Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Style alert: How to wear Floral Prints

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Floral prints are becoming every girl's favourite outfit, finding its way into our closet and reviving the romantic outlook. As a dark coloured style person, I never knew how easy it was to mix and match with a floral printed clothing. Floral printed outfits aren't gaudy at all; in fact this type of prints complement easily with a one-tone clothing. I usually like to follow a 3-colour rule; only 3 matching colours would do and trust me, you can never go wrong.

The trick here to styling with a floral outfit (at most times, very colourful) is to match with clothing, shoe or accessory that can complement the floral clothing (as it is the main focus). You don't want to add anything to it, just something to complement it would do.

So with that, I have put together a couple of ideas to inspire you on how you can wear floral prints easily. Here is my take on how to style with floral print outfits.

Colourful inner wear- mix and match with various coloured tops; from bright to dark. Always remember that 3-colour rule OR one-tone rule.
Complement with a light blue
Complement with a red
Complement with a black
Complement with a grey

For a laid back feminine attire, match a floral printed blazer with a skater skirt and a pair of simple flats.

Or UP your outfit to look sophisticated with a pair of peep-toe heels

Want to look stylish and not gaudy? Style it with a sexy black top and a pair of black jeggings and heels; I leave the heels to your imagination, you can style it with a peep-toe like these here, or you can match it with a pair of stilettos.

Switch your outfit from a high-end style to a hip-look just by changing into a pair of flats and a loose satin blouse inside

Style with a Dark Floral Blouse
The rule of thumb for me when it comes to planning my outfit is that the colour black always matches with anything and everything. 

It is the easiest style tip and a basic wardrobe essential must-have in every girl's closet. A dark floral blouse is just as similar as a basic wardrobe essential; its dark colour is a plus point and owning this can be creatively matched with any bottom clothing. 

I always believe in being a smart shopper and creative style planner when it comes to dressing up; it is important to know what matches and what doesn't so that your wardrobe will never run out of style. 

Here is how to style with a dark coloured floral blouse.

Complement with a pair of Red pants and heels
Tuck it in with a long black skirt. In here is a flowy pixie skirt
With a pair of long black pants
And a cute pink high-waist shorts
Or keep it simple yet sophisticated with a black chiffon 'skort' (that's short + skirt)

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