Thursday, April 19, 2012

Movie screening by JFKL

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Movie Title: WANKO~The Story of Me, My Family and My Dog
Directed by: Isamu Nakae
Featuring: Ryuta Sato, Kumiko Aso, Mieko Harada, Mitsuko Baisho
Summary: August 2000, a devastating volcanic eruption ravaged the island of Miyakejima. This is a story of friendship and the indelible bond between a dog, a boy and his family. A miraculous story based on true events of a family torn apart by an unimaginable natural disaster.

Please check website for information (JFKL)
For more information please call (Publika): 03-6211 7877 or emailINFO.PUBLIKA@SUNRISE.UEMNET.COM

Information courtesy of Ms. Aini of JFKL


The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur and No Black Tie proudly presents Jazz Live Sessionfeaturing Chika Asamoto, the first female professional sax player in Japan with sideman Shigeo Fukuda (Piano), DubMaster X (Dub Engineer/DJ), and Tony Makarome (bass) this April! This is a special live Jazz performance should not be missed!

Date & Time:  27 & 28 APRIL 2012, 10.30PM
         Venue: No Black Tie
        17, Jalan Mesui,
        Off Jalan Nagasari,
        50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Admission: RM50, (RM30 for students)

For reservations and more details, please call (No Black Tie) 03- 2142 3737 or
 (FREE Admission for Jazz workshop at ASWARA)-visit the website for more details.

Information courtesy of Ms. Aini of JFKL

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aiko Column: How to Make a Gothic Easter Bunny

Thursday, April 12, 2012
by Aiko Chan

Magic of Colouring: Why colouring is for everyone

A recent discovery in healing with colours has led me to realized that:

1. You are never too old for colours
2.You are never too old for colouring

When you find yourself after a day of hard labour, or feeling blue, instead of drawing, you can always opt for  colouring. Colouring is another ideal way to destress, if you find that drawing is quite a task (as some might say that they are not quite an artist themselves). In the previous post on intuitive painting and mandalas, colouring serves as a form of therapy and does not require talent or skill. It is about being free and being in touch with your inner child; when you use colours freely in colouring, you are expressing yourself by travelling inward to your soul.

Why are Colours important?

Colours are important to us in our lives because they signify everything in this world, whether it is you or me as individuals, an object, a picture, a scenery...When you are in touch with colours, it speaks to your heart intuitively; you will be able to love yourself the way you love and appreciate every single colour on its own. Colours has its way in communicating with us or others, the way a painting with vibrant colours speaks to you. How?

When Colours Speak to You

Have you ever had an object or a picture, etc. caught your attention? I am pretty sure it is not just because of the object on its own, but the colours as well. When it catches your attention, that is when the colours are speaking to you directly. Even if it is a black & white photography, which in my case, is my favourite; but yet, that black & white colour creates a sorta' "timeless" feeling, as if you are travelling back in time to a memory that you wish you could hold on to forever. This is how colours can speak to you and affect your feelings and thoughts.

Going Back to Childhood

My experience with colours is a personal journey; have you ever wondered what is yours?

#Truestory: When I was a little girl, I did not enjoy colouring. I was young and felt it was tiring to fill the same spot with colours, especially if it is a large background; a sky or the ground. I tried to avid colouring whenever possible, but my mother, however, would still buy tons of colouring books for me and encourage me to colour. The only thing that enticed me to colour was giving the girl in the picture red lips, eyeshadows and red for hair. When I grew older, my fabric painting master told me that my colour combination was poor and I needed to learn how to match colours. But with all divine love and light, i finally learned to love and made friends with colours during my art therapy session. I learned that my feelings and emotions can be identified through colours, because that is how my soul communicates using my body. I appreciated every single colour for its uniqueness and usefulness, even the colour pink! (for someone who loves black).

Currently, I am inspired by the spiritual book 'Living On The Earth' by Alicia Bay Laurel. I found the book in a secondhand bookstore and immediately fell in love with it when i flipped through the pages filled with elements to guide you on how to live on earth as one with the earth and appreciate every moment of it. I loved it so much that, I wanted to fill its pages with colours that heals me.

Getting Started

1. Colouring is easy to get started. All you have to do is say the magic word to yourself "Yes I want to".

2. There are tons of accessible colouring books these days and you can purchase them in your local bookstores.You can purchase one specially for "You" time.

3. Don't forget to buy various coloured-pens/markers (recommended Sharpie Markers). Or if you would like something simpler, you can start off with colour pencils or crayons.

4. If you are a mommy or daddy, you can peek through you little ones' colouring books to get some ideas. This time, try to see it in a different light; it is a good chance for you to be in touch with your innerchild.

5. Maybe you'd like to indulge in a colouring activity with your little one for a parent-child bonding session.

6. Colouring activity can be a great way to release stress not just for one, but for two too! Why don't initiate this simple activity for you and your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend to do together?

