Friday, June 28, 2013

Carousell Mobile App

Friday, June 28, 2013

When the creators of Carousell approached me to do a review, I was excited because I practice shopping online, shopping secondhand/preloved goods and selling my items (both preloved and brand new) too. Therefore, it was such an honor to be able to do a blog post about an app that meet my requirements.

Carousell is a FREE mobile application that allows you to SELL and BUY preloved or brand new goods. 

Carousell allows you to list your items through your phone and with just a click away, your items are immediately on sale for other buyers. You don't need to go through the hassle of taking a photo with your camera/phone, then plug in the USB, then load it up on the website. 

NOW with Carousell it is all very FAST & SIMPLE! Don't we all want that?

Downloading Carousell
Carousell app is available both on Google Play and App Store. You can download it on the website OR use your Android/iPhone to do it. It is very fast. Carousell App allows you to create an account with your email address OR Facebook account. 


There are various categories to shop from and list your items under, ranging from home, books, design & craft (I know crafters would love this), vintage items, including games & toys, sporting gears and even tickets! If you are seller, it is important for you to categorize your items correctly in order for your buyers to view your items. There is a refresh button above for you to refresh for new items that are being updated from time to time. You can also browse around, click on the activity, and most importantly your profile page.

If you are more of a buyer rather than a seller, you can still create an account on Carousell to keep track of bargains that you are looking for. Otherwise, create an account for both purpose- sell and buy! That's what I do. Creating an account is simple, make sure that you use a clearer photo of yourself so that your buyer/seller will know who you are- this is to create trust. Carousell app has a couple of additional features that allows you to keep track of your listings, number of followers, people you are following, favourite things otherwise known as wishlist, and most of all offers you have made, so that you don't lose track of bargains and purchases you have made with a seller.

Selling on Carousell

Listing your item on Carousell is easy. The 'SELL' button is directly above on the right hand corner for easy access. It allows you to take new photo or select an existing photo. It will immediately direct you to key in your details, starting off by item name and description. Another thumbs up feature is location- not just where you are located, but the place you are okay with COD (Cash on delivery method). 

As soon as you are done with your details, it directs you to submit your photos, allowing you to take several photos in one listing. You can opt to have different angles at 4 shots at the most.

Carousell App allows you to categorize your item and share it. It also allows you to share it on Facebook or Twitter, giving you the opportunity to share your new updates with your friends, to drive traffic to your Carousell profile page.

Once you have already listed an item, Carousell automatically creates a little web page/link online for you. You can see mine here.

Carousell App is not complicated at all. The app is simple, direct and fast. It is hassle-free and the developers are efficient when it comes to bug-fixing. Here are some of my take on Carousell App and hopefully you can try it out yourself.

Benefits of Carousell Mobile App
- Allow your goods to be put to good use by another owner
- Go ECO swapping
- Go thrifty by shopping from another user
- Assorted preloved/secondhand goods such as CD's, books and more instead of overspending
- Keep track of your favourite seller/buyer and create a network with them
- Meeting others that share same fashion taste as you for future-swapping or shopping
- MOST IMPORTANTLY! Snowball your cash and raise funds!

turn goods into money

What else can you use Carousell for?
- Sell your handmade crafts; accessories, jewelry, bags, apparels, trinkets, keepsakes, etc.
- Promote your handmade items
- If you are an aspiring fashion designer, why not? it is a good place to start

Carousell is NOT FOR
- Selling unusable trash, that means things that are already broken or destroyed
- Spamming, trolling, stalking

Give it a try and download Carousell! Or add me: @theartsycraftsy

For more details: About Carousell | Contact Carousell

*Information provided by Carousell team
* All photos are snapshots from my phone except the last image entitled: Turn goods into money
* Turn goods into money image is only for illustration purpose
* Snapshots of Carousell interfact has been edited to meet blog post requirements

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My soul dances with watercolor

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Watercolour on paper

I used to think that painting with watercolor was difficult. I felt that I was not in control of my brush, and everytime I paint, I kept worrying if I was doing it right. But then I soon realized, there was nothing wrong with my own technique because the only difficulties I was having was the one I give myself all the time. Painting with watercolor is not only fun but therapeutic. The soft flow of the paint and vivid colours naturally relaxes a person.



