Friday, March 27, 2015

Mixed Media: Artful Gathering Workshop with Altered Alchemy

Friday, March 27, 2015

Today is a special day. It is a special day because I am inspired by the word: Inspiration. 

Inspiration is important. It is what influences your work, and that is how and where you find your edge as an artist and what makes your work special.

I was inspired by a video made by Luthien Thye, an independent Mixed Media Artist of Altered Alchemy.

I was tickled by the intro of the eccentric video, and I cannot help but laugh at Luthien's quirkiness when she shared what inspires her, and what influenced her art style.

I am a big fan of Luthien’s work. I had a chance to feature Luthien in an interview blog post before this; it was such an honor because I was already admiring her work since I got to know about her few years back. So, you can imagine my joy to have Luthien allow me to share her video on the blog.

This video is a promo video made by Luthien for the Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat 2015: FLYAWAY WITH ME Workshop. Even though it is a self-made video, but I got to give it two thumbs up because Luthien and her family did a wonderful job filming it. Not to forget, Luthien’s acting, she’s a naturale!

The FLYAWAY WITH ME Workshop is now open for registration at . It will be an exciting session, because if you click HERE to read about Luthien and view her fine craft work, I guarantee you that you will be eager to sign up. 

P/S: By the way, Luthien, I spotted a huge piece of amethyst on your table. =) Brought back childhood memories.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely writeup!! Truly appreciate it!
    That amethyst cave is a gift from my dad. We have quite a few of them dotted around the house actually! Love them!