.

Meeting with Amir Salleh, CEO of Brunsfield Sime Darby was an honor; I get to share about The Artsy Craftsy Blog and how it can benefit individuals in Malaysia, and he was explaining to me as well, why Sime Darby engaged with local graffiti professionals to paint the walls of Oasis Gallery.

According to Mr. Amir Salleh, he said that Sime Darby aimed to attract the younger generation to invest in their first home, which is the reason why they have invited Medium Touch crew to beautify the walls, to appeal to the younger people. "Times have changed. Today, we have young people investing in properties," We need to roll with the changes, that's for sure, and I have to thank Sime Darby for incorporating creativity as part of their selling point; I am glad to see our nation supporting the creative community.

During the unveiling, there were several other activities going on too such as, Sugar Painting (very interesting, it was my first time seeing someone painting with melted sugar), Oriental Hand Fan competition for kids, Lion Dance (in conjunction of Chinese New Year) and more.

The event went on for 2 days, attracting the public to drop by and check out the latest property launch of the year at the Oasis Gallery.

If you are curious about Klang Valley's biggest indoor wall art, then head on over to Oasis Gallery, Ara Damansara (along the high way to Citta Mall). Take photos and share it with your friends!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Meet Creative: Ling of Tiny Pinc

Sunday, March 22, 2015

When I was a kid (I say that a lot, don't I?) ... anyways, when I was a kid, I had this fascination for doll houses. I loved my 'Polly Pockets' and my 'Little Petshops' toys (90's babies would know this for sure). Anything that was small and cute took my breath away!

Then as I grew older, I realized my interest for miniatures lingered around and then I moved on to fairy figurines, more doll house furniture etc. All that led me to clay making; and then I discovered figurine making and jewellery making with clay and was awed by the art! One time, I tried clay making, but I guess it wasn't my thing. But I still appreciate miniatures and started working with bottles, collecting anything that was tiny, or look as if a tiny fairy or a tiny human can use it.

I salute clay artists like Ling from TinyPinc who have the patience to create miniatures. One of her most popular creations is the Baby Groot, a character from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy (a hilarious movie by the way, please watch if you haven't). I am a big fan of her work, and decided to feature her. An eccentric person with a good a sense of humour, her craft work reflects her personality. You will enjoy reading her little quirky answers, and while you are at it, find out what inspires her!

Name: Ling Hooi Yin
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Links: Facebook | Etsy


1. What is your day-to-day like as a creative person? How do you juggle your tasks, projects and personal life?

Nothing special....Everyday I would just get to Pinterest and Google to search up for inspirations,  pictures of real food to see what’s next that I can sculpt..

I usually make my miniatures in the morning, and night. My working time is quite irregular... When I don’t feel the “kick” to make miniatures, I would take the day off researching or designing and producing my packaging instead hehe.

2. All creative people have their own toolbox. What’s in yours and what are your favourite tools?

Since I have to deal with small things all the time... I couldn’t be using my fingers for everything kan..

I have Tons of tools in my toolbox. Most of them are something like needle heads, used to pick up small clays and texturing.

3. Fill in the blanks and complete this sentence:

“Whenever I am creating miniatures, I am literally breaking my neck and back :p ”

4. Describe your creative work with just 3 words:

Small, fun, cute :D

5. They say creative people are eccentric. Sometimes are called “weird”; so, how weird can you get?

Yes I can get really weird. I still hate everything I make. I think they don’t look good enough all the time. It’s just a way to motivate myself to make better stuffs I guess!

6. Name your top 3 favourite books for ideas:

Recipe cooking Book, Recipe cooking Book, Recipe cooking Book!
I like reading cooking books for their visuals, and how food is made :)

7. Music mixes are awesome! What’s your music playlist when you are creating & making art?

Definitely JAZZ and Indie Songs :)

8. How do you organize your creative ideas & inspirations for reference?


9. What is your favourite place to go to for inspirations?

Google! It’s like an endless search! Sometimes it can take me a Whole day!

10. I SPY with my little eye:  Who’s your favourite creative person (artist/crafter/baker, etc.)?

Petiteplat! She’s one of the best french miniature artist I’ve known :)

11. If you didn't discover this creative interest, what would Life be for you?

It would be Bad. This is more like a therapeutic session during my college days on the weekends :)

12. How your creative passion inspires you?

I think it helped to make me a better person.
It helped me see the the world in a whole new perspective. :)

13. What was the most difficult part of running a creative biz?

The most difficult part was engaging with Malaysian consumers.

I would say it’s like the most difficult thing ever.

Malaysians are known to be “kiamsiap” and thanks to our economy it wasn't easy to sell our handmade goods.

“Why so expensive ah?”

“So small, why so pricey?”

“How you do this ah? I think I can do better than you leh!”

Right, these are what I heard the most in Art Markets /Feedbacks online.

Most of the Malaysians don’t really know how to appreciate handmade goods, maybe it’s the way we were brought up in this country I guess.

That’s the reason why I focused more on Etsy reaching out for Western country consumers... They understand how difficult and long it takes to make a miniature, and they really thank you for making the miniatures you make!


14. What sort of lessons have you learned from this creative experience?

“Don’t stop, believing!”

Practice practice practice! Keep making more stuffs and get inspired all the time :)

15. What is your Kung Fu style to fight creative blockages?

“HAIYAKK” *work those fingers baby*

More research online!