Sometimes I tend to forget that I have my Self. In this massively huge world, I am just one small particle too like anybody else. Why do I forget? You might ask. Well, because everyday, we live our lives based on the outer world and social norm. And sometimes we tend to forget to reflect within ourselves and ask ourselves: "What do I want?" Sometimes we forget...but it is okay, because out of that forgetfulness, there is memory that everything in this world is a projection of us. I may not be a blogger of the year at the recent challenge, I may not have the highest Youtube views or the most likes on my Facebook page; my aim is not fame. But I know my aim, my aim is me. And these are the reasons why I love my Self and I enjoy every minute of being Me. Like my name, I am this Lotus- standing tall, still so beautiful, still strong, under the hot mid noon sun. I am Love.

That can be a gentle reminder.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A chance for you to Design For Good

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's the second announcement I am making on my blog- but it's okay because this is my way of giving back to the creative community. When the organizers of the Tetra pak eco design competition approached me to blast this on my blog, I was grateful for the opportunity to be the one doing it.

I present you readers, the Design for Good competition. Here's your chance to showcase your creativity and imagination by upcycling or recycling goods. Show how you can give your objects a chance to be reused again!

Held for the second time, this competition aim to encourage development in eco-entrepreneurship and positive growth in community! According to the organizers, this competition is in search of winning design work(s) for a charitable cause; design works will be donated to the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled for Commercialization as an additional fundraising tool in aid of their operations. Furthermore, the residents of the foundation will be empowered and taught creative technical skills and marketing to commercially reproduce upcycled designs for sale. In a big picture, this competition benefits the environment and society.

The Best Part!
  • RM14,000 cash prize up for grabs!
  • Titles to be won by your good-self and your craft!
  • Top 20 shortlisted designs will be part of the Finalist Exhibition at Publika, Mont' Kiara, Malaysia
  • Top 10 finalists will get a chance to attend an exclusive 'MAKE IT GOOD' design workshop to learn how to perfect and refine their designs!

Competition is from 10th June 2013 - 6th September 2013

TAKE NOTE! You don't have to be a professional artist, crafter or designer to participate in this. 
All you need is passion to get your creative juice pumpin' and get crackin' on the design. Join for the FUN and join for the LOVE; Go ECO with your design creations!

To join this contest, submit your entries via Tetra Pak's Facebook app HERE
Read more about the competition by visiting website , click here for competition process, read here to learn how to submit

More questions? Leave a message at

Can't wait to see your amazing design work, creatives!

*Information courtesy of Tetra Pak
*E-poster/Image provided by Tetra Pak

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now Sale on Etsy

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey creatives! I am doing this announcement for a good friend of mine, Sonia of Styles of Sonia, who is an amazing crafter and Jewelry Designer. Her designs are exquisite, stylish and magical with a tinge of Bohemian  style in it.

Styles of Sonia's exclusive handmade jewelry label- Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is having an ETSY SALE exclusively on Styles of Sonia Etsy page.

Etsy customers can now enjoy a 15% discount* with a total purchase of USD35.00 and above (approximately RM100).

To enjoy this discount, all you need to do is key in Coupon Code: SOSENDJUNESPECIAL when you check-out on your purchase.

Hurry! Promotion ends 30th June 2013!

For more information, inquire at Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now FB Page

About Sonia:
Sonia is a businesswoman, mother and a loving wife to her soulmate/biz-partner Fabian. She is also the Jewelry Designer for her jewelry label Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now.

Her designs are eclectic, stylish with a mixture of bohemian element. Sonia was also featured on Malaysia's popular talk show Bella on local channel NTV7, and was seen on Malaysia's prominent newspapers like New Straits Times and The Star for her upcycle jewelry CD collection. Last but not least, she was also featured here on The Artsy Craftsy. Visit |

*15% Discount is only applicable for ETSY customers and/or purchases made via ETSY Styles of Sonia page
**All info was provided by Sonia of Styles of Sonia
***Banner design was designed to meet blog post requirements

Friday, June 21, 2013

Style with Silk Dress, Fabric Painted

Friday, June 21, 2013
Silk dress with fabric painting

I was always eager to design the next pattern/dress design for my client, a couture house owner, who wanted to transform my paintings into dresses. I will always love the art of fabric painting. Check out one of my designs from my collection of fabric painted dresses- element of abstract, with vivid colours  incorporated into a flowy Shantung Silk dress

Monday, June 17, 2013

Revitalizing Yoga Art: Eliza Lynn Tobin, Artist

Monday, June 17, 2013
Blossom Heart
the Gift
Bright Light
Eliza Lynn and her gorgeous baby!

