Thursday, June 27, 2013


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sometimes I tend to forget that I have my Self. In this massively huge world, I am just one small particle too like anybody else. Why do I forget? You might ask. Well, because everyday, we live our lives based on the outer world and social norm. And sometimes we tend to forget to reflect within ourselves and ask ourselves: "What do I want?" Sometimes we forget...but it is okay, because out of that forgetfulness, there is memory that everything in this world is a projection of us. I may not be a blogger of the year at the recent challenge, I may not have the highest Youtube views or the most likes on my Facebook page; my aim is not fame. But I know my aim, my aim is me. And these are the reasons why I love my Self and I enjoy every minute of being Me. Like my name, I am this Lotus- standing tall, still so beautiful, still strong, under the hot mid noon sun. I am Love.

That can be a gentle reminder.

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