Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travel Art: Genting Highlands: My First Attempt on Travel Journal

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 1 - Arrival

I got the room for free for my birthday, courtesy of Genting Highlands. Can't complain, cos I came here to blog peacefully.

I have arrived in the little city of Genting Highlands. I think you should know that it is one of my favourite getaway spot, and so you might be seeing alot of my work inspired by this place. To some individuals from Malaysia, this might seem another place of hustle and bustle. True that, because it's primary entertainment here are the casinos. Many foreigners and locals have come here to visit the cha-chings! But if you take a look closely, you would notice that this place has incorporated artistic elements I personally think that it is these things that makes this place worth visiting again and again. Visiting here in the month of November/December, I thought I would be seeing alot of Christmas decorations. The cold air and the deco would probably go well together, but unfortunately, they have yet to start their decos. Except the cafes, like Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

Day 2 & 3- Blogging in the Cold Magic


I have taken a number of pictures of using the coolest app- Retro Camera, downloaded from Google Play Store. I have spotted a variety of things ranging from sculptures, decorations, wall arts, and much more. The one thing I've noticed is that Genting is filled with colours too, with lots of lights. And so I have captured these for you to enjoy them.

You can enjoy the pictures in colour or black & white mode.

I truly hope that these pictures would be able to inspire you creatively. I am happy to be able to share with you my unique experience and creative finds. And I hope that when you visit Genting (again or first time), you would be able to see the atmosphere here in a whole new level. Perhaps you would be able to spot your own creative finds too.

Here's a clickable picture that will direct you to my gallery, or you can preview it first at the slideshow here:

copyright 2012 shia lynn   

Creative Journal


These are my journal entries from my stay at Genting Highlands. I only did a couple because I wanted to focus more on taking photos; however, these are some examples of my own for you to refer if you are up for making travel journals. I also want you to know that these pictures weren't originally shot this way; these pictures are edited in one of my favourite Apps for picture editing (credits to Google Play Store). It is called Pixrl-O-Matic by Autodesk Inc.

Artistic Elements

One of my favourite things to do when I am taking pictures is spotting art elements. If you are also doing a journal series, remember that there are various entries you can opt for. You can journal about art elements and colour combos; perhaps you can use a mini printer, print out the pictures and paste them on a sketchbook. Include your thoughts on it too. Otherwise, you can do what I do. Just blog about it. 
It's a profound experience when you learn how to open your eyes and see art in everything around us. Creativity is everywhere, and everything you see is a source of inspiration to you and your work.
Here are some examples of my own art element finds.

Colour combinations

As a child, I hardly enjoy the process of colouring. I often felt that it was a dreary routine having to colour the same spot over and over again. As I grew older, I was so used to the idea that I eventually, I lack the eye for colour combinations. It affected my work and even my inner self. My journey with colours is all about growth; after some soul searching I realized that actually, deep down inside I had a connection with colours. For someone who loves Black, dark red and other darker hues; I still see colours in everything, and enjoy incorporating them in my work. I have reconnected my soul with colours.
Being surrounded by colours during my trip to Genting Highlands, I made sure that I took note of the colours around me, take lots of pictures and observe each and every colour combination whether it is in the decorations, packaging, food, nature, etc.

You should know that this particular entry is my first exploration on journalling. And I hope that it would be able to inspire you, just like how some of the other creative journals I have come across have inspired me too. Perhaps you would like to give it a try on your next travel. Remember, it can be anywhere in the world you are at, because creativity is everywhere. Narrow down to the smallest thing that could be the least important to others such as, a twig, or a leave, or even a piece of sweet wrapper from the location you are at. The best part about this little activity is that you don't have to plan your destination on purpose.

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