Just like my previous post about my favourite artist and author, Eliza Lynn Tobin is another favourite artist of mine too. I have been following her blog for 2 years now ever since I found intuitive painting and yoga a form of self-expression.

I was mesmerized with these artworks; I remember the first time I came across these exact ones in Eliza's blog and was astounded by its colours, images and words expressed through illustrations of Yoga poses. It makes you want to do these poses.

Eliza, like the other artists I know and love, was very generous and nice to share her art pieces with me to feature on the blog. I told her that my purpose in sharing these art picks is to inspire my readers, she immediately sent me her pieces in her next reply. If you would like to buy her art pieces, you can find it here or work with her here.

Yoga always reminded me of the century-old Indian dance, Bharata Natyam; each pose, each step tells a profound story. As a child, I was always amazed with the classical and sacred Indian dance, even though I don't really know much about it; perhaps that is why I find Yoga mystical too. And maybe that is why I always felt curious about the Indian race and culture (my love is of mix Indian-Chinese parentage) and its spiritual practices.

I remember the first Yoga position I did- the Tree Pose. I remember how it made me feel; it reminded me that my soul was strong and so is my body.

Perhaps this is what Eliza aim to create too- her astounding Yoga artworks deliver that sort of sensation that makes you want to get up, breath in the universe, be one with the ground, do a pose for as long as you can, and then thank the Universe.


Friday, June 14, 2013

First book giveaway a success

Friday, June 14, 2013

First thing first, I am very happy that I managed to solve the blog's Navigation bar, thanks to Krafty Palette.
Playful & Snazzy and I have been  trying to figure out why my Navi bar is not centralize- feels like a huge techie thing for us to solve. I am glad that now it has been solve, surprisingly, it has quite an influence over me blogging. Nonetheless, all is good now.

Secondly, I am really happy that my FIRST book giveaway was a success. I told myself to set aside a total of 4 books to be given away to my readers on my blog. My experience in promoting the giveaway was interesting; first of all I wasn't sure if there will be anyone who would be interested in the book. I was afraid that my readers would think that I might be imposing my own beliefs as a religious belief (but I wasn't) and so to make sure that the understanding was clear, I included a disclaimer in the post that readers are welcome to ignore it if they feel uncomfortable. I was surprised at myself actually, but I was glad to be clear about it and to speak up; I have learned over the years to speak up (not voice out). I feel that when I speak up, it helps establish communication between me and the other person.

When I was sending out the books to the participants, I also made each of them a bookmark/artcard, exclusively drawn for each of them. Thanking the participants in this post for their participation and cooperation.

Have a good day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Style with Yoga Leggings

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Yoga Leggings Meets Skater Dress

Grey Dress with Skull- H&M | Yoga Leggings- Self

Oh, and if it helps, my shoes were black flats.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brave Intuitive Paintings: Flora Bowley, Artist

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Each "mini" paintings by Flora Bowley is
8" x 8" via acrylic, paper and resin on bamboo

On my previous pick of the day Book, I featured Flora Bowley's book entitled Brave Intuitive Painting. I purchased a copy at a local store called Kinokuniya. I was immediately mesmerized by the book's contents and knew it in my heart already that those times I followed my heart to paint, I was painting intuitively.

So, I contacted Flora, she's now my favourite artist. I asked her if I can feature her artworks, and to my surprise she said Yes! I thank Flora for her effort in taking time to send me these beautiful mini paintings of hers right after her workshop in Ubud, Bali.

