Monday, June 4, 2012

Up close with: Maz Mynrose

Monday, June 4, 2012
Today's post, The Artsy Craftsy is featuring a unique young lady, who is not only creative in crafting natural bath products and jewelries, but is an Earth Goddess who is in-tuned with her inner creative self. Read on to know more about Maz Mynrose (A divine name with a divine soul)...

Tell me about yourself 
 I was a doing the creative studies line, which I enrolled in Limkokwing Foundation in Arts (Industrial Design Major) program, dropped out after finishing first semester, then worked in Retail, and continued to finish my Foundation in Arts (Fashion Major) in Cenfad’s  Design College near KLCC , hoped to further studies in London as I’ve been accepted into London College of Fashion, (But fate has a turning point and that didn’t happen) I worked again for awhile and decided to leave for New Zealand Holiday Working and was in NZ for almost 2 years.  I created my brand in NZ and when I came back to Malaysia is where I started doing the business officially. It started with selling my own handmade bags to friends. Then I decided to still pursue Fashion Design so I enrolled into another school for Fashion but then dropped out and decided I can just learn on my own. Instead I started becoming a herbalist and a crafter!

What is the nature of your business?
Like your question, my business is Nature! J Its an everything natural products.  My business is an Anthropological brand that cares about community and the people around us. I have handmade jewelry and handmade herbal goodies. Its mainly using herbs and cold processed oils in order to make beautiful healing products for our skin and safe for all types of family use.

What is your personal brand?
I renamed  it to Mynrose Imperium which means Mynrose Kingdom. And since I am the owner, I call myself Empress of the Mynrose Imperium J Usually people would say owner, CEO, creator, I am going my way which is believing my choice is good. Nobody else is an Empress are they, why follow the streamline when you can make your own magic moment *wink* J

When did it start and why?
It started in 2008, after a good day out at a beautiful rose garden in Wellington NZ, Lady Norwood Rose Garden. The photographs that I took, the beauty inspired me and I sketched the Rose photo and painted it. Then I scanned and tweak it and suddenly had the inspiration to make it my brand.  This is now 5 years later, It’s amazing what happens when you follow your heart with blind faith.

What makes your personal brand stand out?
My product is a part of me, I put my soul spirit tons of love and passion including patience which I hardly have haha, 5 years to get this far takes a lot of believe and faith. This is a genuine product that is uniquely originated by my brand Mynrose Imperium and there is nothing like this, so far that I know of in Malaysia or in Asia at this moment. I am doing herbal products that heal and I and healing my customers spiritually too. My brand is not just a brand, it is a way of living your life, it’s lifestyle of love for nature.

How did you come up with the name and why? What does it mean? 
I tried to incorporate my own name and the word rose together, I started doodling names for awhile before I got to make the name that seems fit. I love to create names, so making names up is easy for me. Mynrose means a few things , My own Rose, Or Mind Rose means Intelligence of a Rose seeing that Rose is totally known all over the world and long centuries ago and been used for many many things including as a source of Vitamin C during wars and is use to convey love and make people happy.

How would you describe your style?
My brain is filled with ideas that I would love to execute, so I will never be out of ideas for new products. My products style is more going back in touch with mother nature, earthy, and still fun to have around. I love vintage antique items and I love to implement the images of old Victorian and Edwardian postcards circa before 1900s for my products labels. This interest for Victorian style was sparked during my first fashion student years. And now I’m going back to the traditional old age way keeping the ethics of true beauty and adding some urban city kick to it. 
Hence the popping colors around my labels and design.

What kind of items do you sell? 
At the moment Mynrose Secret Potion is my focus, so the items in this section are Natural Lipbalms, Lipcolors, Skin Butters, Soaps, Body Scrub, Hair Serum, Pimple Poof Cream, and our latest one is to help heal the human skin, Mother Earth’s Salve.
I also do Healing Crystal Jewelry, Where if you have some personal attributes you would love to heal or make better, using crystal to help lift your personal vibrations. 
So can make it into a pendant or bracelet or even earrings.

