Sunday, December 30, 2012

[Closed] Give Away: Simply Handmade 2ndhand magazine

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I am giving away my one and only Simply Handmade magazine.

But filled with assorted scrapbooking, paper craft and more tutorials.

Slight scratches
A small tear (but hey! it is for free at least.)


Want this? 
First come first serve basis!

Bye 2012, Hello 2013 and Happy Birthday!

I told myself that in the midst of this blog’s revamp, I would hold back from posting up new posts; but what the heck! How can I resist NOT blogging? Haha!

It’s been a great year blogging on The Artsy Craftsy, especially in making things come true on the blog’s to-do list. I enjoyed finding a voice for the blog the most and repositioning it into a Blog for Creative Inspirations.

I would like to thank my readers the most for contributing to the pageviews. And I am very happy that my readers often return to find inspiration in this little humble blog.

Ever since The Artsy Craftsy domain went official, some of my blog posts went “most reads”; to commemorate the moment (as we say BYE to 2012 and HELLO to 2013); I would like to recap The Artsy Craftsy’s POPULAR 2012 posts to share it with you. To view, click on the titles

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That's it for 2012. Seeing you soon again in 2013 to celebrate the blog's birthday with me!
A Happy New Year Creatives!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to create your own color swatches with fabric paint

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Colours play an important role in our daily lives, especially in our attire. Almost every day, we plan our outfit of the day based on colour and how it makes us feel.

I reconnected back with my love for colours not long ago. In my previous experience in learning about colours, I had two amazing teachers who taught me how to appreciate colours in depth. When I was training to be a certified fabric painting teacher & artist, teacher no.1 made me realized that I had poor colour combination skills, nonetheless, she patiently helped me to unlearn and learn colours from scratch. My appreciation for colours was more of knowledge-based. Although I finally learned how to match colours well, I still lack the connection for it.

Finally, a couple of years later, when I was training to be a certified creative life coach, I met teacher no. 2 whom taught me what I needed to know about connecting with colours spiritually. This profound experience taught me that by connecting with colours, I was also connecting with my inner self.

If I were to combine my lessons learned from teacher no.1 and 2, I would say that both experiences helped me discover my own way of appreciating colours spiritually and skillfully. I began to understand why teacher no. 1 used to encourage me to practice colour combination by creating my own colour swatches and mood boards.

Moodboards and swatches can come in handy for almost everything you need. This unique post is specifically about making Colour Swatches using Fabric paint as it will be useful for you in future fabric painting projects or fabric crafts related.
I personally think that it would help textile artists and fabric painting artists much more because unlike painting on wooden/paper surfaces where you can paint white to cover your mistakes, painting on textile/fabric requires precision. Once you’ve painted on the fabric, you can’t go back on it anymore. But if you really made a mistake already, then the only way is to waste the fabric and start painting on a new one.

What you need to Get Started
To make your own colour swatches, there are few things you need to gather first to get started. First and foremost, basic stationary items like:

Scissors, PVA glue, marker pens and sketch book / drawing block: These are basic necessities (like your toothbrush) when you explore art.

A Ring-Folder: Any size would do, it is up to you. For me, I like cute and small so I used an A5 size ring-folder Optional: You can also opt for sketchbook instead, but I reckon ring folder for convenience.

An Off-white / plain white fabric remnants and fabric paints.  Not to forget, brushes too! Tip: Go to Fabric stores or Ikea and look for their discount-bin. There will be a lot of CHEAP remnants for sale!

Unwanted fashion magazines or any other type. Among all, this is the most important item to start with.

What sort of Fabric Paints to use
There are various types in the market; but I strongly recommend Pebeo SETACOLOR fabric paints. It comes in various collections ranging from their basic fabric paints- Opaque and Transparent, Seta Soleil for Tie & Dye, and Fabric markers too, including other special range such as Seta Silk for Silk Painting.