Here it is, featuring Flora's life-giving paintings, with colours right from her heart. I feel so alive and free (like a gust of wind blowing in my face) just looking at her paintings. Here is a little bit info about Flora Bowley, artist and author:

Flora Bowley
Flora Bowley (pronounced bowl-lee) is an internationally celebrated painter, workshop facilitator, top-selling author, visionary and inspirationalist.  Her soulful and transformational approach to painting (and living) has inspired thousands of people across the globe to “let go, be bold and unfold” as they move through fear and welcome joyful spontaneous expression back into the creative process. read more>>

Friday, June 7, 2013

Style with Plaid

Friday, June 7, 2013

Plaid Sophisticated by theartsycraftsy on Polyvore

I am honestly crazy about Polyvore. It is truly the ultimate tool as agreed by other bloggers. This is my attempt in creating my own set using the Polyvore tool. Excuse the rawness because these are pictures taken on my own, except the font, and the background. The rest, which is me and of course the Plaid images are taken by me.

Visualizing my dream artist's desk

Love Being an Artist- On My Desk

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[Closed] Giveaway! Last Copy of Peace!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's been awhile since I've given away goodies on the blog. Only because I've been focusing on creating good content for you my readers. I've recently managed to get hold of  FOUR (4) good copies of 'Peace is Every Step' book written by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist monk. The book discusses about the path of mindfulness in our everyday lives.

If you would like a free copy* of the book, leave me a message here on the post-

magic word: I want one and email address
(Please check your email after that for delivery details)
I will contact you for your delivery details
Only FOUR copies to be given away! 
(Date extended) Closing- 6th June 2013

*This giveaway is closed*

Giveaway book recipients are: Mazuin Mynrose, Huda Engku (Anne Azman), J-Mei and Way Yong. Thank you for your participation lovelies.

Please read below:
*this book is for free and is only available during this time of giveaway
*the act of giving away this book to my readers does not imply that I am imposing any religious beliefs whatsoever. You have the freewill to decline or ignore this blogpost if you feel uncomfortable
*if you are interested in this book, for reading material or reference only, you may participate in this give away and obtain one of the four copies

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alternative Fashion: Lex, SmarmyClothes

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
About 8 years ago, when I was combining reconstructed fashion + fabric painting in my work, I came across an Indie fashion designer called Lex from her website What the Craft (Cool name!) and her clothing line called SmarmyClothes. I was immediately impressed with her work and became such a fan of her clothing. Lex combines reconstructed fashion with alternative/grungy/edgy style; I most of all like the edginess. Lex also provides "Design your Own" system encouraging customers to send her a shirt to collaborate with her on her work in transforming the shirt according to customers' requests.

After 8 years of being her fan and following her work on her website, I finally contacted her on Twitter to ask her if I can feature her work on The Artsy Craftsy. And she replied! Agreeing to my request! Super excited to feature Lex's punk rock and DIY fashion.

Thus, I present you my years of inspiration when I turned shirts-into-corsets, and the reason why I still love reconstructed fashion. Thank you Lex!

Wow! I think this one is my favourite!

Lex was kind enough to provide me a little write up about herself, Lex said:

"SmarmyClothes started as something I did for fun. When I first got into sewing, I was just making things for myself. When I realized I was going to run out of closet space if I kept at it, I decided to try selling it. I was instantly hooked. And the major bonus was that by selling what I made, I always had a little extra money for more supplies. I'm a fabric junkie.I'd been selling for several years by the time I graduated from nursing school, and I decided that I wanted to continue designing clothes instead of pursuing nursing.My website used to focus mainly on one of a kind pieces. I also have a "design your own" system where a customer can send me a shirt and we collaborate together to come up with a unique design. Over the past few years, I've added a lot more "made to order" custom designs. I still love creating the one of a kind items because I can get as crazy as I want, but I didn't like being limited by the sizing issues. Having a selection of made to order designs allows me to offer them to anyone in any size."

Visit SmarmyClothes and support her blog. Lex also plays Bass in a Punk Band. \m/

*Photos and info courtesy of Lex, SmarmyClothes / What the Craftt

Watch: Da Vinci's Demons Art Elements in Opening Credits


My love and I enjoy TV series. We would record them on the telly and watch it whenever we can. Not too long ago, Da Vinci's Demons was finally aired on local station. I saw the pilot of the first episode and was immediately attracted to the renaissance/ historical/artifact elements; I was especially attracted to anything that looks artistic, magical and gothic. I never had the chance to see the opening credits of the series until recently. I like looking out for aesthetic opening credits in movies or tv series. I have came across quite a number but never really had a chance to share it with you here until now.

