Monday, September 9, 2013

Here's what's been going on at The Artsy Craftsy - Sept 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hola creatives! I haven't been doing a blog update for four months now, and lots have been going lately on the blog. For those of you whom have been frequently following the blog, allow me to walk you through on what has been going on; and for those of you who just got to know The Artsy Craftsy- "hello and welcome, reader!" It's a real pleasure to have you here. Perhaps by reading this, you will get to know the blog.

Here's what has been happening on the blog:

1. Shop
The Artsy Craftsy Shop has finally launched! Brought to you by Squarelet E-Commerce website. There is still much to do on the blog, nonetheless, I am very happy that the blog has something more to offer. So, for those of you who like my blog, my art and handmade, you can now purchase it on the blog's official online store.

2. Society6 
Besides the online store, I am also selling my photography prints via Society6. Some of you might already know that I have been dabbling in photography (both digital and film) lately and have been crazily in love with the art of taking photos. I have decided to sell some of my 'film' shots on Society6 because this amazing website does a good job preparing your images in assorted prints for buyers. If you are in/from Malaysia, and you would like to purchase my work, email me and we can discuss an easier method. Society6 is more for my international buyers.

3. New Slider-Banner on the blog (see the top of the blog's post section)
I am sure you would have notice it by now that I have added a new feature on the blog; I am mighty proud of the blog's slider-banner. It is rotating some of my awesome shots with inspiring words. Something for you to read and be inspired when you drop by my blog; like a welcome message!

4. Fashion & Style Posts
I have added something new on the blog; fashion and style posts! Perhaps you might wonder why am I including fashion into my blogging topics when I constantly talk about creativity; well, Fashion has always been my favorite eversince I was a child and my mom discovered my first "little black dress" drawing adapted from Vogue magazine. I don't see fashion in the form of clothes and accessories; I see fashion in its creative and artistic form. Fashion is more that just an idea to me, its art and craft combined! It is probably like how I see Art Nouveau. Anyways, you will probably be seeing more style posts in collaboration with Zalora Malaysia/Singapore and other independent fashion online stores.

5. Encouraging a Creative Lifestyle
You might also notice a couple of new posts on product reviews, recommending you various products to get started on your creative lifestyle. The Artsy Craftsy blog has now become more than just a crafty blog; after 5 years of blogging about art and craft, I finally realized that the root of my purpose was basically to encourage people to have a life- which is to have a balance lifestyle with hobbies and interest. Being creative isn't just about making art or crafting, it can be an interest in any other thing such as reading, singing, collecting ephemera (that's paper to you by the way) or writing poems; or basically you enjoy collecting notebooks- all of those that I have mentioned is part of being creative / creativity. With the products that I help other creative biz owners to review; I am also recommending ideas to you to get you started. I hope you find this useful.

6. Pinterest Board
My Pinterest board has gotten quite active; go on over and you will be able to see my blog updates and other pins too for your inspiration. Follow my Pinterest board to get latest visual ideas and more!

7. Instagram
I enjoy taking photographs all the time; and no I don't really take photographs of what I have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. haha! When I am not taking photos with my camera, I like taking quick snapshots of inspiring moments, spotted artworks, etc. for my Instagram, because I enjoy sharing my creative lifestyle with you. If you like to receive photos of empowering and inspiring creativity ideas, follow my Instagram account and get updates.

8. Youtube channel
I just started sharing my crafty creative projects on my Youtube channel. Due to some technical upgrade that I am currently working on, in the meantime, I am only showcasing video clips of my projects. My video clips are basically a combination of the creative parts taken from my recorded videos to be made into a clip courtesy of Magisto the App. Of course, in time to come I do hope to improve this and soon you will be able to see awesome videos of my projects. The Artsy Craftsy's Youtube channel is pretty new, so show your support of my creative projects by subscribing to my channel.

9. Join my Creative Community
My creative community group on Facebook is always eager to receive new members to join! Come and be part of this exclusive group, mingle, chat and get to know other creative people like yourself. Join Arts & Crafts Lounge

10. Advertisement and Sponsorship
My advertising and sponsorship services have just recently gone through an uplift! Thanks to Passiofruit Ad services, I get to add on new ad and sponsorship services for you to promote your creative biz. Many of you might ask, "are you earning through your blog?" As a matter of fact, Yes. After 5 years of getting involve in this blogging project, I am glad to say that I have turned this into a biz. It has become such a big part of my life, and soon as I realized how much effort and energy I have spent on this blog- I have decided to make sure that the blog has its own proper funding.

To further elaborate this part of the update, I have been funding my blog for years now through my own pocket. Whether it is purchasing art/craft supplies to try it out and review, or engage with a designer to update the blog design, I realized that the blog needs its own source of income to maintain its existence in the online world. With this, I have offered various ways to help generate income- advertising and sponsorship, including a donate button.

So, if you like what you see and read in this blog, feel free to donate ANY AMOUNT you want (yes even 0.01 cent) to help me maintain this blog.

Til then, thank you and hope you enjoy this blog!

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