Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 10 Creative & Therapeutic Hobbies

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Activities like needlework, gardening and baking have been passed down from generations to generations. Today, these activities have turned into hobbies. It is therapeutic to engage one self into these activities because it allows you to get in touch with your inner creativity. I'd like to share the top 10 (most commonly practiced) creative hobbies (for men and/or women). It is important to have a healthy balance lifestyle to maintain a positive and chaotic free mind.

TOP 10

1. Sewing
While you may think that its quite a hassle having to create a pattern draft to sew, think up-cycling or reconstructing clothes for your little ones. Up-cycling gives you freedom to explore and create anything you see fit as long as it is wearable or usable. Shirts can be turned into dresses for teens and toddlers (or yourself).

2. Knitting
Another thrifty way of creating clothes for children, dolls or even gifts for adults.

3. Gardening
Being close to nature is one of the best ways to kill stress. Did you know that you can recycle used-coffee beans to fertilize your plants? Plus it smells good.

4. Accessory Making
Pamper yourself, your girl friends or your daughters with your creations.

5. Candle Making
As therapeutic a hobby can get, you can make candles and supply them as wedding/party favors.

6. Baking
I tried baking twice, and honestly, i love it! The idea of creating something with results and allowing others to try your food is priceless

7. Painting
You don't have to be an artist to do so. Painting like drawing is one of the stress buster that gives you the freedom to express your deepest feelings. The idea is to be unconscious about your drawings. Don't plan, just draw. You would instantly feel at ease.

8. Hand-making natural products
It's like creating your own beauty regime, lots of research involved though, but the  best part is you get to explore with various natural ingredients and learn what is best for your skin and body.

9. Scrap-booking
I know lots of mommies who enjoy scrapbooking. I do too! You can collect concert tickets, trinkets and such and paste them in your scrapbooks for memories.

10. Clay Making / Pottery  / Sculpture
Clay Making isn't just great for kids but it is great for adults too. We need to exercise our hand-eye coordination.

The South East Asian Tour 2012, Unit Asia for Music Lovers

I love Music, i think it inspires creative souls all over the world. 

The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) and Music City is featuring the Unit Asia; formed by five top musicians of Asia which consists of five outstanding musicians with 5 different music instruments- Isao Miyoshi (guitar), Hiroyuki Noritake (drums) and Shigeki Ippon (bass), a predominant Thai saxophone player, Koh Mr. Saxman and promising pianist from Malaysia, Tay Cher Siang. This Asian Jazz group with members from Japan, Thailand and Malaysia is now back again to bring Jazz Music to a higher level.

Date and time : 09 February 2012 (8:00 PM)
Venue              : KL Live Event Hall
Tickets Price   : RM150.00 (VIP) & RM100.00
Ticket : AirAsiaRedtix – Tel: (60)3 8775 4666
(Early bird special promotion 20% discount   
   when purchased before 31 January)

*10% discount for JFKL members-for more details please visit our website at :www.jfkl.org.my

Courtesy of JFKL: The Japan Foundation was established in 1972 as a special legal entity to undertake international cultural exchange and was subsequently reorganized as an independent administrative institution in October 2003.  The purpose of the Foundation is "to contribute to a better international environment, and to the maintenance and development of harmonious foreign relationships with Japan, through deepening other nations' understanding of Japan, promoting better mutual understanding among nations, encouraging friendship and goodwill among the peoples of the world, and contributing to the world in culture and other fields through the efficient and comprehensive implementation of international cultural exchange activities."
The Kuala Lumpur office (The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur) was established in 1989, and has actively carried out its programs and activities to promote Arts and Cultural exchange, Japanese-Language education, and Japanese Studies in Malaysia.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Capturing Malaysia through the Years: 40 Years of Press Photography

Monday, January 30, 2012
The Capturing Malaysia through the Years – 40 Years of Press Photography, features 54 selected images through its four thematic categories, such as Newsmakers, Arts and Society, Sports and Conflict and Disasters.The exhibition is an ongoing effort to promote art appreciation and educational programmes to inspire and encouraging Malaysian's homegrown talents in photographer.

