Thursday, May 22, 2014

Updates from the Studio #2 : Living with Style

Thursday, May 22, 2014
It has been more than a week already ever since I moved into the studio. Lately, besides swarmed with work, I have been settling in and getting used to the place. Most of the people I know move out and get their own place in their early 20's; I on the other hand had to wait until I am in my late 20's to do this. Looking back, I still can remember wondering when that day will be, fantasizing having my own place and what I would love to have to make my home a home. At that time, it felt far away...

In a blink of an eye, I am here today. I successfully made it happened, and I am grateful for being able to cross this off my list in this year's resolution.

"Note to you, yes you my reader: any dreams or goals you have, stay positive and continue working towards it. Don't give up because I am certain you will achieve it."
Deco Ideas
A tray of candles and aromatherapy burner. It's my dining table center piece.

I really enjoy being able to decorate my space. In my previous update from the studio post, I didn't really share much about my decorating plans because of the time constraint (Penang travel plans and all). I finally had the chance to work on styling up the place. Before we moved, we discussed on the style direction, and what sort of concept we want. We both agreed on 'warm minimalism' or 'zen' concept, so allow me to share it with you:

When it came to colour selection, from decorative items right down to fabric, we selected a lot of grey, white, light brown, hint of beige gold, along with complementary colours such as dark red (for bedroom, for sensuality), pale rose pink, blue and definitely black.

We also used a little dark brown here and there for tables and basket organizers, and played with black & white colour combination for our pillows.
Light grey couch with a white throw; playing around with shapes, patterns, design and colours with the pillows.

Most of my items was purchased at Ikea (I have never gone there so often in my entire life, well, at least ever since Ikea opened their outlet here in Malaysia). I was thinking of a large carpet, so that I can throw the pillows on the floor for a cozy living space, but since there wasn't a right one yet, I decided to get a regular size black mandala carpet. I love it so much, it's my favourite! I love the "doodle" style mandala on the carpet.
Since it's "zen" style, I bought these brown chopsticks with metal pieces at the end. I love it!

The so-called-balcony overlooking the fountain. Lucky me, there's no direct sunlight otherwise it will be hot!

I also try to add in some water plants, to give it some uplift especially the area overlooking a water fountain.

I personally think, interior designing is important; there's nothing luxurious about it, it is important because your well-being very much relies on your surroundings, or space or environment. If you come home to a dull, poor lighting, not much colour space, it can affect your mood. Plus I think colours is as important as styling the place too.

Work Space
Use a cork board for self-motivation, keep track of goals or
as a mood board if you are dealing with creative projects.
Apart from the Studio's deco, this part is my favourite, my most important of all; my work space. This is where I make magik and blog. I am happy, because ever since I moved to the Studio, I have been creating more and more art. Having an organized and well-decorated work space is important. It keeps you motivated and always eager to create at your desk. I have been drawing frequently and always looking forward to work at my desk.

My books are right next to me, now I can access to it easily. Clutter is not a problem anymore!

Creative Elements
My art on mounting board on display. I used the shoe rack cabinet to be the center of attention at the living area.
My love is very supportive of my art; he likes the fact that I can make stuff and paint at the same time. He has always encouraged me to do more, and encouraged me to put up my artworks. I told him that I am really excited because now I can DIY for our studio.
Made my own fridge magnets using wood pegs. 

My current (biggest) project I am working on is an Arts & Crafts Cupboard! I am really looking forward to sharing it with you on the blog, but in the meantime, I got to work on its transformation as well as taking pictures of my progress.

Til then, while you wait for my next update, check out my recent "home" work here- DIY fridge magnets made of wooden pegs and glass jar lid.

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