Thursday, December 26, 2013

When Pixlr loves my stuff, my love for photo art is renewed

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey all! I am still away on holiday with my loved ones, and that means this is a scheduled post.

Today's post is about my passion for taking photos and manipulating or editing them.

Ever since I was in college, I always loved taking photos and I started my interest in photo manipulation when I picked up Basic to Photoshop from my lecturer. But after awhile, I grew out of it, because there was a lot of advance knowledge that I didn't get to learn and photo editing on Photoshop became difficult for me. Eventually, I forgot about photo editing, and just stayed on with taking photos.

Photo 1 & 2: Photos manipulated in 2007 with Photoshop

When technology evolved, and then came android, I was excited that I could take photos with my phone. Then I realized that I could edit my photos on my phone. So, I started downloading all kinds of photo editing apps but non had good features until I discovered Pixlr! I just went nuts and started taking photos with Pixlr-O-matic. I fell in love with it because of its cute "film" camera feature (and sound effects).
Taken with Pixlr-O-matic on Sony Xperia Arc S

Then I discovered Pixlr Express; it's like photoshop but a phone version. I started to transform and manipulate all my photos on my phone; I could do it on the go.

Taken with Sony Xperia Arc S, edited with Pixlr Express Mobile

As a blogger, I also have to edit photos on the computer, but I realized that my graphic design software was too slow and I couldn't carry my laptop with my all the time. I wanted a graphic design software I could use online, immediately, and had access to it anytime wherever I am (especially at work with a desktop). Then I discovered Pixlr Editor, and it was the perfect solution to use for bloggers on the go like me!

Taken with Sony Xperia Arc S, edited on PC with Pixlr Editor

I've been using Pixlr for almost a year now; I am officially Pixlr's biggest fan.

It was also such an honor to received Pixlr's feedback on how much they like my work and what I have done with my photos for the blog.

Today, as I was editing another photo on Pixlr Editor, I realized that ever since I became a Pixlr-user, my passion in photo manipulation / photo editing has been renewed. As a user, I am very thankful that Pixlr exist and created cutting-edge apps for giving chance to people like me to unleash their inner artist.

Thank you Pixlr for making this blog's images amazing!


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