You might ask:
Why must it be fabric paints? Why can’t I use acrylic paints on fabric/paper instead to make swatches?
My answer:
There’s a big difference in the result of fabric paints on fabric compared to acrylic on fabric/paper. The colour result of fabric paints is vivid, not paste-like like acrylic. When you paint on fabric using fabric paints, the colours blends in with the fabric material. It has an almost silk-screen print-like result. And if your fabric paints comes in opaque or transparent base, there would definitely be a much more obvious outcome when painted on the fabric.Almost similar to watercolour or postercolours, where both have different result on paper. So, when you create swatches with fabric paints on fabric, you will be able to see how the colours blend together on a piece of fabric.

Creating Your Own Set of Colour Swatches
There are many ways to do this; but as for me, I always like to make use of things that I already have lying around. Perhaps there might be a need to spend a little bit of money such as paints, etc. but if possible, try to save by upcycling unwanted stationaries.

For starters:
  1. Based on the size of your ring folder, prepare the base paper using your sketchbook or drawing block.
  2. To prepare a base-paper, cut the drawing paper according to the size, but if you are using a sketchbook, just find one according to your size.
  3. Punch holes on the base-paper so that you can file it up in the ring-folder
Making swatches:
  1. Cut your fabric pieces in small-medium or smaller square pieces.
  2. Then, cut out pictures based on your choice of colour combinations or colour themes.
  3. Spot the colours, and then start painting the colour combinations on your square pieces.
  4. Arrange your painted swatches on the base-paper and glue it. Then, glue your cut out magazine reference at the side of your swatch to support your research. You can even write notes at the side.
  5. Put it in the ring-folder
So, the next time you come up with another inspiring colour or spot one in the magazine, you can create another one and file it up.

Ideas! Ideas!
It is very easy to create a collection for your reference. But before you start, here’s a BIG TIP!In my opinion, Colour combinations usually comes in 3, 4 or maximum 5 hues at the most. And they usually complement one another. 

Here’s what you can do with Colour Swatches:

Colour combinations
Cut out pictures from magazines based on the colours and combine them together.

Autumn Colours, Grunge Colours, Gothic Colours, Vampire Colours, Asian Colours, Party Theme and more

If you are a textile artist or a decorative artist with a client base, you can bring it along with you to propose colour combinations to your customers.

Make a Christmas card with buttons

By Artsy Ocean

Artsy Ocean 
About Crafter: Jackie of Artsy Ocean was The Artsy Craftsy's previous contest winner. I was very grateful for her entry, and appreciate her creative effort. She got around to share her recent tutorial with me and I am happy to be able to post it up for her here. View her tutorial here

Sunday, December 16, 2012

From Picasa to Pinterest and Instagram

Sunday, December 16, 2012
My dear readers, this year has been a great year for The Artsy Craftsy. As a blogger here, i've never felt so alive blogging and sharing so many inspiring things. And it is always good to know that I have inspired many people who are regular readers of my blog.

Some of you might know that I have an Online Gallery linked under my menu bar. Just a quick recap; my current online gallery is hosted on Picasa. It has been fun for me sharing pictures with my readers, but as I am moving on to a new year (and also January- The Artsy Craftsy birthday month) I would like to announce that I will be actively uploading creative finds everywhere on Pinterest rather than on Picasa. pinning lots more creative inspirations on Pinterest.

I find so much fun when i can share my random snapshots with the world, and also pin up viral pictures for inspirations too.  I will be sharing my random snapshots with the world through Instagram.

On the other hand, here's a quick update on what is available on my Pinterest board:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Style with ZALORA: Khoon Hooi Fashion Au Naturel Grecian

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

credits Zalora Malaysia
The name Khoon Hooi reminded me of my little girl days when I discovered that fashion designing was one of my passion. My first fashion illustration was the “Little Black Dress”. As a child, I learned about international fashion designers; by the time I was a teen exploring my future career path, I discovered about our homegrown fashion designers. I admired our local designers’ and the name they have attained in the growing fashion design industry in Malaysia- Khoon Hooi was one of them.

