Thursday, August 1, 2013

How I set up an online store

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It is easy! Anyone can do it!

As I have mentioned previously here, lately I have been working on setting up my online store. My online store has quite a story behind. I have been trying to set it up on and off for the past few years and constantly going through rebranding all over again. I tried setting up a blogshop using blogger, but it didn't gel with me because it did not look presentable like an actual online store. I spent about 3 years looking for the right eCommerce service to set up and online store. I was looking for an eCommerce service that has user friendly features.

Early this year, I finally decided to rebrand my online biz, from Craft & Closet to The Artsy Craftsy SHOP. I decided to combine it with my blog which will be featuring handmade goods, paintings and more. I am eager to share this with you, because this time, I have finally found my ideal eCommerce called Squarelet, integrated with user friendly features. I never knew setting up an online store was easy!

The result

As soon as I set up my online store, I was motivated and eager to keep up with loading up photos of my handmade goods. The layout and features made it fun for me to set up my blog, and I was immediately inspired to create collections for my products. Currently, I am featuring most of my handmade jewellery collection- ranging from Mermaid collection, Fairy Tale collection, Earth Goddess and more.

For those who know me well, they would know me and my busy schedule. They can also tell you how I have been struggling with trying to find the right online store account that offers the right features and layout design. They can also tell you how I have trouble balancing my day job with spending time in front of the computer to prepare photos.

Now with Squarelet, it has been nothing but EASY. Ever since day 1 of my set up, I have been getting constant updates via mail on how many visitors that have been visiting my shop. It even tracks where my potential customers have been redirected from.

I have someone asking me if I plan to have a Sale campaign on my online store. Well, as a matter of fact, I do! Plus, it is easy to have one because the feature allows you to set up a discount campaign easily. Again! Setting up a store online has never been fun, but now, I am eager to be creative with it!

With the other incorporated features, it certainly helps to smoother the experience of running a store, especially for independent crafters, artists or entrepreneurs like me.

Check out these features (see photos). It allows you to track, analyse, manage, create policies and 
terms, payment methods, and the best part (this is my favourite part of Squarelet feature) is being able to communicate with your potential customers via chat box!

The other feature that I love about it is having your social media connections, contact details and payment methods on your shop front itself.

Maintaining a Creative Online Biz

Being part of the creative community for years, I have gotten to know young business-mothers and empowering women who are eager to turn blogging into a biz and run an online business at the same time. I have a lot of people asking me for advice on how to stay motivated in running an online biz.

Well, in my own experience, my advice is:

1.       Always trust yourself.
2.        Do your research
3.       Look for the right eCommerce service that offers: comprehensive features, great ready-made layout designs, value for money pricing package and most of all friendly customer service that are able to assist you whenever you need help with store set up.

Head on over to my new store and stay tune for latest news about The Artsy Craftsy SHOP.

Blogger's note:
There is a FREE 30 Day trial if you wish to give it a try. All in all it takes LESS THAN 15 minutes to start your set up with Squarelet.

Biggest Highlight!
For those of you who have signed up after reading my post, leave a comment with your shop name and email. There's a campaign going on to collect gold stars. Help me collect the stars and I'll help you promote your shop: Free Social Media Mention ad service for you from The Artsy Craftsy! Free of Charge (usual price: RM50)

*Some of the images have been edited to meet blog post requirements

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