Well sometimes it doesn't really work, I’ll just walk in shopping malls and lookout for cute stuffs :)

16. Give the readers some love! Do you have any tips, advice or words of wisdom?


You may have some crazy ideas / plans...You will never know if an idea works out until you try em out. So just give it a try! No harm :D

17. Daydream mode ON! How do you visualize yourself 5 years from now?

Still making miniatures :D

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Book Pouch Customized by Midnight Seamstress

Sunday, March 8, 2015

When I was a kid, one of my favorite past times was reading and doodling.

Everywhere I went, I used to carry a storybook or a sketchbook with me like a security blanket. Not that it makes me feel secure, haha, but as a kid, I had a strong imagination. Whenever I am out with the adults, storybooks are my bestest friends, and it would often take me away into another realm. Sketchbooks on the other hand allow me to express myself; another companion especially when I want to document what I've seen or observed. From the stories that I've read, I used to create my own stories in my sketchbooks. These two often go hand in hand.

I personally think that this is a healthy practice for kids; my mother, who is a big fan of creativity herself, encourage me to read and draw. Now that I am older, it has nurtured my love for the arts and literature. I pretty much do the same now; whether I am travelling or going to work, I always make sure that I bring along my two most important things (among the other essentials of course)...

Everyday, I carry two bags with me to work; a carry on, and my handbag. My carry-on is pretty much stuffed with all kinds of junk in it like my make up, organizer, sometimes food, and the other essentials. Whenever I include my storybook and sketchbook, I end up ruining the pages. And yes, not to forget my assorted markers and pens too. It is pretty frustrating, especially when you are a meticulous person like me.

So, recently I discovered Midnight Seamstress- a homegrown crafter that specializes in customizing bags and pouches, with fresh and clean designs. I admire its style; it is chic, modern and not at all "too much".

I had my dilemma solved when I requested for a customization by Midnight Seamstress. I worked closely with Yee Sien, the genius behind it, and finally came up with the cutest Book Pouch, an excellent creation by Midnight Seamstress.

The Book Pouch has its own uniqueness. Here's what I think:

Travelling or being on-the-go has become so easy for me to bring along my storybook and sketchbook, and yes, including my precious markers and pens.

I can fit in two books, plus, the pouch comes with individual pen slots that allows me to organize my art markers and separate it from my stationary for general use.

I am thinking, I can even bring along my travel-size watercolour kit and my waterbrush whenever I travel!

The book pouch is made with perfection and intricate finishing.

It comes with a back pocket just in case to keep extra things like paper clips, scissors, glue and such. It is just nice for me to do my travel art journalling.

And guess what, I even found another use for the book pouch! Not just for books and stationary at all:

Because of its size, I managed to fit in my huge mobile phone, a purse and a mini A5 size organizer! It was very convenient for me to carry, especially during my lunch break at work.

I don't usually like carrying my handbag with me, so this is just perfect! Who would've thought that a book pouch can be used for many things as well!

Each of Midnight Seamstress's creation is made with perfection. Prices range from RM60 - RM400 depending what you are looking for. Creations available at Midnight Seamstress varies from pouches, to bags or handbags. 

There are other creations too such as colourful zip pouches to protect hard disks, medium totes for travelling or outings (I am thinking picnic), passport holders (very chic by the way), even tab sleeve for iPad users which is very stylish, and so much more for lifestyle convenience.

Here's my personal review: I am crazy about bags, and I think that I can never get enough of bags no matter what the sizes are. Bags are wardrobe essentials and it is not only because it's fashion, but an organizer. I personally love Midnight Seamstress's service because I can plan, design and request how I want my "organizer" to be.

For those of you who are looking for customization, head on over to Midnight Seamstress.

Midnight Seamstress is on Facebook and was previously featured on The Artsy Craftsy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Read: The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo - A Novel by F.G. Haghenbeck

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo, purchased from Texteca

The lovely Frida Kahlo is one of my favourite artists.

I collect almost everything related to her, mostly books because I get to see her paintings and read about her.

One of my latest addition to my Frida collection is 'The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo'. I was attracted to the word 'secret', as I always felt that Frida's life was full of mystery, passion and magick.

To me, an artist isn't just a person who paints and recreate impressions onto the canvas.

To me, an artist is a person who believes in life's magick, and that the mysteries of life is what makes our lives an adventure. Whether it is pain or pleasure, an artist embraces life as it is, and discover his or her own inspiration (magickal powers) through experiences.

This is how I view Frida. She lived a magickal life, just like her Art.

F.G. Haghenbeck was able to tell her story, in a very unique way.


When several notebooks were recently discovered among Frida Kahlo's belongings at her home in Coyoacan, Mexico City, acclaimed Mexican novelist F.G. Haghenbeck was inspired to write this beautifully wrought fictional account of her life. The author imagines that, after Frida nearly died when a streetcar's iron handrail pierced her abdomen during a traffic accident, she received one of the notebooks as a gift from her love Tina Modotti. Frida called the notebook 'The Hierba Santa Book' (The Sacred Herbs book) and filled it with memor ies, ideas and recipes.

Haghenbeck takes readers on a magical ride through Frida's passionate life; her long and tumultuos relationship with Diego Rivera, the development of her art, her complex personality, her hunger for experience and her ardent feminism. This stunning narrative also details her remarkable relationships with Georgia O'Keefe, Leon Trotsky, Nelson Rockfeller, Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, Henry Miller and Salvador Dali. Combining rich, luscious prose with recipes from 'The Hierba Santa Book', Haghenbeck tells the extraordinary story of a woman whose life was as stunning a creation as her art. (source: GoodReads)


The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo can be purchased from online vendor TEXTECA. Enquire or place your order today.