Monday, March 18, 2013

Make an Impression with Your Online Biz

Monday, March 18, 2013
Nailing the first impression is important when you own a biz. It can be for a store front, website, product, packaging, name card, you name it.

Online shoppers- acknowledgement
Online shopping isn’t just a pop culture, but a convenience. When you’re a busy mom or a working girl like me, you almost need to squeeze in time to shop and its alot easier to purchase your goods from an online store- and often, we go back to the online store that we are familiar with and trust most.

Getting their attention
When you receive the parcel, the packaging is your first impression to (not the store) but the service. The packaging tells alot about an online store and whether they have their customers’ interest at heart. 

Don’t be surprise that a little effort goes a long way, with little things like creative return address labels; these little heartfelt effort shows how much you appreciate your customers. 

Online Biz Owners, how to turn first timers into your regulars?
Either you are an owner of an online store or a blogshop, you are probably familiar with the concept of packing up goods and making deliveries to your customers. 

When packing up your goods, you can incorporate a beautifully-designed return address label to give a little uplift to your packed goods. You can choose your own customized address labels from the range of creative designs to match your online store image.

Simplicity Makes complex
As a biz owner myself, I truly enjoy looking out for stationery vendors that provides quality products and personalized services to complement my very own online biz. 

With companies like American Stationery, you get quality assurance in its products and services. The selection of customized return address labels comes with chic colours and patterns- select its range of styles available to suit the nature of your biz and products.

For instance, if you are a fashion blogshop owner with a variety of vintage-inspired outfits, you might like a black in colour designed return address label

Or if you are an artist, delivering your paintings to a buyer or a florist running an online florist boutique; how about an artistic floral design? And lastly for crafters or bakers, need I say more with a sweet magenta tone?

You can also consider a return address label personalized to be your business card, and include it in the packaging for your customers. 

So now you know that all it takes is just a little enhancement added on to your product packaging. With that simple add-on, you can be assured of quality boost for your 
online creative biz.

*Photo credit American Stationery
*This blog post was sponsored by American Stationery

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