With his latest creative fashion collection, Malaysia’s very own famous fashion designer, Khoon Hooi is known for his delicate designs of incorporating ‘feminine Grecian romance’ which brings out a woman’s inner-power and au naturel creativity rather than being ethereally angelic. This proves that an outfit is able to enhance a woman’s personality and appearance, and here’s why:

Story of an Outfit
credits Zalora Malaysia
A piece of garment is able to describe a person’s character; it tells a lot about one’s identity. Pairing with colours, it affects your feelings and how you feel about yourself.

Take for instance; when you’re picking out your outfit, you select your attire for the day based on the occasion, the comfort of the fabric against your skin, and how the colour makes you feel. Then you complement it with make-up, using matching colours that would suit your features; and lastly, you pair the rest of your outfit with matching shoes and other accessories.

You know, I always felt that there is a fine line between looking good and feeling good; and I strongly support the idea of an outfit that is able to make you feel good wherever you are.

But with Khoon Hooi’s, the fabric selection and resilient designs would be able to make a woman feel comfortable, yet sophisticated with a little girly playfulness. The design of the dress is structured to fit a woman comfortably, while she moves & grooves along with the dress and feeling sensual with the soft fabric against her skin.

Style is the Game
credits Zalora Malaysia
Most women choose their outfit based on their own preferred style. I have to say so myself too that I would never wear a RED POLKA DRESS no matter how cute it is, because it simply just isn’t my style. A style depends on your personality and interest; what sort of colours you like, favourite patterns, type of music, books, etc. It tells a lot about you. It is important to know what sort of clothing matches your style because in a big picture, it affects your day and how you present yourself.

But with Khoon Hooi’s, your style is prioritized; especially one that brings out the woman in you. Khoon Hooi’s feminine Grecian designs are meant to assert independence through the attire, and the vivid colours meant to illuminate a woman’s features and figure. Look alive from a lady full of grace to a simple lighthearted girl and a magnetically enchanting woman in Khoon Hooi’s lightly cascading and regal draping design collection.

credits Zalora Malaysia
Magic of Colours
As a little girl, I always watched my mother get ready for a special date and observed how she picks out her outfit based on its colour to fit the occasion. My mother always tell me, she loves to pick the colour Red, because it makes her feel womanly, independent and grounded. Recently, when I reconnected back with colours, I discovered how much colours can affect my emotions too especially in my clothes.

Each colour has its own magic powers, and every woman carries a little magical powers with her too. When a woman puts on her favourite outfit, she makes sure she chooses a colour that makes her outstanding and energized.

With Khoon Hooi’s, the collection comes in various vibrant colours ranging from luminously bright to warm and spirited colours to enhance each and every one of your style and characteristics. Whether you are out for a romantic evening, or under the sun, Khoon Hooi’s unique collection makes you feel alive and comfortable with excitement.

Now that it is time to bring out the woman in you, you can own Khoon Hooi’s regal piece with 10% discount offered only on Khoon Hooi’s collections at ZALORA.

See below on how you can get 10% discount on Khoon Hooi’s collections at ZALORA.

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10% for only on Khoon Hooi’s Collections
Voucher Code: ZSHIALYNN
Valid Date: 13 Dec 2012 till 15 Jan 2013

*Information to support post release courtesy of Zalora Malaysia
*Images courtesy of Zalora Malaysia

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make 12/12/12: Awesome Deals Day! A Must to Shop Online with ZALORA Malaysia, LAZADA and foodpanda 

TWELVE (12) is a unique number of universal importance, which is reflected in our culture; there’s 12 hours in a day, 12 months in a year, 12 in a dozen, 12 zodiac signs, 12 apostles, and 12 days of Christmas.

Within the 12, we also find the number 3, and inspired by that, sister e-commerce ventures ZALORA Malaysia, LAZADA and has launched the 12/12/12 Awesome Deals Day! Campaign on December 12, 2012. 
The three companies will be offering exhilarating deals on the day itself, starting from midnight to 23:59.

During the campaign, ZALORA customers who purchase 4 items and above will get an additional 12% discount from the total price. In addition to its unparalleled value-added services, the 12 top spenders for the day will stand a chance to win a RM120 cash voucher.

