Sunday, April 6, 2014

POP by Jaya ONE offers retail space to creative entrepreneurs

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Years ago, when I just started my own creative business, it was not easy at all to juggle between a day job, finding a place where I can put up my clothes & handmade for sale, including being there to meet my customers. Back in college, I had little resources, and at that time there wasn't any platforms for small-time entrepreneurs like myself to start with. The only thing I could rely on was to approach relevant shops and have my products on consignment basis. It was very limited for starters like myself to grow with.

I am sure that I am not only speaking for myself, but for most of you too because I know that it is not easy to cope with pursuing your own passion and earning a stable income altogether.

What if I told you that it doesn't have to be that way anymore? 

As a matter of fact, you might be able to double up (or perhaps triple) your current side-business with an easy concept that is provided by POP by Jaya One

Not only will you be able to focus on your day job, spend weekends at bazaars to meet your customers, but you are also able to have your products showcased in an actual mall and have them taken care off! Don't forget, including having a balance lifestyle with loved ones.

Of course, you are also encouraged to drop by every once in a while to enhance your product arrangement, get to know your customers' feedbacks and meet the people who are assisting you in making your business popular!

When I had the chance to meet the people behind POP by Jaya One, I was amazed with how much thought they have put into to create the concept of POP because they are aware at how many independent creative entrepreneurs/ SME biz owners out there who just wants an opportunity to make it!

About POP:

Under The School and located in Petaling Jaya, POP by Jaya One is a concept store, except that it is HUGE like a mall with 3 levels but is fondly known as a modern day flea market a.k.a ‘retail hotel’! If you can't imagine this, then imagine store concepts like Parkson or Tangs with its 3 floors occupied with several brand names. 

Now you get the picture?

POP Features:

With a floor fully occupied by a big scale vendor, the current available floor is the Ground Floor and Level P1. The total area consists of 30, 000sf. Each level is 15,000sf and each unit sizes ranges from 80sf, 100sf, 125sf, 150 sf, 175sf and the biggest is 1,000sf.  

POP also accommodates to warehouse sale, depending on availability on space. POP by Jaya One also mentioned that their sizes are quite flexible as vendors are encouraged to discuss with the management on how much size do they require so that they are able to come out with a unit according to vendor’s space requirements.

Each floor space does not come with shelves or decorations because the idea is to allow sellers to have their freedom to decorate or display their items as creative they can be.

POP is also popular with fashion business; you don't have to worry about your customers unable to preview themselves in your collection because there is already a couple of well-lit and spacious dressing rooms for them to try on.

I must say, this is a good idea for indie fashion designers!

Now, because of its wide space, the experience your customers would have wouldn't be the same as a bazaar, but like in an actual mall. Except that instead of expensive brands, your business will be showcased alongside with some of the artsy craftsy and creative sustainable products!
Products range from top quality children's toys, to furniture designs and accessories too.

Some of the vendors ranging from creative-stationary to vintage fashion.
Even bloggers like Kinky Blue Fairy has set up as a vendor.
Payment methods are very convenient at POP. There is a main counter where you will be able to make your purchase via cash and credit card. And in case you are wondering about the staff that is handling your products, fret not because they are trained to make sure that they are able to assist your customers; plus as a seller, you are also encouraged to provide them as much information as possible regarding your products in case you have a special sale or your product has a special feature.

Crowd wise; the building itself consist of several restaurants, offices, after-school activities and other on-goings. Therefore, rest assured that your products will be attracting quite a variety of crowd. 
Customers viewing various available vendors.

Plus, POP by Jaya One is always looking forward to organize more and more happenings such as bazaars & activities that will surely be a crowd-puller. Not only you will just be selling your products, but you will be part of the action too!

If you are concern about security, rest assured that POP by Jaya One has already made sure that there are security guards watching over the place.

I hope you are as impressed as me by this platform. It is definitely a game-changer to the SME world, especially to us creative entrepreneurs. There’s one thing we all have to admit, is that we all want to make that extra dime. 

Making money is important, but it makes our journey worthwhile if we are able to make that extra cash from our passion when we turn it into a reality. And when there’s an opportunity to kick start that dream, why not start at POP by Jaya One.

Enquire right away! It’s always good to start finding out and start planning.

For more information please visit:

Or email:

Address: 100.P1-045 The School
No. 72A Jalan Universiti, Jaya One
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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