Friday, April 25, 2014

I am thankful for my life's work and the abundance I am blessed with

Friday, April 25, 2014
Today is Friday, a blogging day. Unfortunately, today is also an exceptional day where I won't be doing any featured post because I forgot to bring my hard disk along with me, which doesn't happen very often. Haha!

I have my editorial plan in it, without it, I won't be able to share my blog post of the day with you.


Nothing new has been happening lately, except that I have gotten more invites to cover events for the blog.
I see this as abundance, even though there's monetary involve, but it makes me happy to know that I get to be involve in the community, to be part of the creative scene and share it on my blog.

There are days that I ask myself, "will I ever stop blogging?", sometimes I get tired because honestly, maintaining a blog isn't easy. But whenever I get feedback, and see how my readers are inspired or motivated by my blog posts, I tell myself that every day I wake up, I am grateful for the hands that I have and the ability to write and create.

Couple of years back, I probably wouldn't be saying this at all. Perhaps because I couldn't see real happiness in front of me, even if I had it all. And I have come a long way from that phase, plus the journey or the process has really made me realized how much Life has to offer.

Some days, my down days (HSP side of me), I get a little sad when I see how time passes by so quickly. I see my supermom and she is getting older by the day. It became known to me, to my mind that I realized, the moments that I spent with my mother now, at present day, seems so much clearer compared to the times when I was a kid. Whenever I look back, I can't seem to recall much at all, as if there was not much memory of it.

And I realized, that with every moment that I have with her, I am going to make it a memorable one; good or bad, it will be memories that I can remember.

Oh and I am also working on my big move with my love! Finally, after years together, we are now able to move in together, the first step to getting hitch! We are moving to a cozy studio apartment and I can't wait to get decorating!

We have been planning on this for almost a year already... we've been dreaming for a place of our own forever! Looking back, it seriously feels far away whenever we talk about living on our own, having our own space, spending time at home, cooking at home, playing video games, I work on my desk and he works on his desk...

Finally. The next step would be purchasing our own place, but that's besides the point.

I would like to see that me moving is an abundance. I feel very blessed that everything went smoothly when we were planning and negotiating for the place. It was also very difficult because there was a lot of emotional challenges in between when were deciding on it; it wasn't easy but no matter what happens, we were still very excited for May to arrive!

Besides decorating, I can finally have my own studio, where I can work, blog, craft, paint and write!

Happy Friday everyone.

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