Monday, October 7, 2013

Making Art & Essential Oils

Monday, October 7, 2013
Consider using essential oils with art making. Did you know that you can use essential oils to prepare your mind, body and soul before making art?

You can use it during your art making to help sooth you and stay calm in the midst of your project. When I was exploring with essential oils, I found out that there was more to it than just fragrance.

It is important to purchase a good quality essential oil, and one that is fairly inexpensive like Heaven on Earth. You can get it from a good vendor like HiShop because, after all, it is used for health and well-being, and it promotes relaxation and creative inspiration. Heaven on Earth at HiShop provides a unique range of essential oils; it is easy to use, fragrance is not overwhelming and is certainly is refreshing.

During my training to become a creative life coach, my teacher incorporated essential oil in her lessons. The smell of the essential oil was used to calm me before I start painting, and to help ease my mind off any past stressful events that might be my creative blockage.

In my getaway to Cameron Highlands, I was surrounded by flowers that inspired me to do art journaling. I prepared aromatherapy while I journal about my surroundings and press flowers between my journal pages; I also spent time alone in the room, taking photos and embracing the silence. I did all these with Lavender in the air- it was tranquilizing.

Using Essential Oils with Art Making
There are many uses for essential oils in art making; there is the Aromatherapy concept which is commonly use, and the other is to drip or two on your palms, rub it and inhale it. Of course, both methods can be inhaled. Essential oils are much more effective when inhaled; this is because our "smell" nerve connects directly from our nose to brain, immediately sending the scent to our brains and triggering any emotions or memories, which is commonly connected to smell or scent.

Essential oils benefits our creative soul, especially when we feel blocked or tense to work in an environment. When you are feeling pressured or stress from a long day at work, use essential oil via aromatherapy to relax.

Have you ever felt blocked when you are making art or crafting? You may not notice this but your mind could be still cooped up in issues that are the reason of our creative blockage. Creativity is a natural part of us; it is not something that can be taught or learned, it is something that needs to be acknowledged. When you are facing difficulties to express your creativity, all you need is to nurture it with the help of essential oils.

How to Prepare Aromatherapy
Prepare your oil, burner and tealight candle

Pour a little bit of water into the burner

Pour 2 - 3 drops of your preferred oil into the water

You should see your water with a little bit oil...I put in a rose petal or two for added fragrance (optional)

Light up your candle and put underneath the burner

Stir the oil and water gently to mix it up. Now sit back and relax for the will see light smoke coming from the surface of the oil/water. Don't freak out, it is the aromatherapy at work

If you are doing an art project or working on your computer, take a moment to close your eyes and breath in and out the fragrance. Embrace the moment and allow your mind to be still for awhile... slowly open your eyes and get to work

Essential oils stimulate healing and also promote a calming effect for your well being. Each oil is created with nature-base essence from either flowers or plants, offering its own healing uniqueness for both body and spirit. There are many more benefits of using essential oils; when used as massage oils, it can heal our physical bodies; and with aromatherapy, it can help ease our mind and soul.

Lavender Oil by Heaven on Earth next to real Lavender flowers

As mentioned, each essential oil can be used for anything, and there are few ones that are recommended for creative inspirations and during art projects. Get to know its healing properties:

Has a calming and de-stress effect especially when it comes to to dealing with upset, stress, anger, grief, etc. It is an oil that is recommended for those who want to be emphatic. For art and craft teachers, try using Chamomile during your group art and craft projects. This is because, when you are teaching a classroom full of students and students learning along with other students, Chamomile will help calm down any stressful or tense atmosphere. You may also serve with Chamomile tea during group projects.

Apparently the smell of cinnamon helps with perking things up to get your day going. It is also a good oil to motivate yourself when you are painting or crafting.

This particular oil is good for balancing negative energies or emotions into positive. If you have a terrible day, and you find yourself feeling upset or angry, use this oil via aromatherapy to calm yourself down along with some alone quiet time; meditation, painting, writing, blogging or working on your computer.

What can I say, this is one of my favourites; and as you can see in the photos during my trip to Cameron Highlands, I used Lavendar when I was doing art journalling. Lavendar is good for uplifting mood and great for relaxation. You may use Lavendar to prepare yourself before an art project.

This unique oil is not just yummy in flavour with chocolate chip! Peppermint is a healing oil that helps headaches, and apparently good for using it when you are writing or working. It is refreshing and helps clear the mind.

An oil that inspires creativity, rosemary oil is another mood lifter and opens door to creativity. It is a sweet scented oil that helps clear the head for one to think clearly.

Sandalwood is an oil that eases your mood and promotes inner peace. Feeling a little low self-esteem can subconsciously affect your work or when you are painting or crafting; and it affects the result of your work as well. Sandalwood is supposed to help you by uplifting your confidence, making you feel calmer and more focus in your work.

Ylang Ylang
An oil that is supposedly popular to be used for a creative uplift; Ylang Ylang is an oil that is best used for relaxation as well as when painting, reading or if you are spending some alone time blogging or writing.

Of course there are many more different types of essential oils, and perhaps you can head on over to HiShop to learn the other essential oil products.

Now that you have learned the alternative usage for essential, see which one suits you best and try using it during your art and craft making projects. Click here to get your own aromatherapy collection.

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