Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Popped at Markets @ POP by Jaya One, Easter Extravaganza

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I had a fruitful weekend! For these past few months, I spend my weekend mornings on the computer doing my work most of the time; it was always about completing a deadline. Finally, things have slowed down a little for me, and I felt I could finally breath the morning fresh air again, laze in bed or take my time to move about. I miss this a lot!

Luckily for me too, I had my weekends planned out! I jumped for joy when I planned my weekend with my love. We had our Saturday planned out perfectly, one of it includes going to a bazaar at POP by Jaya One called Easter Extravaganza! I wouldn't miss it since POP and DSYR invited me to drop by. It was really good to finally meet DSYR in person!

I was also looking forward to going back there again to browse and shop after my meeting with the POP by Jaya One team previously.

Easter is a little early this year at POP. I was really fascinated with the amount of people and vendors at the bazaar. To celebrate Easter in advance, there was even real bunnies running around in the spacious petting zoo with a gigantic Easter egg in the middle.

Easter! spot the furry buddy.
As usual, I walked around snapping photos but before that I made my first stop at DSYR's. It was so nice to see the products in person. My love and I had fun exploring and browsing around with the products. Lots of people stopped by to check out their stuff; who wouldn't, it was nice to see awesome lifestyle products. I like the fact that the products offered by DSYR is good to the environment and is artsy!

Here. Let me show you some of their products that I came across.

This can actually hook up to your phone, plus convert music and more! Here's a DSYR team showing it to customers.
Left: Eco-friendly Foodbag that allows you to pack your lunch.
Not a fan of tough love?
There's paper wallet too! Definitely environmentally friendly, plus canvas totebags called The Other Bag.
When I was taking photos, I saw this kid checking out the stuff. He was so fascinated with the gumball machine; probably reminded him of those "plastic egg" machines where you insert RM0.50 in it, turn it and an egg drops out! If you are lucky, you get something...well...cute. If not, then its just, well... luck! Haha! Nevertheless, I always did enjoyed it as a child! The kid noticed that I was holding a camera, and quickly put down and went his way.

I picked it up after that. It was so small and I wish I could have one and put candies in it! I pretended to be a child for a while, and pretend to turn the knob and imagine gumballs coming out. Haha!
I want a gumball machine!
Left: Harmini and her super huge dreamcatcher! Habitatt that makes designer tattoos, but I didn't have a chance to approach them.
After that, I went on my way and started taking more photos and came across lots more goodies. I also got to meet some vendors, including some familiar faces like Harmini from Deeper than Fashion.
Met Louise from CLAIRE; she makes beautiful healthy handmade soap,
a passion inspired by her beautiful daughter.
I also came across an extremely gorgeous, breath-taking art! It reminded me a lot of my favourite artist, Frida Kahlo. I was walking around and immediately stopped in front of this stall (below) and just couldn't take my eyes of it.

The artist, Elnaz (the one face painting a child) has a magical thing about her, just as profound as her artworks! I didn't have a chance to talk to her, so I took a name card and left mine in her name card box. =)
Elnaz's art from PAINTING ON STONES

As for the rest of the vendors, everything was just great with awesome bargains!

Too bad it was raining heavily though, and most of the vendors was getting ready to go off. But I was lucky to meet the remaining ones and browse around until I am fully satisfied!

All in all, Justin and I had a good time! It's been awhile since I've been to a bazaar. Back then in college, flea markets was a big thing and I even participated in one too to sell my hand-painted t-shirts and shoes for some extra dime. Since it has been sometime, I pampered myself with some good bargains!

Got myself a good steal with a 2 black punk bracelets for RM10 and an alphabet handwriting stamp set for RM15! Got it all from Moon E Store; another nice vendor, had a good chat with the owner and will be visiting her shop very soon. Moon E Store is known for her vintage design goods.

From Moon E Store!

For those of you, who's reading this right now, went for the Easter Extravaganza; I truly hope you had an amazing time! But for those of you who missed your chance, don't worry, POP by Jaya One will be coming up with more events I am sure and you will be there!

Now... I am hoping that my weekends will be more like this!

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