Thursday, February 16, 2012

Draw a Mandala

Thursday, February 16, 2012

To me, there are no rules to draw a Mandala.
Mandalas are fun to create, draw and colour. In my opinion, a Mandala is your inner circle of safety, peace, love and creativity. It is great to draw Mandalas especially after during a stressful or hectic day at work or school. 

Sometimes when you find yourself feeling blue or emotional about an incident, drawing or colouring a Mandala would help you have a clear mind thus, allowing you to think things through and maybe even problem solve.

Mandala drawings are unique in its own way. It depends on each individuals on what sort of colours, shapes, design or size used. Many people find themselves being self-conscious when they are drawing anything from birds, to trees, to humans or even landscapes... in truth, deep down inside us, there are no rules nor restrictions when it comes to art. Not a trick up your sleeves, but in order to enjoy creating art is simply being UN-self-conscious when creating.

Many of us tend to compare our art with others; it is a lot easier to point out the flaws in our art but it isn't easy to see beyond the lines and technique used.

So, the next time you are creating art or attempt to create a Mandala, here's few tips you might find useful:

1. Breathing during creating - make sure your breathing is steady...when you breath, you are allowing oxygen in thus, enabling you to think with a clearer mind.

2. Be free - don't worry about which colours look nice or not, just use the first colour that comes to your mind. Likewise with drawing images.

3. Don't compare- comparison is another way of judging yourself be it in a negative or positive manner. Art isn't about comparison, there are no rights or wrongs but all that exist in your own space is just YOU.

4. Reflecting- Once you're done, take a step back and look at your colours and images. Observe every single detail and ask yourself how did you feel when you were colouring that or drawing this.. ask yourself why did you use a certain colour and how does that colour make you feel? You may write it down too (as seen above)

Here's a link for you to view on how you can create Mandalas! With lots of light and love.

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