Friday, August 8, 2014

Creating Balance with the Two Sides of Me

Friday, August 8, 2014

I always believe that everyone has two sides like a coin.

I think the two sides in everyone of us doesn't say that we are indecisive; and I don't think it makes us look as if we are unsure of who we are.

I think that having two sides makes us a balance individual, balancing the inner and outer us like the symbolic Yin Yang.

I would like to think that having two sides is far more profound than the idea of dualism, because to me, dualism is a philosophical discussion of conflict; good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, yes vs. no... perhaps even far from seeing the idea of cause and effect.

I didn't realize this until much recently that having two sides is connected with our creative-self. I used to think that I was lost and confuse because I saw the two sides that in me. I didn't know that it would benefit me and my work, and that it can help me find balance between creative passion and putting food on the table every month.

I finally learned that having two sides of me defines my interest, my work, my style of art, and everything else about me that makes me- ME. I am Special, just like each and everyone of you who's existence is as important as me in this world.

It was a blessing to finally wake up one day and saw myself in a bigger clearer picture that everything happened for a reason. Things started to make sense especially why I am attracted to certain music genre, why I am fond of certain topics in conversations, why I am interested in certain art pieces, etc. etc.

As I link them to who I am today, and what I love most that makes me unique, I now see how I am reflected in my own work, in my art, in my writing; I think that makes me my own personal work of Art.

I never really shared much about the other side of me. And most of the time, with people that I meet or just met, I receive different feedback about what they think of me. I laugh about it because it's interesting to see the different types of impression people have of me...

I get that a lot all the time, but most of the time it is all based on assumptions and as I have said "what they think of me", then it's obvious it's based on their opinion or preference.

I have completely nothing to do with it at all. detachment.

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I get questions about this unconventional-looking Lotus logo (see above).

As a matter of fact, this Lotus logo has a little a story behind it. It was derived from my name in Chinese which translates 'Summer Lotus'. Upon getting a friend to design this Logo for me, I told him that I wanted something that would represent the two sides of me, the balance in me. This was after I finally discovered the uniqueness in me of having two sides.

And I realized that everything that has happened to me or to my life, has fallen perfectly into its place for a reason. I am not shy to say this; for instance there was a reason why I was curious as a child, why I was once a rebellious and weird teenager, why I was once a junkie or why I was once a confused college student, and why I would behave androgynous-ly sometimes and next like a Lady! That was probably when I realized the Male and Female within me. The Black and White. The Unconventional and Conventional. The Love and Light. The Order and Chaos and many more..and then the Yin and Yang.

I finally understood the purpose of Yin and Yang and its existence. It was beautiful...and that was how the Lotus Logo came about.

As I am writing this, I am getting the feeling that some of you might not understand what I am talking about, haha! I know today's post might be a strange post, but it was only because couple of days back, I was just thinking to myself about why I am the way I am, and I conclude that I am the way I Am because I am creating the balance in me, as a human with needs & wants and a soul of light & love.


So if you are curious to know the two sides of me, on top of my head, here it is:

1. Music
- I like Rock, Heavy Metal, Goth Rock, Nu-Metal
- I like Classical, Jazz, New Age, Alternative, Contemporary, you'd be surprise if I like some kind of pop music out of nowhere. Trust me, my love was like "whatttt?" But give me good lyrics, not something like "hotel, hotel, holiday inn" no.

2. Colours
- My blog is all Sunny Yellow, Turquoise and blue.
- My official website's primary colour is Black.

3. Symbols
- My blog's lotus logo is Geometric shape with bright hues
- My official website's logo is swirly spiritual lotus with black and white-ish grey

4. Mysteries
- I like the topics of Wicca, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Fairies, Magic, Mythologies, Fantasy and the rest of mysteries of the world
- I love my religion as a Catholic Christian and I trust in my relationship with my lord Jesus and enjoy finding out more about back then.

5. Spirituality
- I meditate and do yoga
- I pray with the sign of the cross and accept the Holy Communion

6. Religion
- I enjoy reading and learning about Buddhism
- I enjoy reading the bible and learning the word of God

7. Interest
- I enjoy going to Rock concerts whenever a band visits town
- I love dancing, move my body latin-like

8. Movies
- I love Disney movies or mushy love stories (Twilight sometimes, yes I admit)
- I enjoy biopic movies, action movies, thrillers, indie films, documentaries, historical films, etc.

9. Books
- I love to read books by authors like Paulo Coelho, Alice Hoffman, etc.
- I love comic books like Batman, X-Men, Cat Woman, etc.

10. Leisure
- I enjoy playing guitar and the piano
- I love playing video games (not candy crush -_-) like Assassin's Creed (sometimes The Sims, ah there you go!)

11. Fashion
- I like wearing bright colours, love the whole Bohemian look
- I love Black, almost everything I own in my cupboard is Black.


What is your Balance? Have you ever wondered, what makes you unique?

=) Happy Friday.

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