Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How-to: An Easy Way to Make a Creative Mood Board Album

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I don't know about you, but I have this strange habit where I like to collect assorted paper materials and stuff. I usually would tell myself that perhaps one day I might be able to use it. Whenever I come across nice candy wrappers, I'd clean it and keep it aside until I find some use for it.

There's also another word for these "habit"- it is called "Hoarding". Haha! You can say that I am a hoarder, which I think so too (most creative people are anyways). It came to a point where I was a little fed up with myself, and started throwing them all away when I was spring cleaning.

However, it wasn't until I came across a word called 'Ephemera', and finally, I found a reason to resume my collecting hobby again. My fascination with paper cuttings, paper materials, wrappers and what not finally inspired me to start making my own creative mood board album.

When I was learning about fashion designing on my own, I picked up a thing or two about mood boards and how useful it can be for designing or creative planning. I personally think that making mood boards is a fun project; not only you are playing with colours, but you are also practicing your colour combo skills, plus you learn how to focus on little details.

Learning about mood boards was really fun! I learned how to observe and analyze colour combinations, and learned how to gather right images and colours and create my own mood board whether it is on a big mounting board or on a sketch book. It's basically like a collage project.

From then on, I learned how to use it for my craft projects, or design planning like a reference.

As I continue to collect all kinds of paper materials and things... the one thing I learned in mood board making is - Rule No.1 - Be Organized! By being organized will help you plan your projects better, plus, colours play an important part in a design work- it's good to have a clearer mind, or at least not be confused by the ample of paper stuff all over the place.

Over here, as you can see, I have lots of paper materials ranging from candy wrappers, random leaflets, fancy napkins, doilies...

 I even managed to find some old photos from an old photo album.

And some wrapping papers, clothing tags, pretty greeting cards and memorable postcards... ah yes! and a tarot card too (it came with some magazine that was supposed to be a collect-them-all thing.)

Mood boards are very useful once you have learned how to make full use of it; you never have to worry about running out of style or steering away from a colour combination or a design-theme that you have in mind.

What do I need to make a mood board album:
After practicing the mood board concept, eventually it evolved; from using mounting boards and sketch books, I discovered my own mood board making by using a large self-adhesive photo album.

Self-adhesive photo albums are very useful for mood board makings or storing your 'ephemeras', Each page comes with a 'sticky' surface and a plastic cover. You just need to remove it, stick your images or paper cuttings, or rearrange them whenever you feel like it, and then place the plastic cover back again.

If you are wondering where to get one, well, I got mine at Jaya Jusco, stationary section in Sunway Pyramid.

I like the idea that it is flexible; I can dedicate a page for each mood board idea, and rearrange or categorize all over again if I want to. Using a mounting board to do your collage mood board is just as good too. But I personally think that using a mounting board would be good for presentations or a proposal for a client if you are planning for a design work.

Other than, for organizing your mood board ideas as well as your ephemeras, a self-adhesive photo album would do just fine. So, now you know, don't throw away any paper materials especially if they are vintage. You can store them here and re-use them for scrapbooking or journalling purpose.

This is probably one of the easiest creative tip I have ever shared!

In the meantime, give it a try! Share with me your thoughts on my Facebook page or just drop by to say Hello.


  1. I love your post. <3 I wanna try this diy mood board. :)

    x, shekinahjoy.com

    1. Hi Shekinah! I am glad that you do! If you do, do let me check it out. Would love to see what you have done. =D

  2. Nice! I always try to do some different craft projects and now i would love to try this. Such a great idea.http://www.artshedonline.com.au/chroma-2-student-acrylic-paint/

  3. Love this! Now we all have good use for those adhesive photo albums... Hmm... but I do wonder now where to get one!

  4. Love this! Now we all have good use for those adhesive photo albums... Hmm... but I do wonder now where to get one!

    1. Hello Diana, thank you for your comment. =D Glad you like this post. You can get the adhesive albums at places like Jaya Jusco's stationary department (are you local and residing in Malaysia); or basically stationary stores. Yes, we can still get it these days hahaha what not with technology eh. =)