Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Add creativity to your lifestyle

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

About 3 years ago, I learned to re-embraced creativity as a way to start living life to the fullest. I used to think that creativity means being artistic, or a skillset that was only meant for talented and skillful people. Little did I know that there was more to being creative or creativity, until I learned to unraveled it.

When I finally redefined creativity, I also learned how to appreciate little things in life and started taking interest in decorative items, colours, objects, designs, etc. and started developing an eye for creative things that surround us. I wasn't just incorporating a new lifestyle, but having a creative interest certainly helped me acknowledge my personality.

DSYR: Grid design clock

DSYR: Orbit clock

For instance, if I were to purchase a clock, I would select by price, design and most importantly colour. You see, my own preference defines who I am, and acknowledging my own preference allows me to voice out who I really am. I even started to select my stationary properly, because I realized that such a simple thing made me happy.

It is not only about colour and design of the product, it is also about how smart and innovative an item can be to add on to your lifestyle. The innovative concept of an item is designed to uplift your life or making it easier for you to use

Music! Get this at DSYR
DSYR: Robot Salt & Pepper
Plus, from then on, not only did I realized that creativity isn't just about making art but creativity is also about learning how to shop for your lifestyle products wisely and learning how to appreciate the little things, especially the outlook that comes with it.

I finally got to know a place where creativity meets shopping come hand in hand- introducing, DSYR. I enjoy the variety that it has to offer, and almost everything is inexpensive and comes with style.

If you haven't heard of this yet, well here it is. DSYR is an online store that offers a variety of whimsical, innovative, quirky and stylish products. It is renowned as Malaysia's first online lifestyle and design marketplace that features several products such as home decorative items, art and design, fashion, gadgets, stationaries, kitchen and many more.
Ice-cream anyone?
I'm thinking of "shoe"

DSYR: Mini Burger Bean Bag

Its design and quality are assured, and are carefully selected by the team of creative experts behind DSYR. Living up to its motto- Design. Desire. Delight, DSYR has become the favourite place for people like me and you to shop for suitable lifestyle products.

DSYR: Afternoon Tea bag

DSYR: Fireworks Leggings

It is also a place for shoppers to get ideal gifts for their friends and loved ones. Plus, why deal with hassle of car parks, time and going from store to store when you can now do it at the comfort of your desk or gadgets! Speaking of gadgets don't forget to check out DSYR's tech and gadgets section, featuring an artistic array of items and styles for your gadget-wants. So, start adding creativity to your life; for starters head on over to DSYR!

*All images provided by DSYR
*Photo has been edited to meet blog post requirements

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