7. When you are down, sit down with your colours, take a moment and colour. 

8. Again, the tip here is to be UNCONSCIOUS with your colours.

9. Let your colours flow, which ever colours comes to mind, use it! Then take a step back and observe and analyse. Light a candle while you're at it and let the energy come from within!

10. REMEMBER: Colours define us and colours heal us. When you are feeling blue, use colours to define your sadness or emotions; then turn to the next page and ask yourself, which colour would make you feel better, then colour with it!

Living On the Earth Pictures courtesy of Living On the Earth Book by Alicia Bay Laurel: All credits goes to author, Alicia Bay Laurel.
Photos of Sharpie Markers: Usage of Product Images: credits goes to Sharpie® 

Monday, April 9, 2012


Monday, April 9, 2012
Sometimes the smallest things in life happens to be one of the most important realization.

You see, I have a DVD player that is not able to read DVDs well unless they are original copies. It gets old because it demotivates me to watch a good ol movie while I do my chores. Time and time again I remind myself that I have a standby player which I can easily hook it up and my problem would be solved. But of course, comes the procrastination. My mind starts to give excuses like, oh but the current machine is of sentimental value or cant move the tv to plug the wires..etc. Eventually, I let these thoughts govern over me and I dared complained about the machine failing me.. Also not realising that I was being irresponsible of my own actions.

So here I am trying to play a movie again, trying to on and off it until it reads the DVD.. But this time, I though to myself, how long am I going to go through this procrastination when all I have to do is just take a little effort to try and hook up the new player instead.

A new found realization came through and I realised, I only thought it's hard because I gave myself excuses.. Not realizing that I let these excuses or negativity be part of me to stop me from being able to enjoy the little things in life.

Now, I am eager to make the switch :-) 

Moral of the story is don't say I can't before I can.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Up close with: Artist, Rie

Monday, April 2, 2012
Today's post is a special feature of a Japanese Artist, Rie who is currently residing in the Pearl of the Orient- Penang as resident artist. In conjunction of her recent Rie Mandala Paper + Fabric Collage Art Exhibition with Japanese Foundation Kuala Lumpur, we had the chance to interview with Ms.Rie and share the insights of this artist with you:

Photo credits to Rie
The Artist, Rie
     Tell me about yourself 
(before and after your current venture) 
and where are you from?
I move quite often (also travel a lot.) When I was a student in Okinawa, Japan I visited Bali in year 1999, since thenI’ve been in and out of Bali Indonesia (in 2002 lived in Taiwan for a year, in 2003 lived in Jogjakarta, Indonesia for a year) but in 2004 moved my base to Kyoto, Japan, then again in year 2009 moved back to Bali. The last 6 months I stayed in Penang as an artist in residence. After this exhibition in KL I’m going back to Bali.  Originally I am from Fukuoka, Japan.  

What sort of medium do you use?
Paper and fabric collage

photographed by Ryoji Hosoda
Melodies of Time by Rie
When did it start and why?
Around 2003 started collage slowly (was focused on wood block printing), but maybe since I was a child anyhow I’ve been cutting and pasting some paper I find around me.

What makes it stand out? / How are you promoting yourself as an artist?
Holding exhibitions with a theme.

photographed by emile satyawarman
Whisper by Rie

How did you come up with the name of your current series of your exhibition? 
What does it mean?
This is about voices of paper and fabric that are discarded. I hear them always in my life so this time expressed their new breath in a world called “whispers of Life” by making them dance on panels and lamp.

photographed by emile satyawarman
Whisper by Rie

Do share with us about your recent show.
Residency program exhibition at RBS gallery in Penang island.

What are your strengths? / How would you describe your style?
Paper and fabric collage: many layers of fine cut circles.

photographed by emile satyawarman
Whisper by Rie

What inspires you? / What is your driving force for you as an artist?
When I meet interesting paper / material. When some ideas are fallen into me.

Where do you want to be 1, 5, 10 ,etc years from today?
Somewhere I feel grounded and connected with the nature.

What are your significant memories so far from this experience?
Very professional support from the gallery (12 Art space) and The Japan Foundation

Where are you based?
I am based in Bali

What sort events did you / have you participated in?
Art exhibitions,  world music performance as a musician for about 6 years, 
collage live performance
photographed by emile satyawarman
Whisper by Rie

Any inspiring quotes to share with others or advice?
"Patience makes peace"

Biz Card:

Artist photo (top)- courtesy of Rie. Retrieved from artist's website
Melodies of Time- photographed by Ryoji Hosoda
Whisper ( All four photos) - photographed by Emile Satyawarman
Special thanks to Ms. Aini of Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur for arranging the interview and providing the photos.