In addition, B Card members who shop with ZALORA Malaysia will get 12x points for any purchases made on that day. Moreover, on the hours 12:12, 120 exclusive and new arrival products will be discounted at 12%, which is only valid till end of the day via ZALORA Malaysia.

Meanwhile, food delivery website will be offering free food delivery for the whole day. Food delivery charges range between RM0 to RM12, depending on location and restaurants. But to celebrate’s 10 months of operation, lucky Food Panda customers who order during the day will win free delivery for an entire week.

Apart from free food deliveries, is also offering 3x points for all purchases made on that day. There will also be surprise giveaways announced on their Facebook page throughout the day.

LAZADA, as the largest online mall in Malaysia, will also offer exclusive discounts on a large selection of products, varying from electronics, books, kitchen appliances, beauty products, toys and more. Berjaya B Card Loyalty members will additionally enjoy three times worth of extra points per purchase online.

Apart from the super deals;
12 lucky customers who purchase on 12 December will automatically stand a chance to win a free Apple iPod Shuffle. 

The randomly selected lucky winners will be announced on LAZADA’s website and Facebook page on an hourly basis.

“ZALORA Malaysia, LAZADA and are proud to put these initiatives together in our mission to provide the best services to our customers. We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for our customers to see what we can offer them. Customers can try virtually anything on our site—and expect FREE delivery. We always strive to bring the best brands, variety and services online, and fulfill our customer’s needs at affordable prices, while also providing a convenient and stress-free environment for them to shop and dine in comfort, away from the shopping frenzy that usually ensues when the festive season approaches,” said Wee Jonn, Managing Director of ZALORA Malaysia, together with Sidney Ng, Marketing Director of foodpanda Malaysia and Mahmoud Fouz, Managing Director of LAZADA Malaysia.
Don’t miss all the great deals and start to shop online now!

ZALORA Malaysia ( is the fastest growing online fashion shopping mall in Malaysia. ZALORA Malaysia is part of ZALORA Asia group with Southeast Asia regional presence in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is rapidly becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia through its great services and extensive product catalogue.

ZALORA Asia’s founders include local and European investors with highly successful online e-commerce sites around the world, such as Zalando (Europe), The Iconic (Australia), Dafiti (Brazil),, Lamoda (Russia), Locondo (Japan), Jabong (India) and many more.


~ 600+ local and international brands, 30,000+ products across various categories such as womenswear, menswear, sportswear, kidswear, traditional wear, beauty products, and lifestyle products.
~ FREE 30 Days Return Policy.
~ Phone Order hotline at +60(3) 2382 2208.
~ Secured payment methods such as Credit Cards (Visa / Mastercard), Paypal, Online Bank Transfer (via iPay88 for Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks, MEPS, etc) and Physical Bank Transfer (bank deposit).
~ Cash on Delivery (COD) option on selected brands for Klang Valley only.

    Look us up at
    Instagram: Zaloramy

    Media Contact
    Ooi See Bee
    Tel: +6012 389 2686

    Stacy Hui Lee Wei
    Tel: +6017 623 5280

    About is an online food delivery portal bringing conveneince of ordering great meals from the best restaurants in Malaysia. As a leader in online food delivery, has more than 150 restaurants including international chains like Sarpino’s Pizza and local favorites like Chicken Rice Shop. Besides food delivery, also offers food pickup and advanced pre-ordering services on their website.

    About foodpanda:
    Founded in February 2012, foodpanda is a start-up company headquartered in Singapore with operations in the Indonesia, Thailand, Columbia, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

    Look us up at:
    Twitter: (@foodpanda_my)

    Media Contact:
    Sidney Ng
    Marketing Director

    Tel: +6016-3062330

    LAZADA Malaysia is a premier virtual shopping mall offering thousands of products, and is rapidly becoming a favourite destination for online shoppers all around the country. LAZADA offers over 16,000 products online, in categories such as consumer electronics, books, home appliances, kid’s toys, video games, health and beauty, sports equipment, and more. All products sold online are 100% authentic with a one year manufacturer warranty. With visits ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 per day, LAZADA offers free nationwide delivery and highlights two main points when it comes to online shopping - convenience and secure online payment.

