Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sponsored video: 8th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I am a firm believer when it comes to having a Dream. When it comes to making sure your dreams come true, I always emphasized on 2 things:

1. Having a dream means having a passion
2. Never turn down an opportunity to pursue your dreams.

You might already know this from one of my previous blog posts entitled 'Stay Creative because Dreams do Come True'. As a child, I was always encouraged to be creative and growing up, I earned myself the nickname 'the Artist' among my friends. I never had a chance to pursue art as my career, and also experienced a fair share of put-downs from others who didn't believe in my creative ability and didn't believe in careers in the creative field. 

Nonetheless, these remarks didn't stop me. 

Thanks to my mother's encouragement who always believed that I was artistic, I became a self-taught artist and crafter, and as an adult, I finally broke free from creative boundaries and saw that creativity is not a technique. Being creative is not about being artistic, and you don't need to be an artist to be creative. Everyone is an artist when you use your creative imagination to paint your future!

There's no science in it; creativity starts from us as children and unveils itself when we get in touch with our inner-child.

Likewise with our children, the future of our world who are the next generation of creative believers and passionate individuals with strong imaginations that will take them far for pursuing what they Love to do most in life. It is never too late to nurture the children of our future to start believing in their dreams and empower them to pursue their creative passion. When you nurture their creativity, you are already building the next big step towards a future with hope; these children, the ones with vast imaginations are the ones that will transform this world.

For starters, inspire your children to participate in the 8th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. 

TOYOTA Global, an internationally-renowned brand often believes that to see the future is to see through our children's eyes. It all starts with having a dream. So why not allow the children to showcase their creative intuitive in their works of art? For 7 years, TOYOTA Global has been organizing the ultimate art contest for children from around the world to submit their masterpieces on how they create the future using their most creative imagination.
'Conservation Environment Car' by Lim Xin Ying, age 11, Malaysia- Gold Award Winner
Children from Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Middle East  participated to become part of the Next Young Creative Aspirants of the Future! The contest received more than 600, 000 submissions from 70 over different countries and regions. 
This time in its 8th contest, TOYOTA Global comes back again with another round of seeking out the next range of young creators to continue on the legacy of creating a bright future with imaginations and creativity.
Details on Participation:

There are 3 categories to participate in the contest:
  • Category One: 7 years old and under
  • Category Two: 8-11 years old
  • Category Three: 12-15 years old
Art Theme:
  • Young artists are required to draw an art piece of their future 'Dream Car'
  • Please include your visualization on how future transportation would be
  • Please include your visualization on how society will live in harmony in a harmonious environment.

Choice of Materials and Artwork Size
  • Kids may use standard drawing mediums such as watercolours, acrylic paints and/or colouring pencils
  • Please use A3 size paper for artworks. (A3 measurement: 420 x 297mm). OR you can also opt for a 420-450mm (16.5 -18 inch) and 270-300mm (11-12 inch)

Contest Do's & Don'ts:
  • TOYOTA Global encourages hand-drawn artworks
  • Please do not use digital tools to create artworks
  • Artworks should include backgrounds to support your ideas
  • All submitted artworks will be viewed by people from all over the world therefore please make sure your artwork can be understood from people of different cultures

For more information and full entry requirements, log on to Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Be inspired by the children of our future at Inside Dreams a compilation of all young artists.

Closing date:
End of March 2014

*This post has been sponsored by TOYOTA, but all thoughts are my own

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