Friday, June 6, 2014

Some Artsy Weekend Inspirations for You

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hola! It's been (another) busy week; I can't help but say this each time I post; I always start off with the word 'Busy', and I think it is because each time I am back on hiatus, it feels funny if I don't start off my post by explaining to my readers where I've been. Well, ever since I settled down in the Studio (more updates on home decor inspiration coming soon), it's all about juggling with work, creating art and blogging.

I have been doodling a lot lately too, not just on paper, but on things. This morning, while I was doodling on a disk protector, I find myself recognizing that familiar feeling that I once felt every time I wake up in the morning and go straight to my desk to work on my art. I would literally start my day working on whatever project that is left on my table. That sensation is from that little peek of joy I get from creating art, surrounded by nothing else but silence. No music, no noise, no company, just me and the world that I am deep within...with my thoughts. It was a good feeling and I feel productive!

Today is that day again, and I am glad that feeling came back.

Here's some artsy weekend inspirations for you to start your day:

Doodle on scissors
Doodle on mdf board
Doodle on photo frame
Doodle CD protector
Doodle on Pringles Lid
Explore with colour pencils

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