Courtesy of Galeri Petronas, Malaysia

Sunday, January 29, 2012

World Press Photo Exhibition

Sunday, January 29, 2012
There was a photograph of a young Afghan girl by Jodi Bieber that i came across while reading The Star newspaper recently. The picture led to an announcement of the World Press Photo Exhibition for budding photographers and photography fans to view the showcase creative works by famous photographers. The works will inspire and move you deeply on life with the various perspective of happenings globally. This event is organized by the World Press Photo Foundation to feature the outstanding photo-journalism. However, the event in Malaysia is organized by the Embassy of Netherlands.
Date: 30 January 2012 to 12 February 2012
Location: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Pick: Bake Goods at Jaja-Bakery Kiosk

I've always seen Jaja-Bakery at Subang Parade's I Love Bazaar on some weekends and this time I am delighted that sweet-tooth peeps can now visit them at their creative bake goods kiosk at Giant Kota Damansara.From Macarons to Biscottis, Truffles and more!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tuapui Handmades

Friday, January 20, 2012
*This is a Paid Review

BOLD but beautiful...

If there is a fresh eye candy i would have, it would be Tuapui Handmade's gorgeous handmades. I got to admit as i didn't quite know what the fad was all about until i laid my eyes on the talented crafter's crafty creations. Jessica Koay the person behind the amazing works are just as wonderful as her creations.

Tuapui handmades makes you want to love spring, summer and autumn altogether while it comes with a tinge of counry-like freshness. It is classy and endearing when a woman wears her creations; the sweet colours and designs seem to bring out the lady-likeness in us girls!

And yes! Romantic is the word! There"s something romantic about Tuapui handmades; i especially adore her rings the most! Mind you this lovely crafter is not just filled with romance in her collections but she has quite a taste too- a fan of classic & vintage beauty, Audrey Hepburn; the elegant whispers of the classics.

Hence, explains her romantic handmades that i'd say is quite the most recent eye candy i have come across so far!

Lastly, a final note, customers are welcome to custom made and even have their names included. Pricing is not too bad at all as it is ranged from RM10 - RM40. So, if you're looking for bold but beautiful handmades that are classy and endearing with elegance, hurry up yourselves to Tuapui Handmade's facebook page! For enquiries and orders, kindly contact Tuapui Handmade in Facebook or send an emaill at jessicakoay@hotmail.com.

*Photos courtesy of Tuapui Handmade
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Handpainted Apparels by KakenC Design

Monday, January 16, 2012
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The Colour-FULL KakenC Design
KakenC Design specializes in handpainted design apparels on t-shirts, sneakers and caps. Its signature styles consist of psychedelic colours with graphic elements. Designs are cute with colours that are rich somehow makes a different to your wardrobe. Think graffiti, if you can’t put an image to its designs. Kaken uses abstract designs to suit your requirements

The Art of Comics
One of the uniqueness about KakenC Design is that some of the designs are influenced by the art of comic. It’s almost as if the designer is trying to bring comics to life, giving it a twist by designing it on apparels or shoes. You would be accompanied with humour every day. One of the comic art-inspired that can be spotted on KakenC Design blogshop would be a design that is adapted from a comic called ‘Lawak Kampus’!

According to your own style
One of the many famous customisable requests is couples-tees as the thought of having a pair designed or themed alike is just simply remarkable. Ready-made designs are available too and you can purchase it straight from the designer.

The art of KakenC Design is a cross between art and fashion
While the designer loves to explore with various styles and elements, you can get advice too if you are unsure what sort of end-results to expect. The price range is affordable; couples can purchased couple t-shirts, handpainted shoes, whether its classic or slip-ons and caps too!

If you are unsure about size-availability, Kaken’s tees size range provides sizes of XS, S, M and L. To quote the designer, Kaken uses the famous Giordano Tees because it is suitable for customization, durability and its high quality material.