    Look us up at:

    Media Contact:
    Anna Nishaburi
    Public Relations Manager

    Tel: +6017-309 2521

    * Images courtesy of Zalora Malaysia
    *This blog post was sponsored by ZALORA Malaysia

    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    Where to find Cheap Magazines

    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    In countries such as the UK, United States of America or Australia. magazines are relatively affordable as compared to the ones in Malaysia. Sometimes you might even come across good magazines with interesting topics and stories. We have imported magazines here in Malaysia as well, unfortunately for us Malaysians, the exchange rates affects the price of the magazine; too expensive for us to enjoy its content.

    Personally, I enjoy rare finds, and sometimes, when I come across unique ones like crafty magazines from the UK priced at RM10 and below. I’m sure that there are some of you who are good in digging up good and cheap finds, but for those who don’t, allow me to guide you.

    Magazine shops 

    It is usually located in shopping malls, i.e Sunway Pyramid next to the post office or First Subang next to Sushi King. Look for their bin filled with dirt cheap mags.


    BookXcess is in Amcorp Mall. Located in the highest floor, BookXcess has an undeniable amount of good books at slashed prices. You will be able to find quite a number of magazines at the magazine section on your right at the entrance. I hope you will enjoy some of the rarest magazines and some limited edition ones.


    On-the-go and set up in places like Subang 3K inn, Subang Avenue or in Puchong, etc. You can visit their website and give them your details to get updates on their whereabouts. The next time they are in town near you, you will be informed. And don’t be discouraged by their name; they may focus a lot on books, but they do have quite a unique range of thrifty magazines too.

    Other Secondhand bookshops 

    Honestly, I have yet to discover other thrifty bookstores around Klang Valley; I would definitely want to and would share with you if I do come across one. But as for now, I would suggest Amcorp Mall as it is the best place to look for thrift mags.

    Tip: Ideas for craft projects

    You might wonder, why should you look for cheap magazines when you can purchase new ones at the bookstore? Considering if you are someone who enjoys occasional paper craft projects with kids or perhaps collaging and scrapbooking, try getting some cheap outdated magazines instead. Not only you are saving cost, but you are also kinder to the environment, and putting paper to good use.

    No sew t-shirt recon tutorial

    I have plenty of clothes in my cupboard. And I think for those who know me well, would hear me claim that I have nothing to wear. Always.

    On a recent weekend, I had to attend my love’s brother’s battle of the bands performance.

    I wanted something comfy, and I was (again) getting tired of the usual clothes that I have. I have to admit, I like to have fun dressing up too; the best part, it is such a fun to have a boyfriend that has a good taste in fashion, and with the amount of unwanted tee-shirts he has lying around, I nabbed one of it for a quick fashion surgery fix!

    Finally, something fun to wear.

    So, don’t be discouraged by oversized tee-shirts lying around; you can always revamp it. With a little embellishment, you might even able to create a decent Christmas or Birthday gift for your friends and family.
    There are many ways to reconstruct a tee; this concept is NO-SEW, which can be done anytime and anywhere. All you need is:

    A Pair of Sharp Scissors (Preferably Fabric Scissors)
    T-Shirt of your choice

    Here’s my take on what I did with the tee:

    Please excuse the photo quality; shot it with my phone.
    First, gauge where you want to snip

    Snip your sleeves; it can be both sides or one side, it is up to you

    My preference; I snipped both sides and turned it into
    a cap-sleeve like shirt

    I snipped the collar too for some room to droop one side

    I snipped off the hem of the shirt, slanted a little to create
    a midriff top that allows me to tie it up too 

    Snip it in the middle for me to tie it up

    Moving on to the back, snip the middle part

    This is how it looks like after being cut

    Gather it until it looks like a ribbon (but not)

    With the extra fabric, cut two long pieces...

    Like this! Just make sure it is not too thin, and not too thick.
    Not too long or short either.

    Fold it in half...

    Tie it up in between the ribbon-like parts

    Now you can pair it up with a dress
    like mine!

    This is how the back looks like.

    And I happily wore it to my love's little brother's drum performance...