Thursday, March 20, 2014

Featured in: Better Blogger Network Member Spotlight

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It is very interesting to see how things can easily turn out, especially the things that you have been wishing for and trying your best to manifest it for it to happen. I have always wanted to be featured in the Better Blogger Network's member spotlight. And this only came about when I got to know about this website last year. Even being a blogger for 5 years now, sometimes I get that feeling too, as if the grass is always greener on the other side. I tend to forget that I don't have to wish or hope, because I can have it all too; I don't have to wonder how it feels like to have your work featured and promoted by others. After all, anything that has happened to the other person can easily happen to us too. I guess, what happened was that I kept telling myself that good things come to those believe in it; believe that you deserve it, after all everyone deserves to have good things happening to them, am I right or not?

Anyways, it was a pleasant surprise to have Better Blogger Network contact me recently to inform me that I was going to be featured. It was also nice of them, to check with me, if I want to update my blogging advice, since I totally forgotten what I wrote last year when I submitted.

I was featured on the 18th March 2014.

I am happy to be featured, not because of publicity, but because here's another opportunity to get my cause out there. To share with the rest of the blogging community, all over the world, that I share the same movement as them in the name of creativity.

In case you can't read my blogging advice, here's what I submitted:
My life took a turn about 5 years ago, when I decided to fade out all negativity about me not being able to be creative. I decided to take a stand and start pursuing my interest by engaging myself in things I enjoy doing such as painting, crafting, blogging, etc. Then I realized that the more I engage myself in my hobbies, my life started to balance out on its on and no longer feel life is without a purpose. Each time I create or write, I reflect, and eventually I started to see that my existence in this world was equally important as everybody else's, because I was sharing a lot of light & love about creativity through my blog. From then on, I never look back on inspiring myself and others, especially women worldwide, to develop self-love through art & creativity. Do what you love, and everything else in your life will unravel!

Each time I am featured, I give thanks to the support from each of my readers; May you jump, dance and laugh on the green grass on the other side.

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