A wearable art would be a suitable gift for someone special; especially if you are unsure what to buy, you can’t miss with personalization. If you’re interested to know more or to customise your own, you can contact Kaken at kakenchiro@hotmail.com or visit http://kakendesign.blogspot.com

*Photos courtesy of KakenC Design

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Of Visual Arts Findings

Sometimes when you work with a bunch creative people, you tend to get suck in to research on creative findings too online. I love the quirkiness posted up on these few websites:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Taking responsibility

Friday, January 13, 2012
After a whirlwind of going back there and coming back again, i had a moment of flash in my head last night. A recap of what i've learned about taking responsibility of my own actions, thoughts and words. I understand that and fully grasp that the outside world has nothing to do with the inside me, and the inside me is what it all matters truly. So i'd like to stop for a second and breath, while i take note of what i love, what i prefer and what i'm thinking. thank you universe for the experience.

Moodboards for Your Creative Enhancement

Every picture paints a thousand words; that's why I love combining pictures and ideas. But for those of you who are running out of ideas for a painting, crafting or creative-writing project; you can always opt for a mood-board to give you inspiration. It can be your own creative bible for the everyday-making.  I love to use this mood-board technique whenever i am painting. i have a mood-board specially for colours; looking for them in magazines and putting in a scrapbook so that when i am matching colours for a painting, a design or when i am crafting a necklace, i would refer to it to get the right combination. You can try it too. Below is an example of a mood-board for creative-writing. Much thanks to the blogger.

Shared by Shia Lynn

Make a board for each character in a story. Start with the basic idea for a character and search for images and other bits and pieces that represent this idea or expand on it. Cut out pictures of faces, hair and eyes to inspire their physical characteristics. Sometimes one picture by itself is enough to jump-start your imagination into creating a unique personality.
Focus on the setting. Finding real life examples of the story settings will help you add interesting, life-like detail. How much you describe the setting isn’t quite as important as the details themselves. One or two strange/unheard of details will always trump one-hundred mundane details. The mountainside in your mind will be enhanced by the mountainsides in photographs, which may have gnarled trees or a rock formation that looks like a woman’s face.
Create a board to ignite a general story idea. Play around with different media until a story begins to form in your head. There are a few free websites on the internet that make it easier, such as Mood Share and Image Spark, but you can also just copy and paste images into whatever graphic editing program you have. Don’t confine yourself to just images or just digital images. You may find a piece of music or sound clip that inspires you, or a word in a dictionary. Basically, capture whatever lights the fuse!

How to make a pair of Candy Cane Earrings

Contributed by Deeper than Fashion

X'mas may be over, but the spirit lives within. Want to learn how to make these cute Candy Cane earrings? Click here

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recommended TOP 4 Art-Related Biopic Movies

Thursday, January 12, 2012
If you enjoy art history/literature as much as I do, or simply a movie-buff person, why not kick back and relax with these art-related biopic films.

When watching the Girl with the Pearl Earring (starring Scarlett J.) and young Kirk Douglas's Vincent Van Gogh's Lust for Life, I was mesmerized by how these artists allow their inner creativity to emerge. Goya's Ghost was entertaining; its dark and haunting story line showed viewers how art was used as a form of communication and expression. Also, you would be able to see the early days of print art. Goya's Ghost stars famous actors, Natalie Portman, Javier Bardem and Stellan Skarsgard.

Something you'd be able to relate if you're not familiar with old actors like Kirk Douglass who plays a very good Van Gogh in Lust for Life. You will be able to watch how Van Gogh expresses himself with colours and you will understand why colours are used as a form of therapy in art. Finally, Modigliani played by Andy Garcia; not many knew that Modigliani was a competitor to Pablo Picasso during their early days.





Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pick- Hobo Bag Style by Sew-Sweet-Designs

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
by Sew Sweet Designs RM130 (Fabric Interface) / RM150 (Fleece Interface)Stylish shaped hobo bag perfect for everyday use. Perfect designs with high quality cotton and fabric. Comes with magnetic clasp and matching fabric in the inside. nadhrahmaidin@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jewelry Designer: Sonia Subash, Styles of Sonia

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sonia Subash co-founded Styles of Sonia with her husband, Fabian which to date, carries a jewellery design line called Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now; specializing in handmade jewellery with Swarovski & Chinese crystals. 

