Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday Insights

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On the 18th, I celebrated my 28 years of existing in this world. I am now another year older.

Some people tell me that I am going downhill, I would like to think of myself going uphill. Isn't it logic? The number gets more, means the number goes UP.

Waking up to the age of 28 is a little weird I'd say. I can no longer say I am in my early 20's. Every time I think about turning 30 in 2 years time, I get a little cold feet. But then again, age is really just a number. My heart stays young forever, thanks to that little girl inside me that plays & dances always. 

When people tell me "Only 28?! C'mon you are still young!", I get confused with those who tell me, "You're already 28 years OLD? Don't be too old and too late to have babies!".

Nonetheless, when they tell me I am still young, I tell them I am ahead of my time.

Each year, I never really had a very big birthday celebration. The biggest was a fun party when I was a kid in A&W. It was one of the most memorable ones because everyone in my family was there.

But ever since I met my love, Justin, he always made sure that I have the best by giving me the best. He just turned 28 too 9 days before my birthday. My soulmate indeed. We always said to each other, "We shall feast and be merry in the whole of November!" Yesterday he surprised me my favourite, a Japanese buffet; again always making sure I have the best, always being a romantic person.

Besides turning another year older, I had a couple of insights running through my mind. I guess this is part of the turning late 20's to early 30's package, so here goes:

~ They say life has just begun. It is true; I just realized my dream, and I finally have decided to follow my passion and do what I love most.

~ When I was born, I spent my entire birthday with my mother. She was my only friend and soulmate who remembered my birthday. Now I spend it my love, who will be my only friend and soulmate until the day I die.

~ My birthday isn't just the day for me to receive presents, I am celebrating being alive and being present in the moment.

~ I don't need expensive gifts, and sometimes no gifts at all; the fact that you remember is all that matters.

~ When I was a teenage girl, my mother used to tell me I am too young to have a boyfriend. When I was in college, she said I was too young to fall in love. She was right, only that she didn't know how to convey the message. The idea was; she wanted me to know, that love is beautiful, but love also hurts. And she is afraid I might not know how to handle it. Now that I am 28, I will remember this and hopefully will be able to convey the right way to my kids.

~ My mother always taught me that in everything I do in life, I must always give my best. That means, doing it with all my heart.

~ When I was a kid, my mother taught me to stand on my own two feet. "Why bother borrowing when you can earn it on your own. So try earning what you deserve."

~ My mother taught me to do the right thing and the right time. Playing my cards right was part of this game called Life.

~ My late grandmother used to draw her age in a number of sticks; and she said to me, that is how many years she has been and seen in this world. And she drew mine- it was only 9. 

~ Don't wait for others to give you a gift, you can always give a gift to yourself. That's the idea of loving yourself by being self-full.

~ In China, my grandfather was a tailor and he fell in love with my grandmother, who was a businessman's daughter. My grandmother was a brave young woman; she sold off her valuables to pay off her step brother's debts. That was how I knew, I inherited two most important things: Love and Courage to persevere.

~ Being intuitive and creative runs in my family; I am blessed to have this.

~ I may be young in numbers, but I have an old soul, I have questioned and I have lived.

~ I have passed the phase of socializing but it doesn't mean I am a lonely person. If it's meant to be, friends will forever be. And the most important friend that I always remember is Me.

Happy birthday to me~

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