So here it is, I've added Da Vinci's Demons intro on my Youtube playlist. I encourage you to subscribe to my playlist for your easy viewing/reference. Videos are not my own as I am just passing/sharing the knowledge/works done by Youtubers or shared by Youtubers.

In the Da Vinci's Demons intro, you will be able to see how artistic illustrations, pencil drawings, journal-like art are incorporated into the theme. I am pretty sure you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A job that revives my Love for Creativity

Saturday, June 1, 2013
I often tell this story to my juniors at work, especially the fresh grad ones, and those who tell me that they can never live the life they want, to inspire them to discover what is their truest potential and to pursue it. 
For those who know me, they would know that my tale started with the fact that I was never an art graduate at all. My love is very proud of me on this because I did not submit to the system of society.

In fact back when I was in college, when I was studying Mass Communication, majored in Advertising (although we did have an introduction to graphic design), my college mates often tell me that I was definitely in the wrong course because of how often I showed my passion for art in my work. I used to make extra money by painting on their t-shirts and doing body painting / henna body tattoos during college events. I even contributed my crafty skill in the performing arts society by doing make up, dressing the actors and designing the stage (I made a liquor rack lookalike for the bar scene). The only reason why I had to pursue what I pursued was because of my family's wishes. They insist that I studied a course that would guarantee me a steady full time job and a good pay. But it was more than that.. with the economy and the mind set shift, I guess they didn't really see it coming.

I went through a whole different direction after graduation. I enjoyed my studies that's for sure, I mean I had to because I was paying for my own education. I learned alot and that was important. But I had one stubborn rock that was stuck in me- the one where I was holding grudges that I never got to pursue what I wanted which was Art. And I held that grudge in me for as long as I can remember, and now looking back, I am aware that I was my own creative blockage. I used to think that being creative, or being an artist/crafter, you'd have to own a formal education. Yes and no... Yes because well, somethings in this world you just need that piece of 20k over paper. No because, creativity isn't something you can learn actually, it's more like acknowledging it, embracing it, nurturing it... because it is already in you.

who says that you can't become an artist, crafter or a writer on your own? 

Back to my story... 

After grad I went to a different path. While my college mates was going overseas to further their studies, working for big advertising agencies or broadcasting studios, building their careers as journalists, newscaster, actors, etc. I was working at a local English centre, teaching kids English. At the same time, I continued what I did in college, which was painting on fabric. And went to train with a master in fabric painting. You know, since I couldn't do art neither fashion, so I found my own alternative way to do what I wanted to do. My mother was supportive, but of course, on the side we had to worry about money. I had to worry because I had to carry on the responsibilities of providing for the household (my mother is a single parent by the way). 

After that I went to work for a local craft store, and continued learning from my fabric painting master, because she owns the craft store, and learned other types of crafts. I was very young, and naive and yes stubborn as well. Learning was a problem because I was my own creative blockage. 

Nonetheless, I had two fashion shows showcasing my fabric painted apparels coupled with reconstructed fashion. And I also discovered mask painting and incorporated that into it too. At that time, that was my signature. I went on painting on wedding gowns for a local boutique owner, and then jumped from one job to another and hit rock bottom with drug abuse when I was jobless.

Anyways to cut the story short... all in all, I was unaware that i was my own demotivation. I had too much self doubt and blamed the world when it was all me all along. To the extend, I stopped painting: the saddest moment in my life. That time, I remember, everytime I looked at a piece of art or craft created by someone, I felt as if it was far away, so disconnected and a big wave of hopelessness. I was so depress because I knew deep in my heart I was born to live & breath Creativity. I love art, I love the works, the wonder, the message... it was Me.