Besides running the crafty-fashion biz, Sonia is also earning her Business Degree in Accounting. She yearned to learn more about the trade in the entrepreneur industry so that it would complement her natural artistic flair with a strong foundation in business. She also manages a company called The House of Sonia, a family business which her father started to provide accommodations to students since the year 2005 and manages it with her husband and sister on a full time basis.

While she balances The House of Sonia, her studies and her son, Sonia devotes her passion deeply into her crafty-fashion biz which begun during her early explorations of attaching 250 Swarovski Crystals on a pair of wedding shoes as a gift for her sister’s wedding. Since then, Sonia not only explored redecorating her table lamp but also ventured into the business with her husband when they started receiving orders for earrings; thus, founded Styles of Sonia and its first & exclusive jewelery design line Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now.

The name Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now has an interesting meaning as twinkle and sparkle represents crystals in all its glory where else tinsel represents the material of metal that accompanies its outshining partner. The name was given with an aim to provide that magical feeling for the person who wears it. The line successfully received a number of responses and was offered to sell their products to as far as South Africa and Australia.

Sonia describes her designs to as a mixture between Indian and Bohemian. Her creations are mostly influenced by Indian fashion accessories as her designs are mostly ‘big & chunky’ with crystals. Sonia receives her inspiration from architectures, plants, landscapes, nature, culture, colours and love & support from her husband, son, parents and siblings.

Besides being inspired by her surroundings, Sonia has a few roles models too whom she admires most; her father, most of all, is her biggest role model as he has taught her everything she needs to know. Sonia also has a few female celebrity figures that inspire her in her plans for Styles of Sonia. The prominent names are Kimora Lee Simmons, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Ritchie whom are famous mothers and fashion entrepreneurs who have taken the fashion industry by storm; this has evoke the fire within her to move forward with her fashion line.

Today, as the name Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is emerging; it has motivated Sonia to expand her line. As a strong willed person, Sonia believes that anything is possible to achieve. Hence, Sonia plans to expand Styles of Sonia to have more varieties such as a collection for men and a crystal-embellished shoe collection.  Sonia's designs can be viewed on Facebook or her website.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now

Sunday, January 1, 2012
When You Accessorize, You Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel with Crystals

Styles of Sonia, an eccentric and sophisticated craft & fashion biz now carries an accessory design line, plans to expand into the fashion world and hopes to offer more in the near future. Introducing, Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now

The design line Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is part of the Styles of Sonia line where designs are created by Sonia Subash. Sonia has received great response in her work worldwide that has heard about her beautiful work.

The unique line launches a collection of accessories which specializes in handmade jewellery with crystals of Swarovski and Chinese. Since Swarovski Crystals have been dubbed the most ‘affordable crystals’ compared to diamonds, women can now walk with sophistication and elegance with crystals.

A butterfly design; simplicity makes complex
With this, the line carries a range of bracelets, anklets, belly-chains, ear-chains, ear wraps, nose rings, rings, toe rings and even a couple of sets with necklaces all strewn together with crystals. The line has been receiving offers to even spread its name to as far as South Africa and Australia.

A unique earrings design of rainbow colours
Trail your fingers and feel the sophistication in their earrings

Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is known for its bold designs with crystals that come with vibrant colours to sparkle any outfit worn by a lady. “The twinkle and sparkle represents crystals and all its glory, while the tinsel represents the metal that accompanies its outshining partner. I wanted a name that was magical. Everyone wants a little magic, I know I do and when I wear my designs, it is simply a magical feeling,” expressed Sonia, the designer.

Another with a Peacock design
Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is certainly a sensation as their designs are mostly influenced by Indian fashion accessories with a blend of bohemian style suitable for dresses and long skirts which brings out the mystery and elegance in women. Currently, the Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now line is spreading through Facebook where there are constant updates on new items, products and promotions.

Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now can now be reached at www.stylesofsonia.com or be a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/soniaashleycollections and Twitter @StylesOfSonia.

