Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Remind Yourself to Be Proud of who You are

Friday, April 26, 2013
This is my last post and journal page for April 2013 special. You must be wondering why did I only did 3 journal pages when I have listed out more than that here. I thought that perhaps it would be great that I pick out the prominent ones to showcase it on the blog, and the rest for you to explore on your own. So, the last most prominent journal page that I have picked out is: Name Journal. Something special for you to up yourselves everyday and remind your heart about how beautiful you are.

Creative Name Journal
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Before I go on, I'd like to share with you a little story about my quote above. Ever since I was a kid, I have (i still do) natural dark circles, I am tan, I have natural curly/frizzy hair and weight issues- it fluctuates. To top it off, because I didn't get to make it to the dentist to remove a baby tooth; I had to live with an extra tooth grew on my gums. I spent half my life as a kid, to a teen and into my adulthood having people pass remarks at me about my dark circles, my weight, my hair, my teeth, etc. etc.

As a teenager, it was hard, because I had such terrible frizzy hair and tan skin, unlike the other youthful girls my age, some boys in highschool judged me (except one, who is now my soulmate <3) and others of my race commented about my skin colour; I had a hard time growing up as a teenage girl. One year of highschool, I had eczema grew at the corner of my mouth; some kids thought I had germs, and so I spent my entire year hiding in the library at recess because I had no friends, and I even begged supermom to let me switch schools (didn't happen). But imagine if I did, I would not have met my soulmate there in that dingy library, haha.

Back on it, my eye bags were the center of attention most of the time. At that time I felt it was not possible to love myself. And as I grew older, I started putting on weight, and again I had to bear with the judgement made by everyone about being fat/skinny (people can get indecisive). Over the years, this thing became a big part of my life, that it overshadowed everything about me, including my talent, my intelligence, my everything. It was so bad that I created my own blockage, but the people who made those judgement have moved on with their lives, but I on the other hand was still stuck.  I also ended up comparing myself with other girls; and not loving myself made it hard for others like the love of my life to love me, because I became bitter, hurtful and sad about everything. I was not fun. In the end, I forgot who I am and what makes me so special. Can you imagine, this went on for years...I couldn't even live with my Self.

To be honest, up until today, I still have people commenting about it and my imperfect teeth; but now, it is different, because I have finally understood the meaning of loving myself and my relationship with my body. I also practiced being frank with others whenever they do pass hurtful remarks- one time a friend of supermom's commented about my eyes the first time she met me, I just said "well we only live once, this body is not permanent, so its alright!" and smiled. She was shocked. Or when someone comments about the colour of my skin, I tell them I like looking as if I'm of mixed parentage (pure Chinese by the way).

The point here is: I realized, people can make as much remark as they want. And we tend NOT to look inward first before making remarks about others/the world. Moreover, I noticed their remarks vary, one moment they would tell you something, next is this. Another might tell you you are lucky for having such curly hair and maybe someone else would comment on how dry and frizzy it is. It doesn't really matter because at the end of the day, the one opinion that matters most is YOUR OWN.

Just the other day, as I was checking my face for zits, I look at myself and a thought came to my mind- if only back then I knew what I know now. It would be different, Life would be different. And I shared this with my love, and he said something very meaningful, "Well, perhaps there was a reason why you had to go through that for it to work it out for you now." and I said "Perhaps. And maybe I hope someday I would be able to tell my little girl and boy that it's okay to be You."

Well, that realization inspired this journal page called the 'Creative Name Journal'. My journey taught me how to love myself by appreciating my talent, my knowledge, my loved ones, my roots and everything else.

About Creative Name Journal

-Acknowledging who you are with your name
-Acknowledging your talent
-Acknowledging your hobbies
-Acknowledging what you are; spiritual, athletic, artistic, musical, etc.
-Acknowledging your interest/favourites- movies, colours, photography, etc.
and more...

Creating a Creative Name Journal

Here's what I used:
Technique- collage
Materials- magazine, markers, scissors and glue

It is convenient for me to use markers, but it is really up to you what materials and what techniques you use. The beauty about this creative journal page is that you can create as much as possible- like an entry for I Am Journal. Some artists also create booklets for this. You can be as creative as you can be, it is all up to you because it is your journal.

Write Your Name Proudly with Colours of Your Choice

Start with writing your name on your sketchbook. 

Followed by cutting out pictures of your choice from magazines; pictures that best define you. Collage it and arrange the pictures the way you like it to be until you are satisfied with it.

Then move along to writing. Write down what makes you- YOU. Your personality, characteristics, etc.

Like me, the few things that I love most about me is my Scorpio sign, having an intuitive ability and being a HSP. (no it's not a sickness, you can google it up)

You can even give a story to your name...

Keep doing this as often you want, and I hope that while you keep doing this, you find your own way to do it too. All I hope is that you enjoy what you are doing, and hope that this will remind you how special you are for being you.

Also, if you have followed a couple of my creative journaling posts and started creating your own pages, I would love to check out your work.

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