Somewhere in 2008, I went back to work again, as an art teacher and a lesson planner for an art programme. It never really occur to me that I was actually working for a subsidiary company that belonged to a famous art college that I wanted to apply to so badly when i was in college. When I resigned from that art centre for children, I joined their main company (the art college) and became their creative copywriter. I became part of their creative design team in their little advertising-like agency. It was at my awakening moment about 2 years ago that I realized, SHIT! I am actually here, how amazing things worked out!

Even though it took me about 8 years or more to get here, I am thankful that I am here. It is no wonder how they say God works in mysterious way, because damn right he does. The universe was listening all along... I ended up working at the art college that I wanted to apply for, I get to witness all the art and fashion works, write about it, attend free seminars and sharing by creative professionals, and yes became part of their design agency.
image credits to the students-artists
image credits to the students-artists
image credits to the students-artists
(Sculptures above- each of the sculptures shown above have profound meaning. I am not sure about the first, but I know that the second image actually means Suicide and the third (above) means Sexual Harassment)

So recently, I attended a week-long seminar organized by one of my colleagues who ran it for the advertising & graphic design students. It was amazing, I love these seminars because I get to meet the speakers who were not only creatively awakened but geared up to use their skills for a social cause. It reminded me about my love for art, and how thankful I am to be aware that I am naturally creative in the soul

"I want you to know that you are too! You and everybody else in this world are naturally creative. it doesn't have to be art-related type of creative."

I was caught up in the topics shared by the speakers; one of them was about art history (my favourite), sharing about art nouveau and others, another one was an art director on graphic design for a social cause and the other was an individual who was a self-funded photographer who took photos in places like Cambodia on glue-sniffing children, Palestine to document the lives of the middle east at war, Indonesia after the tsunami in Acheh, and so on and so forth.

I was empowered by these people. I was inspired not because of their artistic ability, but because these people didn't speak about polishing your creative techniques, or learning about design disciplines; they spoke simply about using your talent, your gift, acknowledging your abilities to help social cause. To contribute, to change the world to make it a better place. To empower others too.

I was deeply touched while listening to the speakers, and I couldn't help but was reminded of a situation I encountered sometime ago when I was still with the art centre- I don't mind sharing with you this because it would give me a chance to reflect and release from mental suffering: when I was still at the art centre, I was working under a senior that was supervising my work and performance. One day I showed her my artwork, a picture of a girl I drew (mind you, it was one of the first drawing I did eversince I stopped painting). She made a remark, not because I didn't do a good job, but because I was not capable to draw just because I didn't have any formal art education experience. And also, you've seen my artworks, of course they don't look like the work of a fine arts artist. But it's okay, because I have my own style! Probably just not the kind that everyone likes. But I like it, and that's all that matters.

You see, working in a company that belonged to an art college, it is only natural of them to assume that only individuals with formal art qualifications would be able to do that. But in this case, because I didn't I was given the impression that I was in no position to produce any artworks, or give any artistic /creative opinions non whatsoever because of my missing education. I was very sad of course, not because I was put down, but because of such mindset. But I am grateful for that experience; because it was that moment, that I chose to fight the system that creativity is not just limited by formal art education. It was more than that. I unraveled the boundaries and redefined creativity.

And so when I witness the inspiring words coming out of each speaker's mouth, I smiled to myself. Because I know I was on the right track, and these empowering individuals here, believe in the same enlightened message as me. 

During these years, I have had colleagues come and go, and friends asking me why have I not switched jobs yet or take up offers by other companies. I admit, of course I have thought of it. Sure it may not always seem like happy rainbow colours over here at work, but I know for sure if I look into my heart, I understand my purpose here. Plus, I'd rather choose to magnify the advantages and benefits working here rather than focusing so much on the unhappy moments. Such is life.

Well, Creativity has been redefined. And I hope that by sharing with you this, you continue to be inspired too. So if you have a dream, to do anything, even if you are a stay-at-home mother, it doesn't matter, You still need creativity and that creativity is already in you. Find it, light it up, reconnect with YOU and change the world.

Thank you.

PS: Sorry I couldn't show more pictures; alot of the artworks and slideshows showcased during the exhibition and presentation are private and confidential. 

*Please respect the owners of the content of the images. Images of sculptures work above belong strictly to the students whom have produced them. I do not own any of these works or images. Please do not use, copy or republish any of these images without permission.