*this is a sponsored post
*photos courtesy of Styles of Sonia

Deeper than Fashion

Deeper Than Fashion; A Fashion Statement

I’m going to make this personal because I have just fallen in love with the authenticity found at Deeper Than Fashion’s creations and available products. I have knack and addiction for creative crafts and fashion because I believe this two go hand in hand. Harmini, the creative fashionista behind it is an artistic girl with a knack for craft, fashion and photography. Her unique taste and style reminds me of the people who have taken online art classes who often love designing beautiful creations like these.

Deeper Than Fashion carries a strong form of uniqueness with funky colours; with a zest for life kind of accessories consist of eccentric items and an awesome range of clothes with cutting-edge fashion style for the urban ladies! 

Deeper Than Fashion is already known out there! The famous name and the creator behind it had been featured on magazines such as SEVENTEEN MALAYSIA, CAMPUS PICK and was even one of the CLEO YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD recipients. So, bear in mind that when you purchase your goods from Depper Than Fashion, they are designed by a talented FASHION DESIGN student.

It is just really deeper than fashion at Deeper Than Fashion! Get connected with Deeper Than Fashion and check out their vibrant and authentic products, visit www.facebook.com/deeperthanfashion or drop by http://deeperthanfashion.blogspot.com.

*Photos courtesy of Deeper Than Fashion

Glitz Creations

*This is a Sponsored Review
Here's something that I think it's extraordinary; Glitz Creations by Nadhrah Maidin specializing in scrapbooking craft for special occasions such as; festive seasons, mother's & father's day, wedding celebrations, baby showers, birthdays, invitations, anniversaries and much more, you name it she's got it! Which reminds me, I have thought of looking into resources like this to get some creative inspirations to do even more beautiful work just like Glitz Creations! The price range at Glitz Creations are affordable too for an amazing good quality and service provided. Here are some of Glitz Creations products and prices for your interest:

Flower Power Notebook / Journal (I personally like this, I recommend this for Creative Journals!) 
An amazing fact is that Nadhrah's products are created based on some of the ideas for customers to choose from, such as;  
  • Anniversary albums
  • Art on canvas
  • Cards
  • Mini albumsNewborn baby albums
  • Retirement albums
  • Single Page layouts
  • Wedding albums
  • Custom order
  • Guest Book
  • Journals
  • and so much, incredibly more! (I invite you to check her out blog now for interesting products!)
Therefore, with this ideas in mind, customers are able to choose and also plan ahead in what sort of end result they would prefer before consulting the expert herself for order. Nadhrah will be able to assist you in advices and recommendations on how you would like your order to be.

Learn from Glitz Creations!
Glitz Creations doesn't just have made to order / ready to purchase products. Offering now are classes that are recently going on in few locations. For those interested, crafter Nadhrah is conducting scrapbooking classes at Jalan 19/31 (Behind Mungo Jerry), Bfree Studio of The Handmade Movement, Papier @ The Curve and more. Prices ranges from RM80 - 100 with impressive good quality materials included.

Photos of Classes:

Well, to sum it up all here, Glitz Creations offers and specializes in handmade gifts with a variety of unique & quirky designs using the highest recommended quality materials to ensure each and every customer’s gifts is handmade with perfection. For more info, please visit http://glitzcreations.blogspot.com or contact Nadhrah for inquiries at 012-608 1898 / email: nadhrahmaidin@gmail.com.

*Photos courtesy of Glitz Creations

As seen on Facebook

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Creative tips on Embellishing, Repurposing and Restyling

The Artsy Craftsy Shop
Upcycle your skirt and halter top by sewing
together into a dress!
Giving fabric and clothes a NEW LIFE rather than throw them away

* A cheap way to dress up clothing is to sew on patches and other embellishments made form other clothes.

* A pocket cut from an old pair of ripped up jeans can cover a stain on another pair of jeans in otherwise good condition.

* Beads or sequins from one shirt can be sewn to the cuffs of a sweater or line the edge of a pocket. Fabric paint can at a creative touch to almost anything.

* Adult clothing can be trimmed down to make child size versions, too. Old night gowns and pajamas are very easy to convert. Once old clothing is thought of as unclaimed fabric, the ideas begin to really flow.

