Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home and Creative Organizing with the Infinity-tier storage container

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

As a crafter, I have tons and tons of craft materials from the big tools to the smallest bits like jump rings.
As an artist, I have tons of brushes, all kinds of fabric and acrylic paints, to different coloured markers and more.

There are times I don't know where else to put them; sometimes I find myself putting the small things in small containers.

But the small containers has to be kept in another compartment, and in the end, you still allocate a lot of space to keep these big to small compartments. And if you are anal like me, that have to have her arts & craft supplies categorized, then you might want to consider this infinity-tier container.

To be honest, I don't really have a name for it; I only found it super amazing and a space-saver so I called it the Infinity-tier storage container because you can stack it up as high as you want or stack it up according to category.

I made this awesome purchase from Tedzukuri Gifts (Thank you Shearly!)

The Review:

-The Infinity-tier storage container is a set that comes in 3 tiers and a lid. 

-The material is plastic, quite a sturdy plastic. In the inside of the container, you can make adjustments because it comes with plastic partitions; there are 10 sections to be exact, so that means you would have 30 sections in a set. You can make space however you want it to be, or if you have an item that will take up the entire space inside, then you can remove the whole main partition.

-To stack up, you will be able to remove the lid and stack it up by securing it tightly on top of each container and locking it at the sides. 

-The lid also comes with a handle in case you want to categorize your container and carry it around with you. But please do not try and stack up 3 sets and carry it by the handle altogether. It is very sturdy but just to be safe, you wouldn't want to break it.

I decided to make a video on how I put the container to good use in case you are wondering how it works.

A note: the materials used in the video are not as much as I mentioned because I only brought along with me some when I go to my boyfriend's place. But I am sure you can do all kinds of wonder with it once you have watched my video.

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  1. whoa! this is freaking awesome! So much better to organise stuffs!

    1. i know right!! its so coool and i am enjoying every bit of it. I even bought another set recently! =D