Thursday, November 22, 2012

DIY Rocker faux leather bracelet

Thursday, November 22, 2012
November is a FUN Month for me, and I often dread spring cleaning during this time of the year. Not until recently. When I was clearing off some of the unwanted items in my craft trolley, I came across an old bag strap from one of my favourite bags, which I’ve turned it into a large clutch purse. I kept it aside at first hoping to make something good out of it, and was also tempted to throw it away because the end of the strap was already worn out.

Even though I hardly buy them, but I can’t resist some of the leather bracelets I’ve seen in malls. I have always fancied the ones that are plain black or with studs, rather than the ones with exaggerated designs. Already I am quite particular with choosing the right accessory to suit my personality, DIY is the surest way to go when you can just personalize it to however you want it to be.


And thanks to my back-to-back craze phase for Rock music and style (and also because I just painted my nails black for Halloween) I thought, Hey! This would be great for a leather band! Perfect pair for a black t-shirt, jeans and sneakers!

What you’ll need:

1. Bag Strap
I think this part is pretty easy; you just need to find the right unwanted bag strap that you can imagine it upcycled into a leather wrist band.

2. Tools
All-Purpose Scissors (optional)
It would be useful if you have additional tools such as an All-Purpose Scissors- which I think you can purchase it from the Hardware store in the mall. I got mine from Daiso, the RM5 for all shop in Sunway Pyramid. (OR just opt for a Regular Scissors)

3. Glue
You will need hardcore glue with stronger adhesive compared to the ones we have used. I recommend brands like ‘Super Glue’ or Elephant Glue’

4. Buttons
Snap buttons definitely! Not the normal ones for sleeve shirts

5. Clothes Peg
Whether it is wooden or plastic, it doesn't matter. You can even use a large paper clip; it just for holding the glue together later on in the process

6. Lighter
For burning the strap edges so that you wont have strands sticking out

If you want to add additional embellishments, that is up to you. Just add in to your list of materials. What I’m about to teach you is just the basic to get you going; then the rest is up to you to explore. As you can see from the photos I've taken, the steps are pretty simple. Just follow it step by step and adapt your own style along the way:

Here is the strap that has been ripped off from the bag!

Some of the tools that I often use. You don't have to use the same,
but most important tool is the scissors (see next pic)

All-Purpose scissors- you can purchase one too.
Great for cutting almost anything.

After measuring it around your wrist and how long you want it to be,
cut it with a scissors. Make sure it's the right length for you.

Test test! Put it around your wrist and gauge where the buttons
would go. (Pardon me, I am a solo camera man)
Important!!: After you've cut the strap,
use a Lighter to lightly burn the edge of the strap
so that no threads will stick out

Prepare the heavy duty glue and buttons.
Separate the buttons so that you know where the glue would go*

*This is my own method, but you can adapt your own too.
In my case, it was easier for me to immediately put two buttons
together. Find which way is easiest for you

Once you have glued them, use a peg (or anything similar)
to hold them together

While waiting for it to dry, you can still make more if you want.

More for me!!!
Once done, you're ready to rock on!

how-to-make-a-fashionable-faux-rock-leather-braceletTIP: Try to let it dry up overnight; few hours wouldn't do justice because the glue hasn't really dry up yet. Same goes for the rest. If you are in quick need for an accessory, use it first. If it comes off, fix it up after your event/function. It won't do much damage.

More ideas for you; even old belts can be upcycled into a bracelet too! You can even personalize one for a friend or family. You can girl it up, or even make one for a guy too! Have fun!

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