* Use old wool sweaters to make diaper covers, leggings, and many other accessories. Wool is a great medium once it is felted. To felt wool, wash in hot water and dry on high heat. The wool will shrink and compress into a thick material. It will now be able to be cut without unraveling.

* To make leggings, just cut sleeves from a sweater.

* Headbands can be made from a neckline or from a turtleneck removed from the sweater. Use stitches or sewing glue to add decorations. This is a great rainy day project.

* Torn up jeans can be sewn into a cool purse.

* Clothes that have stains can sometimes be saved by dying them. A fun way to salvage stained shirts is to tie dye them. Kids love tie dyed shirts, especially if they participate. This is another good rainy day project.

* Turn a worn shirt into a fun pillow.

* Tote bags are easy to make if the sleeves are removed and the bottom sewn shut. Finish the ragged edges left by the sleeves and voila- kid sized tote.

Image credit: The Artsy Craftsy Shop 2013
Article Source:http://maryeaudet.hubpages.com/hub/Cheap-Clothes-Upcycle-Your-Wardrobe


The Art of Painting Folk Art
Lovely Vivien is the arty behind Vienart Corner who enjoys art and painting very much. This freelancer loves experimenting with new mediums in painting such as acrylic and enamel painting for glass and porcelain. I can see why she spends so much time in it. Looking at her glass pieces on her blog, what amazes me is how intricate and exquisite the results of each glass and porcelain piece. Besides having the passion for craft painting, Vivien also enjoys the occasional gardening and cooking too.

[Folk Art Painting, Key Hanger by VienArt]

Surfing through her artsy blog, Vivien certainly has a knack for Folk Art. Her brush strokes of each petal on every flower painted is breath taking. For fans of Folk Art decorative items, you can now purchase from Vivien at http://vienartcorner.blogspot.com/

Pick- Mommy Gone Artsy Personalized Paintings and Artworks

My mother was the one who taught me how to colour. She made sure I would colour in "one direction" and made sure I learn how to match the colours accurately. I have her to thank for because today, I live and breathe art. So, when this artsy momma herself visited my blog, I was very happy to know that there are mothers out there who are my readers too.

Therefore, as a thank you, i'd like everyone to drop Ms. Muna's blog and check out her funky personalization on canvas. For mommies, you can personalize your own Alphabet Canvas for your kids and hang it in their room, or you can even get her to do something as a gift (or for yourself) and you can do one as a wedding gift for the new bride and groom.

The cool thing i like most about it is that Muna's colour combination is fantastic. It has some sort of refreshing look and somehow i can feel that it would brighten a room. I like the wedding piece as well, it has sort of an emboss effect which sort of reminds me of a 'beach look'.

Alright, don't wait just head on over to her blog and check out the rest of her stuff. She's got lots of new cool designs from time to time. Click here to visit now!

How to Make a Luminary tin-can candle holder

· Tin Can
Plain Paper
· Pen or
· Duct or
Masking Tape
· Nail
· Hammer

1. Wash your can thoroughly well and remove its label.

2. Measure your can so you know how big your design would be.

3. Fill your tin can with water and leave about an inch of room from top-edge.

4. Put the can of water into the freezer and let it freeze until solid.

5. To make the luminary, tap the holes on the side of the can with a hammer and a nail. The freezing water can help the can to keep its shape with the nail pounding into it.

6. While your can is still freezing, you can plan your design on a piece of paper.

7. Use the measurements you took, and cut a piece of paper that would fit around your can.

8. Draw out your design on a piece of paper. You might want to make up designs as you go along with it.

9. Once the water in the can is frozen, that’s when you are ready to make your luminary.

10. Tap your design around your can.

11. Use a hammer and a nail to tap holes into the can and ice.

12. Carefully follow the lines of your design while making sure you leave space in between the holes. Once complete, remove your pattern and let your design melt.

13. Now, make sure your can is dry. Place the candle into the can and light it. Step back and look at the wonderful design!

The best part is, you can use them and make more of them for any special occasion or festive celebration! Give it a try!