Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Koi Waterbrush

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The KOI amazed me. I enjoy convenience especially when I bring my art journal with me when I am travelling. Not wanting to bring along a container of water with me when I travel, I decided to search for a solution, and discovered the waterbrush. I decided to give the KOI Waterbrush a try.

The KOI Waterbrush comes in 3 sizes; Large, Medium and Small. However, here you will only be able to see a Large and Small brush size.

It is easy to carry around, as it comes with a small stopper to make sure that the water does not spill once you have filled the brush with water. (see photo no.2 for reference) You can separate the top of the brush and the handle (the part for the water) and carry it around with you. Again, don't worry about the water being spilled, because there is a stopper to insert on top of the handle. And if you are worried about the bristles being destroyed, the waterbrush actually comes with a cover for you to protect the bristles. The entire body is made out of plastic.

When using, all you need to do is squeeze the handle a little (you will notice a tiny embossed word that says "push) and you will get water droplets on your artwork or watercolour palette, enough moisture for you to start painting.

In this photo below, I have taken the liberty to show you the brush strokes for each brush. It works beautifully. When putting this brush to a test, I have also tried it with a watercolour pencil and a watercolour palette.

Here are some simple works I have created with the waterbrush:
Blending. The brush allows you to control how much water you use when blending.

Watercolour lettering with Large brush

Nature painting

These waterbrushes can be purchased at at an affordable price. Enjoy!

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