Sunday, January 5, 2014

Easy-peasy DIY Toy Jar

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I used to have a lot of toy figurines as a child. Sometimes I don't know where they come from, others are mostly from Mc Donalds Happy Meal or some random places. For those who know me well, they would know that my mother is a particular person and would never ever allow me to giveaway or upcycle childhood toys. And for those who know me would also know that I have this tendency to keep some things (recyclable ya, not junk) like glass jars because I know someday I will use it to store stuff.

Anyways, I had this idea in mind sometime ago, I came across it somewhere on the net and wanted so much to try and DIY my own Toy Jar. I know how useful this is especially for children's birthday parties (too bad I don't have kids yet) or just have it as part of the goodie bag for special occasions. Or as handmade gifts!

So I grabbed my love's younger brother's toy (which he grew out of it), and took one of my glass jars and turn it into a Toy Jar! Check out below for my step-by-step picture tutorial or go straight to my tutorial video. Have fun!

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