Any specialization?
I am actually a Tarot Reader and a Healer, some people call me psychic, but my antennae is not too active unless something is really important the message will come through. I am very tune with other human beings emotions and I sincerely feel their emotions as part of it is mine. Most people come out of nowhere to come talk to me, because they feel very comforted after awhile. Some people cant stop sharing and they don’t know why. But I do, I attract this people as I am able to give them a shining beacon of hope with my words of advice and pure love. One of the ways I am offering my assistance to my friends and clients is this new program I created to help people change their life. Its called the New Life Healing. IT comes with 10 card Tarot Reading, a Chakra Check (to see whats imbalance and what neads clearing and healing) and A Personal Chakra Healing Jewelry. This service is till middle of May actually and will resume in August.  This is the link to the programme for new life healing

What inspires you?
Mostly everything that grows under the sky, and the shining stars over the moon. Actually the person I really inspire the most is my 19 year old self. If I haven’t had the courage to do what I had to do to have a life change, then I wouldn’t be here standing beside my brand Mynrose.  I really am proud of my 19 year old self even if it is just 5 years ago. Im turning 24 this May 25thJ. I kept going when its rough and tough, I had this sense of faith that things are going to be okay and that I just have to keep moving forward and have my vision set towards whats good. People who gave up everything to do what’s right inspires me, People who took a stand to be the voice of reason of truth. They are the ones who give me inspiration to keep moving forward to share my own voice of truth.

What are your interest and hobbies?
My fav thing to do is to research, I am a very curious person ever since I was a young girl. I love to read, draw, color, paint, “Google” for new informations, doing Tarot Reading to help people see where their life is headed, I loveeee to watch travelling channels.

Any background involvement in the industry?
Well I guess I growed up in the industry really. My parents are both traditional herbalists who created a company creating traditional recipes like our famous family recipe the Honey Ginger Tea. I was doing fashion in my my 20s and I was told by an old gypsy men while travelling Australia that I was going to be a healer and a herbalist. At that time I had no idea. 
Afterwards, almost a year after, It made sense. I started falling in love with nature, herbs, plants, oils, just started researching a lot about it, and a while longer I just realize I’m following my parents footsteps and my grandparents footsteps. My Chinese Grandpa is a Sensei, Chinese Doctor, and My Malay Grandpa is a Malay Medicine man who works in the forest. I figured out that I’m actually a 3rdGeneration Herbalist J

Where do you want to be 1, 5, 10 ,etc years from today?
5 Years time, It will be a 10thAnniversary for Mynrose, 2018. I wish that It would be known in Asia Pacific, Mostly in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Having establish a good recognition as a pioneer in the herbal industry to help heal common ailments and the one to go to for all skincare needs and health. Spiritually too JAnd in 10 years time, If I shoot for the stars I’ll land on the moon, I hope to shoot for USA And Europe and bring my products worldwide. Everyone loves light and my products are filled with good natured light and healing for every type of person on this earth. It’s a natural Lifestyle. It would be efficient to say everyone would naturally go for Mynrose Imperium J

What successful people do you admire?
I get admiration from historic people as I love history. Mainly successful women, those who have braved the currents where some such industry is filled the other gender. I truly admire the women who believed in themselves so strongly that they achieve these statuses. I love Mother Theresa, she really sacrificed many things. I think success is really overrated. Success should not be just materialistic. True success is to live with love and life filled with memories. Right now so many people just keep wanting the most lavish expensive things they could get. Forgetting their fellow men beside who needs the support that could be given if success was not drawn by materialistic objects. I also admire and inspired by Laura Ashley a Home and Fashion brand that started in Britain/United Kingdom. Right after Senior Year in high school, I worked in Laura Ashley retail as a sales assistant. 
At that moment I realize I want to own my own company, for fashion, home and lifestyle.
Mynrose Imperium is grateful for this beginning that sparked me to create my own brand.
What is the driving force behind the blogshop / website / social networking sites?
My passion to create a beautiful gentle change in the world one petal at a time JAlso because I want to share my creations with people who love my products and the newbies who will come to love my new products J

What are your significant memories so far from this business?
People customers coming up to me and telling me they are so proud of me and what I’ve created and told me to keep going and giving me the support verbally and emotionally happy to see this great products I’ve created. I truly cherish that moments from all my customers or visitors to my markets or booth or even people from websites. To me they are my angels J

Where are you based?
TTDI, KL , Malaysia.

What sort events have you participated in?
I participate in local flea markets and bazaars. In 2009 I participated in PWTC Youth 2010 Event, Urbanscapes, Markets @ Jaya One and Fuyoh Art Bazaar at Publika recently.

Any inspiring quotes to share with others or advice?
Mynrose’s Famous Quote is “There is such thing as World Peace” since 2008
My personal quote for life (this was created before I did a backpack travel to AUS) is: 

“Dear Universe, I appreciate for the feet, the eyes & the hands that I have,
I believe that wherever I go I will see the magnificent part of the world, and to always see magically, Let all sight be beautiful to bear;
 let everything and everyone be wonderful, 
I wish that whatever I touch reminds me of the amazing experience in everything; 
Let everything be enjoyable to me; 
And I know that with every step I take I will be having a pleasant time. 
I am home, and everywhere is my home."
- Maz Mynrose


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Photos courtesy of Maz Mynrose

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