Sunday, April 13, 2014

Drawing on Black - Art on Mounting Board

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Besides the love of my life, and my mother, for those who know me well, would know that I love the colour black. I love black clothes, and I kid you not, I really have a pile of black clothes on top one another on a chair, and whenever I'm in a rush trying to look for something to wear, you can't find anything at all underneath the pile of everything "black" cos everything is the same.

So I recently discovered that I didn't only like wearing the colour 'black', but I also enjoy drawing on the colour black!

I have been exploring with drawing on black mounting boards. I realized that drawing on black is actually interesting because the colour black brings out the other types of pen and markers that I use specifically for dark backgrounds. Metallic and fluorescent colours can be tricky to use because of the overwhelming tone. But using it on a black background has changed that for me, in fact, it has taught me how to utilize the bright and zany colours while increasing my interest in doodling even more.

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